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domingo, abril 03, 2011

Observatorio Personas Trans Asesinadas Transgender Europe revela mas 500 casos registrados últimos tres años
La actualización de marzo de 2011 de los resultados del Observatorio de Personas Trans Asesinadas, revela 539 casos registrados a nivel mundial entre enero de 2008 y diciembre de 2010. El alto número de asesinatos desde la última actualización del TMM (Observatorio de Personas Trans Asesinadas) y los nuevos casos descubiertos en los últimos tres años confirman informes previos sobre el continuo alto nivel de violencia letal contra las personas trans a escala global.

Maltese trans man wins right to be recognised as male
A transgender man in Malta has won the right to have his birth certificate changed to ‘male’.

Randa: A transsexual is above all a human being
Randa is an Algerian transsexual. She tells her poignant story in a book, The Memoirs of Randa the Trans, which was recently published in Lebanon, where she is based. Her is the first documented story of an Transgender in Arabic. She spoke with about her decision to tell her story in a book. (Photo)

[Malaysia] [Film]
Malaysia's 1st gay film makes profit in 5 days
Malaysia's first gay-themed romance film has become a swift box-office success, attracting curious cinema audiences who rarely get to see movies centered on sexuality because of strict censorship in this Muslim-majority nation, its producer said Wednesday.
Malaysia's first gay film is a controversial hit

“Thailand’s Got Talent” Transgender Contestant Stunned The Judges
“Thailand’s Got Talent” contestant, Bell Nuntita has stunned the judges and audience with her live singing, which subsequently captured over 2 million YouTube viewers who tuned in to watch her audition.

ACT to look at intersex, trans rights
The ACT Government has established an inquiry into the legal recognition of transgender and intersex people under territory law through the territory’s Law Reform Advisory Council (LRAC).

WA transsexuals head to court
Two female-to-male transsexuals will take their fight to be legally recognised as men to the High Court next week in a case that will test WA's gender reassignment laws.

Hey Dude
If you think the 'T' and the 'I' that were tacked onto the ever-growing acronym GLBTI sometimes seem like a hollow act of political correctness, then you wouldn’t be alone. The transgender or sex and gender diverse community has felt polarised from the mainstream gay and lesbian community for a long time and efforts to educate non-trans people on the issues seem often to fall on deaf ears. So much so, that trans people can find themselves placed in uncomfortable situations, often facing a barrage of inappropriate questions and the refusal of some to call them by their preferred gender – even outward hostility over sharing what are 'men' or 'women' only spaces. Melbourne transman Jez Pez spoke to Rachel Cook about the complexities of transitioning, frequenting gay male sex-on-site venues and his transmasculinity zine, Dude.

[South Korea] [Commentary]
Transgender Freakazoid Beats Kids for Not Calling Him Mom
South Korea is lagging behind in the march toward progressive utopia:
A transgender father of four was sentenced to a two-year jail term for abusing his children, who refused to call him "mom", according to South Korea's Yonhap news agency, citing a local court on Wednesday.

Can Transgender People Bear Children?
For those who are not transsexual, the answer is generally yes. But for those in the part of the transgender population who feel the need to bring their anatomy in line with their deeply held belief of being the opposite gender, this is a challenging question that's increasingly important.

What Health Care Reform Means for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Americans
President Barack Obama moved forcefully to tackle injustice and discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans by signing into law two bills long championed by LGBT and human rights organizations.* First is the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which expanded the 1969 federal hate crimes law to include crimes motivated by bias against someone’s real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity. Second is the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the military’s ban on service by openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual individuals.

The VA Still Discriminates Against Trans Veterans
This video is about the issue that has been the foundation of the Transgender American Veterans Association, the discrimination and harassment transgender and transsexual veterans face at VA medical facilities.

Study: Discrimination Takes A Toll On Transgendered Americans
More than 40 percent of transgender Americans have attempted suicide. That's according to a new, first-of-its-kind survey into discrimination against people who express a gender identity different to the one with which they were born. Host Michel Martin discusses the findings and experiences within transgender communities with Jaime Grant and Michelle Enfield, a transgender woman who was born a biological male.

