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sábado, novembro 27, 2010

Proposta conjunta de alteração de nome e género aprovada
De acordo com o JN, foi hoje aprovada na Assembleia a proposta de alteração de nome e género na documentação legal das pessoas transexuais.
Lei para transexuais aprovada no Parlamento
Identidade de Género segue agora para Cavaco Silva
Congratulations, Portugal! It is a Trans law!
Lei para transexuais leva a cisão no PSD

Claudia Wonder será velada na Secretaria da Justiça
Corpo de Claudia Wonder será velado a partir das 19h na Secretaria da Justiça. (Foto)
Claudia Wonder: Confira trajetória, vida e obra da diva do underground

Piracicaba realiza primeiro desfile com travestis e transexuais; Veja fotos
Como parte das comemorações dos 18 anos da Ong Centro de Apoio a Vida e Solidariedade (CASVI), que atua na região paulista de Piracicaba, foi realizado ontem o primeiro desfile com travestis e transexuais.

Rights still lacking over gender identity disorder
More than 10 years have passed since gender reassignment surgery was introduced in Japan as part of treatment for gender identity disorder patients.
In addition, such patients, who identify with the sex opposite their biological one, have been allowed to officially change their sex under certain conditions since a special law took effect in 2004.

Court acquits Alterina's case
The South Jakarta District Court has acquitted Alterina Hofan, a man who reportedly suffers from a chromosome condition, of all charges. Alterina was accused of disguising his gender in order to marry a woman.

Failed experiment: boy raised as girl dies in tragic suicide
The heartbreaking story of a baby boy whose parents were persuaded by an academic to raise him as a girl ended in deep depression and his eventual suicide.
The traumatic events were broadcast in a BBC documentary which revealed that the troubling case had been falsely hailed as a “success” in academic and medical papers.

York events commemorate transgender violence victims
A student group and York’s student union joined forces and hosted a Trans Remembrance Day Nov. 18.
The series of events held by the Centre for Women and Trans People at York and York Federation of Students (YFS) remembered victims of violence against transgender people.

New life after sex change
Sports writer Pat Doyle goes through stunning transformation to become Patti Dawn Swansson.
Bombers shocked to hear about writer's sex change

[USA] [Commentary]
Not-so-secure security with new TSA procedures
Backscatter scanners, aggressive pat-downs give us a false sense of security when the terrorists have already won by making us afraid

Queer Oakland: Victoria Kolakowski, USA's first transgendered Superior Court Judge
Some judges don’t give a damn about the parties in front of them or the life-altering impact that their decisions will have. Other judges care about listening to both sides and have good gut instincts about what is fact and what is fiction.