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quarta-feira, setembro 07, 2011

Press Release from the Intersex Forum
5 September 2011
Brussels, Belgium


The world’s 1st International Intersex Organising Forum took place in Brussels between 3-5 September 2011. The historic event brought together 24 activists representing 17 intersex organisations from all continents.

Around the world intersex individuals are being subjected to inhumane and degrading altering surgical and hormonal procedures, without consent of the intersex person, at the discretion of doctors and outside legal regulation. This is done to ‘normalise’ genitals and bodies in order to fit intersex people within the sex binary of men and women. Pathologisation of intersex individuals results in gross human rights violations and abuse bodily integrity and personal dignity.

The Forum agreed on the demands aiming to end discrimination against intersex people and to ensure the right of bodily integrity and self determination:

1. To put an end to mutilating and ‘normalising’ practices such as genital surgeries, psychological and other medical treatments, including infanticide and selective abortion (on the grounds of intersex) in some parts of the world.
2.To insure that the personal, free, prior, and fully informed consent of the intersex individual is a compulsory requirement in all medical practices and protocols.
3.Creating and facilitating supportive, safe and celebratory environments for intersex people, their families and surroundings.

This newly established informal network will campaign for the respect of intersex people’s human rights on international, regional and national levels. The next meeting of the Forum is expected to take place towards the end of 2012.

The Forum was facilitated and sponsored by ILGA (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association) and its European Region, ILGA-Europe. The Forum also reached out to representatives of TGEU (Transgender Europe) and IGLYO (the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Youth and Student Organsiation) and will continue building wider alliances with other human rights and equality organsiations working in such areas as women’s rights, the rights of indigenous people and people with disabilities.

For further information please contact:

Sally Gross +27 827884205

Latin America:
Mauro Isaac Cabral +54 (9) 351 5589876

North America:
Jim Bruce +1 707-793-1190

Hiker Chiu, +886 0923868653

Australia & Pacific:
Gina Wilson +61 418290336 or +61 2 97499989

Del LaGrace Volcano +46 7626 88 312 or +46 19 33 52 03

Sebastian Rocca (ILGA) +32 471 80 20 99
Silvan Agius (ILGA-Europe) +32 2 609 54 17 or +32 496 708 370

São José dos Campos recebe encontro trans da Região Sudeste
6º Encontro Regional Sudeste de Travestis e Transexuais rola em São José dos Campos

Scottish domestic violence stereotypes ‘fail gay and transgender people’
The Scottish government’s definition of domestic violence leaves some victims ‘invisible’, a law lecturer has claimed.
Scotland's definition of domestic violence should change to include gays, says academic
Definition of abuse 'should change'

Conference to focus on rural LGBTI
Professionals in health, psychology and law will take part in a conference about the needs of rural and regional LGBTI communities next month.

[Australia] [Commentary]
Transgender and gender stereotypes
I recently heard from a student who had been given the task of arguing in a debate that transgenders perpetuate gender stereotypes. She wanted arguments to support her case.

Fox News posts opinion piece telling parents not to watch Chaz Bono on 'Dancing with the Stars'
It has been one week since ABC announced that Chaz Bono will appear in the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars” — but the intense criticism of him continues on.
Dancing with the Stars: Allred to Dance with Transgendereds To Support Chaz
Chaz Bono On DWTS: Richard Roeper Says Nothing To Worry

[Commentary] Not to worry: Chaz Bono’s dancing won’t make viewers change genders

[USA] [Commentary]
We Are Not Defined By Our Genitalia
I've said this multiple times on this blog and will continue to say it until you peeps embed this point in your brain cells. You need to focus on what's between a transperson's ears, not their legs.

[USA] [Commentary]
Primetime Sends Mixed Transgender Message
I was all excited about the ABC Primetime Nightline program last week on transgender children. Especially because in my class this coming week I am teaching about a court opinion in a dispute between divorced parents over custody of their son who wants to dress like a girl. The court sides with the father, who insists the child's gender variance should be discouraged. The case is as painful to read as those in which a trans parent loses his or her child after transitioning - including having parental rights terminated, the most extreme measure the state can take against a parent.

Probable cause found that off-duty cop fired gun at trans women
A D.C. Superior Court judge on Sept. 2 ruled that prosecutors established probable cause that an off-duty D.C. police officer committed an assault with a dangerous weapon for allegedly firing a pistol at three transgender women and two male friends during an Aug. 26 incident in Northwest Washington.

Community Complains Police Doing Little To Help
After a string of violence against members of the transgender community, activists say more training is needed.

Police chief meets with LGBT activists for third time in month
D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier disclosed in an Aug. 31 meeting with LGBT activists that she has reinstated a popular police captain as head of the department’s Special Liaison Division, which oversees the Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit (GLLU).