Barney Frank Sees ENDA Passage Before DOMA Repeal, But Neither In The Near Term
Openly gay Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank says repeal of the federal gay marriage ban DOMA will come after passage of a gay protections bill, but neither will occur in the near term.
ENDA To Be Introduced This Week; Rep. Frank Talks Trans Support, ENDA's Future
[Commentary] Barney Frank Will Introduce ENDA This Week, Knowing There's No Chance Of Getting Anywhere
[Commentary] So Remind Us Again as to Why a Trans-Inclusive ENDA Wasn’t Used as an “Organizing Effort” From Jan. 1995 to Jan. 2007?
Rep. Barney Frank to introduce gay employment non-discrimination bill this week

[Commentary] Gay And Trans-Inclusive ENDA Introduced Again, Probably Going Nowhere Again
[Commentary] And They Wonder Why...

[USA] [Commentary]
Demanding That We Forget is Transphobia
A comment by laughriotgirl on one of the threads at PHB wherein refusing to bend over and take gay transphobia is branded as homophobia:
What bothers me Is that we are expected to just forget things happened
That was in response to yet another attempt to exercise control over what trans people are allowed to remember in polite company:

[USA] [Commentary]
If We Can't Be Proud Of Who We Are, Why Should Anyone Else Be?
I've talked about the ongoing struggle that many people have in the trans community with overcoming the shame and guilt issues that plague us.

Photography series benefits homeless, transgender teens in New York
New York City’s fastest growing homeless population is one hardly recognized, said social activist artist and photographer Josh Lehrer.

Transgender triathlete Chris Mosier vies for national sponsorship
Transgender triathlete Chris Mosier talks about his transition from competing against female athletes to now competing against men. He is vying for a national sponsorship to raise awareness of trans athletes.

Student Advocates to Call on Elected Officials to Protect Against Bullying and Discrimination
On Monday, April 4, nearly 70 California students who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and straight allies will participate in the annual Queer Youth Advocacy Day. By meeting with state legislators and administrators in Sacramento, students will raise awareness about issues affecting LGBT middle and high school students, including the need for stronger protections against anti-LGBT bullying and discrimination and the lack of social science instruction on the contributions of LGBT people. The event is sponsored by Gay-Straight Alliance Network, Equality California, Transgender Law Center, and The Trevor Project.

Conn. lawmakers to vote on gender identity bill
A Connecticut bill that would provide protections against gender identity discrimination is facing its first legislative vote this year.
Transgender Protections Foes Claim Bill Would Leave Women, Children Vulnerable

Concussions mar season for openly transgender player on George Washington women’s team
At the start of the season, Kye Allums was one of a kind — an openly transgender member of the George Washington women’s basketball team.
It wasn’t long before he became someone with an all-too-common problem: The athlete whose season is cut short because of a concussion.
Injuries Plague Allums's Career

MTPC announces new date for Transgender Equal Rights Lobby Day
The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) announced this week that the organization’s Lobby Day for Transgender Equal Rights has been moved to Tuesday, May 3 from 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. at the Grand Staircase in the Massachusetts State House.

All eyes on key lawmaker as Md. Senate considers trans bill
As the Maryland Senate prepares to debate a bill that would bar discrimination based on gender identity in housing, employment and credit, some supporters are concerned about the role Sen. Brian Frosh will play in its fate.
Why Are Maryland's Trans Activists Celebrating The Death Of The Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Bill?
[Commentary] HB235 Violates Basic Freedoms
[Commentary] Maryland's Transvestite Protection Act
[Commentary] In fight for trans rights, Maryland legislators still obsessed with toilets
Maryland Gender Identity Bill Moved to Senate Rules Committee -- "This is not a normal process"
Miller: Transgender bill unlikely to pass senate
Maryland Transgender Protections Bill In Trouble
Bill on gender identity rights not likely to pass
Trans bill hits snag in Md. Senate
Advocates Lobbying for Maryland Gender Identity Bill Say Frosh Pledged to Support Legislation

[Commentary] Transgender Protections Pass Maryland House, Dead In The Senate?
[Commentary] Miller: Gender Identity Bill Will Die in the Senate
[Commentary] Translation: Gay Marriage Greed Killed Trans Rights (Even a Diseased Version Thereof)
[Commentary] HB 235 Dying In The MD Senate?

