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quinta-feira, abril 07, 2011

Travesti Luisa Marilac surge com "equipe e produção" em novo vídeo do YouTube
Ela conseguiu. Depois de surgir no YouTube com vídeos caseiros diretamente da piscina, a travesti Luisa Marilac volta agora com um "quê" de profissional. A travesti ganhou espaço quando resolveu contar sobre sua vida em Madrid, na Espanha. Alvo de críticas e, como a própria diz, inveja, Marilac logo se tornou celebridade ao lançar seus bordões.
Porhaaann, você já viu o novo vídeo da musa Luisa Marilac

Deputado Bolsonaro vai ao Superpop nesta quinta
Maite Scheinder e Jair Bolsonaro debatem nesta quinta no programa Superpop.

"Programa da Silvetty": A drag Tchaka é a deslumbrante convidada de hoje
Drags do Brasil, atenção. No programa de hoje, Silvetty Montilla recebe Tchaka Drag Queen, a colorida e irreverente representante da classe.
Militante, empresária, artista, Tchaka conta a Silvetty sobre seu cotidiano lotado de compromissos sociais, profissionais e políticos, e reforça que sua vida de drag é repleta de trabalho, e não somente de visual.
Silvetty e Tchaka falam sobre visuais de drags, funções sociais e muito mais. E de quebra Tchaka presenteia Silvetty com um par de sapatos de sua própria criação. Confira! (Foto)

ILGA-Europe launches major documentation project
ILGA-Europe -- the European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association -- has launched a large-scale project to document the advance of LGBT rights and related social changes across the continent.

Cross-dressing fraudster Amanda Greenwood pleads guilty to string of offences in Barnet
A CROSS-dressing fraudster who preyed on Barnet residents by calling at their doors and giving false stories to obtain money has pleaded guilty to a string of offences.
Forty-year-old transsexual male Amanda Greenwood, of Victoria Road, Barnet, pleaded guilty at Hendon Magistrates Court to one offence of burglary, eight counts of fraud and two offences of failing to appear.

No plans for gender realignment facilities
No facilities exist in the public sector for gender realignment surgery and there are no plans for such services to be introduced, Health Minister Joseph Cassar has said in reply to a Parliamentary question.

[República Checa]
Descoberta campa de transexual da idade do cobre
Arqueólogos descobriram um esqueleto com 5.000 anos que acreditam ser os restos de uma pessoa transexual ou transgénero.
O esqueleto masculino foi encontrado nos subúrbios de Praga, capital da República Checa, e encontrava-se enterrado de um modo até agora somente encontrado em campas femininas.
Acredita-se que o corpo data entre 2.900 a 2.500 AC e pertence à época final da idade do cobre.
Cientistas encontraram homem pré-histórico homossexual
I’m the Stone Age gay in the village
Gay caveman 'outed' by the way he was buried
First homosexual caveman found
5,000-year-old ‘transgender’ skeleton discovered
Gay das cavernas de 5 mil anos é revelado na República Tcheca
Encontrado esqueleto de 5 mil anos de idade de possível transgênero
Arqueólogos encontram ossada de homem pré-histórico que teria sido homossexual
Achado esqueleto pré-histórico de homossexual ou trans
'Gay Caveman' Story Overblown, Archaeologists Say

Military Exemption: Weight Gain Or Transgender Operation?
Thai men discovered ways to obtain military exemption by applying category two (transgender operation) and category four (weight requirement)

[Canada] [Commentary]
"Don't Call Me Transgender"
On the NPR site, a reader posted the following comment, which I invite my readers to comment on:

[USA] [Commentary]
The Gay, Inc Dictionary
Like the Religious Reich and the conservafool movement, Gay Inc. twists words and phrases for propaganda value and effect as well to pimp its message. As a TransGriot public service, it's time to enlighten you on some of the ones you'll see crop us in the Gayosphere, their press releases and other Internet discourse.

[USA] [Commentary]
Homophobic Sue Stanton? has a petition up in support of a gay club that’s gotten some homophobic response from city government over noise complaints.

Transgender Empowerment Month Strengthens Community Through Education, Training, and Employment Opportunities! Join TEEI for Trans Empowerment Month in April!
The Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative (TEEI) announces April 2011 as Transgender Empowerment Month (TEM). TEEI is the first comprehensive effort to reduce chronic unemployment and underemployment within the transgender community. The month long celebration will include the Trans Healthcare Career Forum, April 8 and the Transgender Job Fair 7, April 27th. Visit or watch our new video for more details.

