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sexta-feira, agosto 05, 2011

ECOSOC Council Vote Grants Consultative Status To ILGA
With 29 votes in favour, 14 against and 5 abstentions, the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) granted today consultative status to the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA).
International Gay and Lesbian Association finally wins UN accreditation
ILGA achieves UN status

Comisario Europeo de Derechos Humanos pide que la "disforia de genero" deje ser tratada enfermedad mental
Piden que la "disforia de género" deje de ser considerada enfermedad mental. Mantener el término como trastorno mental "estigmatiza a las personas transgénero y restringe su libertad", apunta el comisario europeo de Derechos Humanos.

Transsexual's fury over X Factor email
Bungling staff on The X Factor have sparked a row over prejudice by accidentally sending an insulting email to a transsexual contestant on the show.
TranseX Factor

Italian Parliament Rejects Hate Crimes Law Protecting Gays
The human rights group Amnesty International says Italy wasted an opportunity when its parliament rejected a bill to include attacks on homosexuals and transsexuals as hate crimes.
Italy fails to adopt measures to tackle hate crimes
Italy rejects anti-homophobia bill

India’s eunuchs want end to discrimination, access to welfare programs
Eunuchs in India are demanding an end to discrimination against them and access to government welfare programs.
The term eunuch is used in India to describe transvestites, transsexuals and others who identify themselves as neither male nor female but as a members of a third gender.

Inspired, he lived with Them
In a dramatic incident, a 15-year-old boy in awe of transgenders, has become one among them.

Indore sex-change ops report a figment of imagination: NCPCR
The detailed report of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) submitted to the PMO found a news story which claimed that doctors in Indore were turning scores of infant girls into boys through a surgical procedure called genitoplasty a "figment of imagination".
No proof of sex-change surgeries on babies in Indore: NCPCR

Four transvestites held for soliciting
Four transvestites who were soliciting around Sabindo here were arrested by the Sabah Islamic Religious Affairs Department (JHEAINS) on Tuesday night.
In the 11pm operation, JHEAINS officers had to disguise themselves in order to catch the transvestites who wore women’s clothing and make-up.

Transgendered in Samoa: Acceptance of Tradition in the South Pacific
As a sign of the cultural significance of the transgendered in their ancient society, in July, the prime minister of Samoa, Tuilaepa Sailele, met and spoke with the Samoa Fa’afafine Association, the South Pacific island nation’s leading advocacy organization for the transgendered, or fa’afafine, community. The leader’s words of support undoubtedly will come as a surprise to those of us more accustomed to elected officials wrangling their hands on issues concerning gender deviance.

[New Zealand]
Human rights law change "unnecessary"
The Government has taken the stance that a law change "is unnecessary at this time" in response a question about putting an explicit reference to gender identity in the Human Rights Act, to remove all doubt about transgender people being protected from discrimination.

Intersex to defy Census
An intersex advocate is urging the intersex community to include their intersex status when filling in the Census on August 9.

Study finds discrimination against transgender tenants
Marie Little is familiar with tales about the housing woes of transgender persons.
Currently the chair of the Vancouver-based Trans Alliance Society, Little has heard several, and the most common of these are of those wanting to rent a place.

Trans Activists Criticize NAACP
The NAACP is hosting its first town hall discussion on LGBT issues Monday in Los Angeles, but transgender activists say the B and the T are missing from the meeting's panel.
Trans Activists Criticize NAACP [Corrected]

Traveling While Trans: Questions Remain With TSA’s New Software
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released information on new software upgrades for their full-body scanners that could impact transgender people. Scanners will no longer explicitly show images of the person being scanned. Instead, a basic human figure will be shown highlighting areas of the body that may pose security risks. These software changes are being made over the coming months to scanners that use millimeter wave technology, currently a minority of the approximately 500 machines in the field. The TSA has not yet fully tested the software for the majority of machines that use backscatter technology, though it hopes to later this year.

