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sexta-feira, julho 22, 2011

Summary: LGBTI Rights in the World
On 30 June 2011, the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights held a hearing on LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex) rights in the world. Members of the European Parliament, European Parliament staff, European Commission staff, ambassadors and members of the public heard from human rights defenders, civil society and high-level EU civil servants about the human rights of LGBTI people worldwide.

Does your country protect you?
A survey reveals which EU countries actively promote equality for trans people

Sainsbury's tells sex-change woman to use disabled toilet
A transgender woman was left feeling embarrassed after staff at Sainsbury's in Walton told her to use the disabled toilet.
Stephanie Collins, 55, feels she has been discriminated against after visiting the store at The Heart. (Photo)
Transgender woman told by Sainsbury’s to use disabled toilet
Sainsbury's apologises after toilet mix-up

Sexual orientation and gender conforming traits in women are genetic
Sexual orientation and 'gender conformity' in women are both genetic traits, according to new research from Queen Mary, University of London.

Italian court says sterilisation is not mandatory for gender reassignment
The Court of first instance of Rome decided to reaffirm a, isolated precedent of 1997 and stated that sterilisation is not to be understood as a mandatory requirement for gender reassignment. This decision will hopefully change the prevailing interpretation of the law in the country.

‘Sex change teacher’ has clean shaven head
Patrick Dludlu, the man who had falsely claimed he had a sex change is now spotting a clean shaven head and formal man’s image.

Combating electricity shortage: Transgenders give fans to patients
Transgender persons voluntarily distributed hand fans to patients admitted at Civil Hospital in Sukkur, Express News reported on Thursday.

‘Helpful’ transvestites locked up on pick-pocketing charges
Two transvestites questioned their arrest for allegedly pick-pocketing an Iranian man because, they claim, they were only returning money the tourist dropped.
(Photo: Javad Amini points to the boy that picked his pocket at Bali Hai pier.)

Transvestite bar in Tokyo makes customers feel at home
At a transvestite bar in Tokyo, men in drag pour drinks and make conversation with customers.
They put on full makeup and colorful kimono or dresses for their shift at "Wakashu Bar Kesho Danshi" in Yushima, Bunkyo Ward.

Gender Identity & Expression Bill: What Employers Need To Know
Over the weekend, the General Assembly passed House Bill 6599, which adds “gender identity or expression” as a new protected category under employment law. Governor Malloy has indicated that he will sign the bill. Assuming he signs the bill, here’s what you need to know as an employer in Connecticut.

[MA, USA] [Commentary]
Anti-transgender violence put under the microscope
A newly-released report on hate crimes against transgender victims shows that these crimes are vastly underreported. A study conducted by the Anti-Violence Project of Massachusetts found that a large majority of victims of crimes motivated by gender-identity and gender-expression bias do not turn to law enforcement for help.

Transsexual prostitute from California had stun gun, syringes, Paramus cops say
A Paramus police detective posing as a john arrested a stun gun-carrying transsexual from Redondo Beach, CA, after she brought him to an area hotel room and offered sex for money, Police Chief Christopher Brock said Wednesday. (Photo: Reggie Rosaldo)

Judge denies transgender widow Nikki Araguz’s motion for a new trial — after finally reading it
Meghan Stabler reports that Wharton County District Judge Randy M. Clapp has denied transgender widow Nikki Araguz’s motion for a new trial.
Judge Denies Transgender Widow's Retrial Request
Wharton: Judge denies transgender widow's request for new hearing
Transgender woman’s court loss stays in place

Vt. Takes Lead On Transgender Issues
The transgender community in Vermont is hailing two laws quietly passed by the state legislature this year. One allows the gender label on Vermont birth certificates to be changed and for a new document to be produced.

8 de cada 10 gays son rechazados en colegio
Una encuesta sobre las condiciones de vida y derechos del colectivo LGBT (Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Trans) revela que ocho de cada diez sufrieron discriminación por parte de sus compañeros; cinco de parte de padres de familia; y cinco de sus maestros.
El 85 por ciento de los homosexuales y transexuales bolivianos padecen discriminación

Por falta de empleo, el 95% de los “trans” ejerce trabajo sexual
Este grupo es el que más discriminación sufre a diario al requerir servicios de salud, educación y vivienda, con relación a los gays, lesbianas y bisexuales.

Joven transgénero de 24 años muere de seis tiros
De seis disparos mataron al transgénero Jesús Nazaret Rondón (24), conocido como "Samantha". Era estilista, vivía en una pensión de San Martín y por las noches frecuentaba la avenida Libertador.