Lawmakers To Ban Transsexual Workplace Discrimination
Rights For Transgenders Brings Heated Opposition From Religious Groups
Legislature Moves Toward Gender Identity Rights

Religious leaders revive bid to pass transgender bill
Bishop M. Thomas Shaw of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts and several other clergy yesterday called on Massachusetts lawmakers to pass transgender-rights legislation and asked religious communities to throw their support behind the bill.
Clergy supports transgender rights bill

Hairdresser helps suicidal transvestite, delays him with dye to call police for help
Roseville police were called Saturday afternoon to a local hair salon after a stylist reported a client was having suicidal thoughts.
Turns out, the client was a pre-op transsexual, or a man looking to become a woman. But that's not why he got the hairdresser's attention.

Affirmations Hosts a Transgender Day of Empowerment
Affirmations hosted a day of empowerment for the transgender community to raise awareness and provide a forum for open discussion and education.

Survey Seeks Input from Trans Folks in Missouri
If you're transgender in this country, there's a 41 percent chance you've attempted to kill yourself. And if you happen to live in Missouri, it's 50 percent -- half of trans people in Missouri reported suicide attempts.

Montana Bill to Ban Local Transgender, Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Protections Abandoned by Senate
Montana House Bill 516 - which would have made it unlawful for any city, town or county in the state to pass a law protecting transgender, lesbian, gay or bisexual Montanans from discrimination - is all but dead. Just one day after receiving TLDEF’s letter expressing concerns about the bill’s constitutionality, the Montana Senate sent the bill back to committee to die. Last Friday, that committee concluded its work without reviving the bill. So while nothing is guaranteed until the full legislature's session ends on April 29th, as of last Friday, the time for virtually all of the maneuvers that could resuscitate the bill had expired. The bill had previously passed the Montana House of Representatives.

No Opposition Testimony Offered on SB331, Verbal Attack Against LGBT Activist Scott
Excerpt: As the committee room emptied, Darlene Stanton, an unpaid lobbyist representing her own interests, but also involved with the Lyon County Republican Women, told Ms. Scott, who is a decorated veteran of the US Air Force, that she was a “disgrace to America.” Ms. Stanton also remarked that as a homeowner, she could “discriminate against whomever [she] wanted,” and that “people like [Ms. Scott] should leave the county” because it is “God’s country.” Ms. Stanton also said Ms. Scott was a pervert.

DJ Mister Cee Caught With His Pants Down
News reports surfaced yesterday that popular New York City DJ, Mister Cee of Hot 97 radio was arrested last week (March 30) for public lewdness. Cee, real name Calvin Lebrun, is accused of having sex in public with a transsexual male.
Hip-Hop DJ Arrested for Public Sex

[TN, USA] [Film]
Born in the wrong body
Imagine going through life being told that you should act, dress and think a certain way, even though it never felt right. That the way you look on the outside should match how you feel on the inside, even though that really isn't the case.

DFW Sisters bring the outrageous fun and dedicated activism of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to North Texas
In their whiteface makeup, gaudy jewels, spangles and nun habits gone gloriously wild, the DFW Sisters are hard to miss — and equally hard to ignore. “[Our appearance] brings people to us,” says Novice Sister Tasha myFUPA. “The public wants to know: What’s this all about?”
A branch of the San Francisco-based Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the DFW Sisters have been doing fundraising, charity and service work in the DFW area for more than a year.
Originally founded as the Sisters of the Yellow Rose in February 2010, the DFW Sisters formed when the STYR regrouped the following September. In January, the main — or “mother” — SPI house in San Francisco recognized the Sisters as an SPI mission. (Photo)

Alfabetizan a travestis para que puedan dejar la prostitución
Discriminación, deserción escolar, desocupación, prostitución: es el camino que sufre la gran mayoría de las travestis y transexuales, y que llevó a la Biblioteca Popular Crisálida, de Tucumán, a abrir un centro de alfabetización destinado a ese grupo. Es el primero en todo el país y funciona desde el 16 de febrero, dentro del Programa Nacional de Alfabetización.