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quinta-feira, abril 07, 2011

Application for annulment granted to wife of transsexual
An application for nullity of marriage on the part of the wife of a male-to-female transsexual, which was heard as a preliminary matter before the hearing of a divorce application by the transsexual, was granted on the grounds that the wife would not have consented to the marriage had she been aware of the reality of her then husband’s sexual identity.

[Czech Republic]
5,000-year-old ‘transgender’ skeleton discovered
Archaeologists have discovered a 5,000-year-old skeleton which they believe may be the remains of a transgender person. The male skeleton was found in a suburb of Prague and is buried in a manner previously only seen for female burials.
First homosexual caveman found

Dana International returns to Eurovision
She's the world's most famous transsexual celebrity - now Dana International is geared up to represent Israel for the fourth time in the major European song contest.

Eunuchs participate in 'Kalash rally' in Bhopal
Eunuchs from across the country participated in a special rally to create relationships among themselves in Bhopal on Saturday.

[India] [Commentary]
Uncounted in India— The Other Side of the Census
There are 1, 210,193,422 people in India. But I am not one of them.

Dos mujeres transexuales y además celebridades buscan competir en las mismas Elecciones en la India
Las próximas elecciones para la Asamblea Legislativa del estado de Tamu Nadil en el sur de la India no serán nada comunes si dos mujeres transexuales consiguen que sus respectivos partidos les den un puesto para participar y si además logran vencer a sus oponentes este del 13 de abril.

Protest at Aboriginal trans death inquiry
Activists will converge at the coronial inquiry into the case of an Aboriginal transwoman who died while in custody, in support of the victim’s family

Listener: Don't Call Me Transgender
In this week's review of listeners' comments, host Michel Martin and Tell Me More's "digital media guy", producer Lee Hill tackle responses to a conversation with conservative anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly. They also hear one listener's criticism of a discussion on transgender identity.
[Commentary] Don’t Call Me Transgender!

[USA] [Commentary]
Nassau Gender Identity Bill
It is widely believed that Nassau County's current human rights laws do not sufficiently protect the transgender community. Suffolk County and New York City both have human rights laws that include the definition of gender identity and or expression, but without a statewide gender identity law in place, transgender people in Nassau County lack protection for their basic civil rights.

California Lawmakers Divided Over LGBT Instruction
A new bill aims to rectify an educational oversight in California — with a history of the contributions of LGBT Americans.

OTL: Transgender hoops player
This season, Kye Allums suited up for the George Washington women's basketball team as the first publicly transgender athlete to play Division I basketball.

Intersex activist shares research
Jen Pagonis was the featured speaker at RU Prouds sponsored intersex lecture, "Exes and Whys: Pseudo Humans" last Thursday. Pagonis is an intersex activist sharing her story and advocating for basic intersex human rights.

[MD, USA] [Commentary]
Why Are Maryland's Trans Activists Celebrating The Death Of The Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Bill?
Maryland's Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Bill (HB 235) would have prohibited employment, housing, and credit discrimination against transgender and transsexual residents. But even though the bill made it out of the state House with a very supportive 86-52 vote, it now it looks like the bill might die in the Senate Rules Committee. So why are Trans Maryland, Trans United, and other trans activists hoping it dies while Equality Maryland is asking people to pressure senators to get it out of committee? Namely because HB 235 doesn't go far enough in protecting transfolk against basic forms of public discrimination.
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Man stabbed to death; transgender girlfriend arrested
A young man was found stabbed to death inside a house in South Philadelphia overnight.
Police say his 29-year-old girlfriend is under arrest.
Transgender woman charged in Point Breeze slaying has ties to another murder suspect

Pittsburgh’s first Ms. Leather also first Transwoman title holder
For the first time in history, Pittsburgh has a Ms. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish thanks in part to the first leather competition open to women in the Pittsburgh area.

Texas House OKs measure requiring schools with LGBT resource centers to spend equal amount on centers for ‘family and traditional values’
Public colleges and universities in Texas with LGBT resource centers would have to spend an equal amount on centers promoting “family and traditional values,” under a budget amendment approved by the House late Friday.

Ashland man now lives life as a woman
Ken Hale always felt like an outsider looking in on his life through, as he says, "painted glass."
There was something inside that made him feel different, even at age 11 or 12. He felt uncomfortable in his body. He envied the women in his life — his mother, stepmother, his older sister, female neighbors.

Ante aumento de asesinatos de transexuales en Ecuador, reaparece patrulla legal para asesorar
Ante el aumento de asesinatos de transexuales en Quito ha resurgido la patrulla legal, un servicio que los asesora para denunciar a quienes los discriminan o maltratan.