Legislature to take up bathrooms and gender
Lawmakers are taking up the sensitive issue of transgender rights and public bathrooms.

Missouri Findings From the National Trans Discrimination Report
Last month I wrote an article speaking to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey in which some disturbing data was published with regard to various aspects of bias and discrimination towards Transgender individuals in the U.S.

Black Madam Speaks: I'm Not on the Lam
The singer known as “Black Madam,” who remains the person of interest in the death of a 20-year-old British woman who died after allegedly receiving buttock implants from the “Madam," released a video blasting the media, and implying that girls still ask for her services.
Needling The Media
Buttocks injection woman talks online

Transgender support group looks into incident at DL division
Since describing an incident at the state driver license office regarding a transgender Utah resident, Amber Anderton has been contacted by groups from New York, San Francisco, Phoenix and Atlanta.
State denies discrimination took place at driver license office
Continuing Story – State Denies Trans-Discrimination, But Victim Speaks Out

StudCo aids transgender students
Student Council unanimously passed a bill yesterday endorsing the protection of the University’s transgender community and participation in a day of silence to combat transphobia. The day of silence will take place April 7 and culminate in a gathering at 7 p.m. in Clark Hall, Room 107.

Panama accepts resignation of cross-dressing diplomat
Panama's government on Tuesday accepted the resignation of a diplomat who caused a stir by wearing a lace dress with a banana in his bustline for carnival in Spain.

la violencia homofóbica cunde en la impunidad
Activistas locales y dirigentes internacionales han pedido al gobierno de Porfirio Lobo a investigar el asunto. Desde el golpe a Zelaya han sido asesinados en circunstancias sin aclarar 34 transexuales.
Tan sólo en los dos últimos meses han muerto asesinados en Honduras al menos seis transexuales. La cifra se eleva a 34 si se cuenta desde mayo de 2009. Cifras tan altas no han pasado desapercibidas para la comunidad internacional.

Cámara de Citytv captó cuando un policía disparó contra transgenerista
Marcela Sánchez, directora de Colombia Diversa, rechazó el "uso desproporcionado de la fuerza".
La cámara del noctámbulo de Citytv registró el momento en el que un policía perteneciente al CAI de Navarra le hizo 3 disparos a un transgenerista en la calle 102 con carrera 15 (Vea aquí reacciones de la Policía tras la agresión).
La Policía responde sobre los tres disparos contra un transgenerista
Bogota policeman shoots at transvestite

Venezolanos denuncian ante la ONU discriminación a transexuales en su País
La Constitución prohíbe cualquier tipo de discriminación en Venezuela. Sin embargo, la realidad parece dar la razón a aquel refrán que dice que del dicho al hecho hay un largo trecho, pues en el país en el hay colectivos como el de los transgéneros que ni siquiera tienen garantizado su derecho a la identidad.

Buscan al agresor de una activista transexual a la que dispararon en Rosario, Argentina
La titular del área de Diversidad Sexual de la municipalidad de Rosario, Noelia Casati, presentó en el Juzgado de Instrucción 3º elementos de prueba en la causa de la transexual baleada en Matienzo y Amenábar. "Ofrecimos datos importantes, como por ejemplo que Julieta es trans, cosa que no sabían, porque la policía la identificó como varón", dijo.

Transexual vuelve a solicitar a la Justicia el cambio de nombre
La transexual Luisa Paz presentará nuevamente en los próximos días un amparo al juez de Paz Letrado de 1era. Nominación de Santiago del Estero para insistir su solicitud de cambio de sexo que contemple su condición femenina.