Histórica Revista Política de EEUU reconoce Lucha por Derechos Transexuales/ Transgénero
The New Republic, una de las revistas políticas más influyentes y de mayor tradición de Estados Unidos, dedicó su portada y su edición del 23 de julio a la lucha por la igualdad de derechos de las personas transexuales y/o transgénero.

Kristen Stewart Drops Out Of Transgender Indie 'K-11'
Film, directorial debut of Stewart's mother, will now feature her brother Cameron
Kristen Stewart Drops Out of Family's Transgender Drama

Una persona transexual demanda a Alaska por negarle su licencia como mujer
La Unión Estadounidense de Libertades Civiles entabló el lunes una demanda judicial contra el estado de Alaska en nombre de una mujer transexual, quien afirma que se le negó obtener su licencia de conducir, clasificada como mujer a menos que presentara una prueba que había sido sometida a una operación de reasignación de sexo.

Oakland considers ID card without debit function
Oakland leaders once touted a municipal identification card as a solution to an array of issues faced by undocumented immigrants and others in society's margins.
The undocumented would have an identity card, transgender people would be able to prove who they are without a specified gender, and the urban poor would have a debit card.
Oakland city ID card stumbles on debit function

Fight Footage Enters King Trial, Mistrial Denied
Hoping to demonstrate a violent streak, prosecutors in the murder trial of Brandon McInerney — accused of killing gay 15-year-old Lawrence King — showed video footage in court of McInerney fighting while in juvenile hall.

Conference offers lifeline for gender variant children, families
The two eight-year-old girls said that meeting each other was like a dream come true. They both had similar interests—gymnastics, dance, singing, and songwriting—and similar styles in hair and clothing. Not only that, but for each of them, it was the first time they had met another child who knew what it was like to be a girl born with a boy’s body.

Emotions run high at vigil for slain trans woman
More than 200 people turned out Saturday night, July 23, for a vigil to honor Lashai Mclean, a 23-year-old transgender woman who was shot to death three days earlier in Northeast Washington.
D.C. and Nation Mourn Loss of Transgender Woman Lashai Mclean

Three transgender plaintiffs in class-action suit to get birth certificates changed
A Cook County Circuit Court judge has ordered that the three lead plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against the state can change the gender on their birth certificates even though they have not had genital surgeries.

LCC Drops Sexual Harrasment Claims Against Transgender Professor
Some members of the LGBT community still think the complaint itself points to a bigger issue of homophobia and transphobia on campus.

Transgender woman fights to have contact with fiance’s child
Ally Collina, 26, of Gilford, picketed the Family Division of the Laconia District Court yesterday to decry what she considers to be discrimination.
Collina believes that a switch in gender from male to female is the reason she is not allowed contact with her fiance’s 2-1/2-year-old son.

Quick Hit: Local Group Responds to Philadelphia’s ID Policy
The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transport Administration (SEPTA), which runs public transit services for four Pennsylvania counties, requires that all mass transit passes must include a sticker indicating the pass-holder’s gender. This policy is discriminatory and puts transgender people at risk for harassment and possible violence. It was put in place by SEPTA to prevent “pass sharing,” a type of fraud in which multiple people use one pass to save money. However, this system often outs transgender people and puts them in uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous situations.

Activista muxe gana reality “La homofobia esta out”
Replicar la información aprendida durante los 15 días de estancia en la casa del reality “La homofobia esta out”, buscar las formas de adaptar a su comunidad los conocimientos y defender los derechos humanos de los miembros de las comunidad lésbico, gay, bisexual, transexual, travesti, transgénero e intersexual son parte de los compromisos que Becky, triunfadora de la emisión por internet, aseguró tendrá a partir de esta semana.

Nuevo asesinato de una mujer transexual en Honduras de un disparo en la cabeza
Los pobladores de un solar baldío a inmediaciones del Cerro Juana Laínez de Tegucigalpa encontraron esta mañana el cadáver de una mujer transexual. La víctima, de quien aún no se ha revelado su identidad, presentaba un disparo en el lado izquierdo de la cabeza. Un agente de la Policía Nacional de Honduras de nombre Navarro, dijo que el hallazgo del cuerpo se realizó en horas de la madrugada.