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sexta-feira, junho 24, 2011

Arranca el Orgullo LGTB de Madrid 2011 con el lema "Salud e igualdad por derecho"
En la Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE) tuvo lugar esta mañana la presentación de ‘MADO¨11, Madrid Orgullo’, que se celebrará desde el 24 de Junio al 3 de Julio en Madrid.

Alcalde PP de Sevilla no permite ondear bandera LGTB en Ayuntamiento, mientras Orgullo recibe apoyos Junta
El próximo sábado se celebrará la manifestación del Orgullo LGTB en Sevilla, que finalmente incorpora algunas modificaciones sobre el programa inicial que había anunciado. Uno de esos cambios es que la bandera multicolor del Orgullo, que en los últimos dos años ondeó el día de la manifestación en el Ayuntamiento, esta vez no lo hará. “Ni esa bandera ni ninguna otra”, explicó Zoido.

Gender swap Kirsty tells her story
FORTY-eight-year-old Kirsty Cass has had come to terms with the fact that she has gender dysphoria, a feeling of belonging to the wrong gender. Obby reporter Laura Chase talks to her about her journey.

Europe to slam Ireland's inaction over transgender rights
A major report to be published later this week by the Council of Europe is expected to criticise Ireland for failing to recognise transgender people.
Ireland is one of the last remaining countries in Europe, along with Albania, that has not changed the law to give recognition to transgenders.

"Breaking Taboos"
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transvestite and transsexual individuals celebrate the 19th Pride Week from 20-26 June in Istanbul. The event kicked off with the second Trans Pride March on Sunday. It comes right after the gay rights resolution passed by the UN Human Rights Council.
Istanbul becoming proud of Pride Week

New report reveals discrimination against Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people
People in Turkey are often compelled to conceal their sexuality from employers, officials and their own families due to fear of violence and prejudice, according to a new report launched by Amnesty International today (21 June). Hate crimes, including violent attacks and murders, are prevalent but largely ignored by the authorities. Transgender women are at particular risk of such attacks says the report, which highlights the discrimination faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in a country where there are no provisions to prevent it.
Turkey accused of ignoring violence against gays
Turkey allowing violence against gays

Court frees transgender beggar, criticises detention
A eunuch, sent to a detention home for two years after being caught begging, has been set free by a Delhi court on the ground that it is hard for transgenders to get even menial jobs to earn a living.

For eunuchs, even slavery comes at a price
While human rights groups have extensively highlighted the existence of human trafficking in India that has enslaved millions of women and children, the slave-like condition in which most of the country’s eunuchs live is still largely undocumented.

Law mum on third sex under detention
The recent order of a lower court granting bail to a eunuch arrested for a petty offence has thrown up a curious situation the society hardly thinks of. What happens if someone from the LGBT (lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender) community is held and denied bail. Should the accused be kept in the jail, detention home or in a special cell?

Activists push anti-discrimination bill
A new pressure has been pressed on lawmakers to prioritize the passage of the Anti-Discrimination bill pending before the House of Representatives after the United Nations (UN) issued a resolution, calling for an end to violence against members of the third sex worldwide.

Woman acquitted of manslaughter is back in jail
A transgender woman who was recently freed from prison after being acquitted for manslaughter is back behind bars. The woman, who was convicted with the lesser sentence of trying to rob an injured man as he lay in the street, is now accused of breaching the conditions of a plan meant to help her return to society.

Today's Trans March Honors Compton's Cafeteria Riot
This afternoon's Trans March starts at 3:30 in heavily segregated Dolores Park. This year's annual transgender march should take on an even feistier tone. On Thursday, a San Francisco Superior Court Judge dismissed felony hate crime charges brought against two men accused of assaulting a 20-year-old transgender woman at the 16th and Mission BART Plaza back in April. (District Attorney Gascón, we should point out, was "extremely disappointed" by the judge's ruling. He intends to refile felony hate crime charges in the case.)

Connecticut law offers comprehensive protection for transgender people
Jennifer Levi [Director of Transgender Rights Project, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders]: "Recently, the Connecticut Senate passed a bill that adds the phrase "gender identity or expression" to all existing state sex discrimination laws. The Senate's passage followed that of the House of Representatives where the debate had been much lengthier. Governor Dannel Malloy has pledged his support for this legislation which should be signed into law any day now. Governor Malloy's signature will make Connecticut the 15th state to adopt transgender-specific provisions into its non-discrimination laws. Adoption of the legislation is a significant step forward for the transgender community which has struggled recently in getting explicit non-discrimination laws passed in no small part because of the amped up opposition to such legislation from the right.

Payette Transsexual Woman Sentenced to 10 Years
A Payette transsexual woman will be spending the next three to 10 years behind bars. Catherine Carlson was sentenced to three separate three-year prison terms for arson, possession of a bomb or destructive device and using a hoax destructive device. Carlson had also been found guilty of a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure, which tacked on an extra 180 days behind bars. In all, she will serve as many as 10 years in Idaho prison.
Transgender woman sentenced in Idaho bomb plot

Indictment in 2010 Maplewood Transgender Murder
A 24-year-old Newark man, Alrashim Chamber, has been indicted in the September murder of Victoria Carmen White in Maplewood. White was a post-operative transgender female who had undergone sex reassignment surgery.
Newark man indicted on murder and intimidation of transgender woman
Second Defendant in Transgender Homicide Indicted

Deadly assaults target gay and transgender people in Puerto Rico
Since November 2009, 18 people have been murdered and others beaten across Puerto Rico.
Adiestran para trabajar casos crímenes de odio
Justicia y la Policía se reúnen con líderes LGBTT

La vida de una transexual latina
La puertorriqueña Barbra Herr habla de su lucha por la igualdad y la aceptación
Los tiempos han cambiado. Ya no tocan la música de antes ni se viste igual que en otras épocas. Sin embargo, se ha progresado mucho, también en la comunidad hispana, y la aceptación de un transexual entre los latinos es algo más común. (Foto)

Attorney: New Tennessee law voids anti-discrimination policies
A lawsuit filed in Nashville challenging a new state law says the legislation voids school board policies that protect gay and lesbian students from bullying and harassment, but the law's sponsor disagrees.

Primera mujer transexual funcionaria en Instituto Electoral Federal de la Baja California, México
Muñoz Loyola asumió ayer el cargo de vocal Ejecutiva de la Junta. Local Ejecutiva del Instituto Federal Electoral, durante una ceremonia en la que también fue presentado como directora de Capacitación del mismo organismo, José Luis Garza López, la primera mujer transexual en toda la historia que se presenta como tal a rendir juramento en un cargo público en Baja California.

Marchan gays contra el rechazo de la ciudadanía
Con singular éxito se llevó a cabo La Marcha de las Diversidades Afectivo Sexuales en la que participaron cientos de personas se dieron cita en el parque Borunda y concluyó en el monumento a Benito Juárez.

Caribe celebra el orgullo gay
Con ocasión del día del Orgullo Gay (28 de junio), la región Caribe Colombiana marchará por el reconocimiento de derechos de la población LGBTI.

Malva, la historia de los travestis en la Argentina en primera persona
El libro "Malva, mi recorrido", presentado anoche en el Centro Cultural Rojas, es una autobiografía de quizás el travesti más viejo de la Argentina, que aporta a la memoria colectiva historias de casi un siglo sobre las condiciones de vida de travestis y transexuales en el país y que le devuelve la palabra a un sector segregado por la sociedad durante muchos años.