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quinta-feira, fevereiro 03, 2011

Transexuais brasileiros são investigados na Itália
Dois transexuais brasileiros que vivem clandestinamente na Itália estão sendo investigados pela Procuradoria de Milão por supostamente representarem um risco à saúde pública.

Travesti é jogado de carro e baleado no Boqueirão
Mais um travesti foi vítima de atentado em Curitiba, no Paraná. Ele não portava documentos e aparenta ter entre 25 e 30 anos.

FELGTB anima a los partidos múrcianos a apoyar la iniciativa de IU de una ley integral trans en la región
Una ley integral como la navarra apuesta por trabajar contra la transfobia en el trabajo, en la educación, y el reconocimiento de los derechos sanitarios en Murcia

Eunuchs sexually assaulted by armed men in Pak: Report
Three eunuchs were abducted and sexually assaulted by armed men while they were attending a wedding in Pakistan's Punjab province, according to a media report today.

Eunuchs campaign to save girl child in Haryana
The tune is the same, but if "Sheela Ki Jawani" titillates you, "Betiyon Ki Kahani" will inspire you. Eunuchs in Haryana have a fresh take on the Bollywood hit which they sing to campaign against female foeticide in the state. The eunuchs here have changed the lyrics to sing praises of women as a signature item at the homes of newborns to encourage raising a girl child and educating her.

Third sex count in no man’s land
Census officials ‘scared’ to approach eunuchs to ask ‘personal’ queries

Ladyboys to bring razzle-dazzle with them
The ladyboy dancers of Thailand promise to shimmer into the imaginations of the audience with their brilliant dance performances, which are full of razzle and dazzle. These members of the third gender will be making Chandigarh their first port-of-call when they tour India. The 23-member visiting troupe would give performances at the Tagore Theatre from February 4 to 6. It would then move on to Ludhiana to perform there from February 11 to 13.

Thailand's ladyboys conquer the sky
For several decades, Thailand has been one of the world's major areas of sexual tourism. This dubious glory of the country owes much to the movement of transvestites and transsexuals. Yet, outside the realm of sex-service representatives, "the third gender," even in uber liberal in terms of sexual morality Thai society, was not in demand. Aviators decided to change this unfair situation. Airline P. C. Air has decided to employ transsexuals on aircraft as flight attendants.

[Canada] [Commentary]
Bill C-389 Moved Up
The Member of Parliament who advanced Bill C-389, An Act to Amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and Criminal Code (gender identity and gender expression) — Bill Siksay — reports:

GLAAD blasts 'Saturday Night Live'
The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is calling on viewers to take action against NBC for the "dangerous and blatantly anti-transgender segment" it aired on "Saturday Night Live" this past weekend, reported Tuesday.
Transgendered people no laughing matter, says GLAAD
GLAAD Furious With NBC, 'SNL' Over 'Dangerous' Transgender Sketch
GLAAD Calls 'SNL' Sketch Transphobic
Funny or Foul? GLAAD Slams SNL
Transgender Ridicule: Models to 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches
SNL's 'Estro-Maxx' Skit Degrades Transgender Women, GLAAD Says
Video: Saturday Night Live attacked for ‘transphobic’ skit

[Commentary] GLAAD slams 'SNL' sketch for being transphobic
[Commentary] GLAAD Slams Anti-Transgender SNL Skit
[Commentary] GLAAD: ‘SNL Skit Sends a Destructive and Dehumanizing Message’
[Commentary] “It’s just a joke.”
Programa de televisión de Estados Unidos "Saturday Night Live" señalado como transfóbico

[USA] [Commentary]
Speak OUT: Transgender left out of DADT repeal
Since former President Clinton introduced the policy in 1993, Don't Ask Don't Tell has served as an institutionalized tool of homophobia. The policy outlawed any person from serving openly in the military as gay or bisexual, and forced thousands of soliders to hide their identity from the same people they were trusting with their lives.

[USA] [Commentary]
What's Between A Transwoman's Ears Is More Important Than What's Between Her Legs
One of the things that upsets me at times is that society and transpeople sometimes place far too much importance and attention on what genitalia is between our legs when the focus should be what's between our ears.

Atlanta trans woman continues fight over firing
Lambda Legal on Monday continued its fight on behalf of a transgender former employee of the Georgia General Assembly who was fired from her job after announcing her transition from male to female. (Photo)
Lambda Legal Defends Transgender Woman Fired by Georgia General Assembly at the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

Transgender Day of Action draws advocates and allies
Despite snow-covered roads last Thursday, Jan. 27, more than 75 transgender rights advocates and allies from across Massachusetts traveled to the State House in Boston to visit their legislators. Their goal was to show support and gather legislative co-sponsors for "An Act Relative to Transgender Equal Rights," a bill that, if passed, would add gender identity and expression to existing Massachusetts civil rights laws.
(Photo: Angela Alberti - Rachel Zall of MTPC (right) talking with a student from Northeastern University School of Law at the Transgender Day of Action.)

Más 200 personas participan en Vigilia por el asesinato una mujer transexual, en Minneapolis, Estados Unidos
“Vigilia por el Asesinato de una de las Nuestras” fue el llamado de la comunidad LGTB de Minneapolis al que atendieron más de 200 amigos y vecinos, pero sobre todo extraños, reuniéndose para llevar flores y velas a las afueras del complejo de apartamentos donde Krissy Bates fue encontrada asesinada, horas después de que un hombre de la localidad de Blaine, fue acusado del crimen.

Jennifer Philys, reina gay del carnaval de Pescaíto
La comunidad Lgbt también armó su propio carnaval con Jennifer Chanel Philys Taylor, quien fue coronada por su antecesora Marchal Michell Montalván en una noche en la que primó la fantasía, el folclor y la alegría que caracteriza a esta comunidad.

Criminales aplican “pena de muerte” a jóvenes homosexuales
Luis Arturo Murillo (25) y Luis Alexis Alvarado (23) no sólo tenían el mismo nombre. Ambos murieron ante el dolor de horrorosas torturas. A uno lo decapitaron, le cortaron sus genitales y lo metieron en un saco de mezcal, mientras que a otro lo apedrearon y lo quemaron, lanzando su cadáver en una cuneta. (Foto)