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sexta-feira, julho 15, 2011

Italian court says sterilisation is not mandatory for gender reassignment
The Court of first instance of Rome decided to reaffirm a, isolated precedent of 1997 and stated that sterilisation is not to be understood as a mandatory requirement for gender reassignment. This decision will hopefully change the prevailing interpretation of the law in the country.

Consider transgenders for govt jobs, Punjab HC to Centre
In a first, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has directed the central government to consider eunuchs for government jobs.
Consider eunuchs for govt jobs: HC to Centre
Transgenders eligible for govt jobs

Toronto's Trans Community Marches For Equal Rights
Last Friday, an estimated 1,500 participants took to the streets for the Trans March to draw awareness to and help end the human rights inequalities facing trans people. While gay rights in Canada are among the most progressive in the world, trans rights falls behind other groups' considerably. "We still don’t have basic human rights for trans people in Canada," says activist Nicki Ward. “If you beat someone up and call them a 'fag,' it's a hate crime; if you beat someone up and call them a 'tranny,' it’s not." (Photo)

Trial to Begin in Lawrence King Murder
Brandon McInerney, 17, will go on trial this week for the 2008 shooting death of Lawrence King, a younger classmate in California who the defendant believed had a crush on him.

Local Legend and Pioneering Transgendered Performer Vicki Marlane Dies at 76
Beloved local legend Vicki Marlane died this morning at 7 a.m. of an undisclosed illness. She was 76. Nicknamed "The Lady With the Liquid Spine" for her trademark, sultry flexibility while lip syncing, Marlane was profiled in the New York Times two years ago, and was thought to be the oldest, continuously performing, transgender performer in the country. Until recently, she performed twice weekly at Aunt Charlie's Lounge often doing three or four numbers (and costume changes) each night. (Photo)

Vermont Ahead Of The Curve On Transgender Rights
Two laws that passed this spring may make some aspects of life easier for transgender people in the state. One allows trans people born in Vermont to change their gender on their birth certificate, and obtain a new, clean copy, rather than an amended one. Another requires that single-stall bathrooms in state buildings be gender neutral. But there are still many other significant issues facing the trans community in the state, including trans-inclusive health care.

Comunidad transexual y Homosexual de Ecuador celebró Orgullo LGTB con lema “Somos amor”
La comunidad GLBTI (gay, lesbianas, bisexuales, transexuales e intersexuales) de Ecuador celebró hoy el Día del Orgullo Gay con marchas en Quito y Guayaquil, donde presentaron su lema "Somos amor".

Atacan con armas de fuego a comunidad transexual de Chihuahua
Una mujer transexual conocida como “La Thalía” resultó muerta luego de que la madrugada del pasado lunes fuera atacada con armas de fuego por varios individuos, quienes desde un automóvil en circulación, le dispararon en varias ocasiones a ella y a otras mujeres transgénero con quienes se encontraba.

Asesinan a transexual en Calama, en el norte de Chile
Un nuevo crimen quitó la vida a una persona transexual, esta vez en Calama, al norte de Chile. Se trata de de Cinthia González Garrido de 46 años, cuyo cuerpo fue encontrado en una pieza que arrendaba en la calle José Antonio Ríos de la capital de El Loa.
Transfobia: asesinan a mujer transexual en Calama

Avalan la identidad de género de Alejandra Ironici
Semanas atrás, Notife informaba sobre el reclamo de una persona transexual, oriunda de la localidad de Tostado, que solicitaba ante el Estado la rectificación de su partida de nacimiento y el cambio de nombre en su Documento Nacional de Identidad (DNI).
El trámite iniciado por Alejandra Selenia Victoria Ironici (de 34 años, e inscripta como Víctor Alejandro Ironici), requería la firma del decreto pertinente por parte del gobernador Hermes Binner, hecho que sucedió el pasado 28 de junio. (Photo)
Por decreto de Binner, una persona trans podrá cambiar su identidad