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terça-feira, abril 05, 2011

Total de gays assassinados sobe 31% em 2010 no País
O montante de assassinatos de homossexuais, travestis e lésbicas no Brasil aumentou 31,3% em 2010 em relação ao ano anterior, segundo informou hoje o Grupo Gay da Bahia (GGB). Foram 260 casos em 2010 contra 198 em 2009, segundo a associação.

Woman Gets Drag Queen Face-lift
A 21-year-old woman from North London has spent thousands of dollars on surgical procedures to look like a drag queen.
Collagen Westwood told The Daily Mailshe's thrilled if she gets mistaken for a man dressing up as a woman. (Photo)

Trans clergy are finally gaining greater acceptance
As we approach Transgender Faith Action Week, progress can be seen in attitudes to trans people within the church

[Malaysia] [Film]
Queer Malaysian film storms box office
The first-ever Malaysian-made film with gay and trans themes to be shown in the conservative Muslim country has proved a box office success, pulling a profit in just five days on the big screen.
Transgender Malaysian Film Proves Box Office Hit

Born this way
Nuntita 'Bell' Khampiranon hypnotises audiences on 'Thailand's Got Talent'

[New Zealand]
Contentious workplace law coming into force
A contentious new law that comes into effect from tomorrow could seriously restrict the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex people, according a group set up to rally for the rights of queer workers.

[Canada] [Commentary]
March 30, 2011 - Trans Avocate Tanya Bloomfield Forced to Leave Canada Today
Tanya Bloomfield is a tran advocate who moved to canada in 2006. she ran a business, raised money for lgbt initiatives, & chaired social & support groups. sadly, the transphobic Harper government refused to extend her immigration temporary pass and pushed her out today.

Employment Non-Discrimination Act to be Reintroduced in the House of Representatives
47%. That's the unbearable percentage of transgender people who report being fired, or denied a job or promotion, just because of who they are. Today, Congressman Barney Frank announced that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) would be reintroduced in the United States House of Representatives. The bill would protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees from workplace discrimination, and the protections it would offer are urgently needed.
Employment Non-Discrimination Act Introduced Today by Representative Barney Frank
Barney Frank Reintroduces Gay Protections Bill ENDA
Barney Frank Holds Off On ENDA Introduction
Frank seeks more co-sponsors before ENDA introduction

[Commentary] Ending workplace discrimination, with ENDA
[Commentary] A Game Plan for ENDA

Transgender protection bill postponed
The word transgender itself seems to be subject to some interpretation. Some believe that traditional sex labels are inadequate, but regardless of what they believe about that, they do believe they are subjected to discrimination, and need protection.
Transgender activists say they won't support a bill that allows school districts to transfer transitioning teachers
HB 6599 Vote Update

Proposal would ban job discrimination against gay, transgender state employees
The Georgia House’s first openly gay lawmaker on Wednesday proposed job protections for gay and transgender state employees.

[MA, USA] [Film]
Hampshire College professor's film explores gender identity, parenthood
Tonight, when Justin Cascio of Northampton watches himself on screen in a documentary titled "Transparent," he expects to be shocked by the image he'll see.

Trans rights bill likely dead in Md.
The chief sponsor of a transgender non-discrimination bill in the Maryland Legislature took the unusual step of publicly criticizing the president of the State Senate on Wednesday, saying he was being disrespectful to her and those who would benefit from the bill by seeking to kill it in committee.
Maryland Gender Identity Bill Sponsor Says of Senate President: "He Refused to See Me"
[Commentary] Maryland Senators Expose "Equality" Maryland Misrespresenting the Transsexual & Transgender Community!

International Transgender Day of Visibility celebrated locally
International Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31 will be commemorated during a few days of events that are jointly planned by Transgender Michigan and Transgender Detroit.
Discrimination rampant in transgender life

Oregon State Hospital discrimination lawsuit put on back burner
A transgender patient accusing the Oregon State Hospital of gender discrimination and flawed care will wait longer for her day in court.
Complaints brought against OSH by Rebekah Brewis in a habeas corpus case had been scheduled to come before a Marion County judge today and Friday.
But the planned two-day evidentiary hearing was shelved Wednesday, and it appears unlikely to be reset because Brewis is due to be discharged from the Salem psychiatric facility soon, as early as next week.

Transsexual urges House committee to outlaw employment discrimination
San Antonio Democrat Mike Villarreal told a House committee Wednesday that discrimination against gays and transsexuals in Texas is bad for business. He was joined by a transsexual who reinforced the message in testimony to lawmakers. Villarreal is sponsoring a bill that would add sexual orientation and "gender identity or expression" to protected classes when it comes to employment. Villarreal acknowledged to a House committee that getting the bill passed won't be easy. He appealed to conservative lawmakers by emphasizing economic development. He said companies are more likely to locate in places where they can recruit good employees. And he said many talented, creative gay and transgender people want to work where they're treated fairly in the workplace.
Suggested reading for county commissioners: Trans woman’s testimony on Texas ENDA
Contact all five Dallas County commissioners and ask them to add transgender protections

Driver license incident sparks cry for transgender education
The Utah Pride Center is calling for greater public education and awareness about issues faced by the transgender community. The center issued a statement in response to an alleged incident of anti-transgender discrimination at the Utah Driver License Division.
[Commentary] Continuing Story: DMV Sits Down With Victim Of Trans-Discrimination, Pledges Improvement

Job Trouble for Cross-Dressing Diplomat
A Panamanian diplomat who was caught cross-dressing during Carnival in Spain offered to step down from his position Monday.

La comunidad LGBT en Colombia alerta el aumento de homicidios y abuso policial
La comunidad colombiana de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Transexuales (LGBT) alertó hoy del aumento de los homicidios y del abuso policial contra miembros del colectivo, al reiterar que la discriminación que sufren es "un problema de violación de los derechos humanos".
Colombia: 127 homicidios por discriminación sexual entre 2008 y 2009 - ONG
VIDEO: Comunidad gay, consternada por crimen en el centro de Bogotá

INADI se reune cin participantes de "Gran Hermano" por discriminación
La vicepresidenta del Instituto Nacional contra la Discriminación, la Xenofobia y el Racismo (INADI), María Rachid, se reunirá con participantes del programa televisivo Gran Hermano, por declaraciones discriminatorias que se hicieron hacia ellos.