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domingo, setembro 04, 2011

Thai Army Stops Calling Trans People "Insane"
As all Thais born biologically male are forced into a military conscription lottery, those who identified as women were until recently marked "permanently insane" by the military — a description that haunted these transgender women as they sought jobs and homes.

Fighting to be heard
The Yellow Tail Adi Senikau Pageant this year was a night of glamour and satire, with each contestants or Divas - the name used to refer to the contestants, bringing to the stage entertainment for the packed Hibiscus Festival main tents on the Friday night of the 2011 Vodafone Hibiscus week.

[French Polynesia]
Mayor Fined in Tahiti for Refusing to Officiate Wedding
A mayor in Tahiti is being fined for refusing to marry a couple after learning that one of the partners is transgender, reports say.

Trans Woman Files Suit After Police Mishandling
A transgender woman is suing the city of Winnipeg, Canada, because, she says, she was yanked from her car and mocked by police officers investigating a possible break-in nearby, Metro Winnipeg reports.

Demand Justice for Raped Trans Inmate Jovanie Saldana
When inmate Jovanie Saldana reported being raped by a male guard, she expected Riverside Correction Facility authorities to investigate and prosecute him. Instead, officials learned that she was a trans woman and promptly transferred her to a male prison, placing her at extreme risk of further physical and sexual violence.

Too trans to tango? US debates Chaz Bono on reality TV
When Chaz Bono takes to the floor on American television's "Dancing with the Stars" later this month, he won't be lacking for fans -- or detractors.
[Commentary] Don't Let Your Kids Watch Chaz Bono On 'Dancing With the Stars'
Chaz Bono Gets Support and Words of Encouragement Following the Dancing With The Stars Announcement

Prosecutors on McInerney: We're Retrying Him
A plea deal for Brandon McInerney looks less likely, as prosecutors in Ventura County, Calif., announced today that they intend to retry the case of the 17-year-old, who more than three years ago fatally shot gay teen Lawrence King twice in the head.
Prosecutors vow to retry teen who killed gay classmate
Retrial in gay teen killing poses challenges

[Commentary] The Hate Crime Charge May Have Helped Derail The Lawrence King Trial

No Bail for Cop in Trans Shooting
Judge keeps Furr in custody, sets status hearing for October
D.C. police officer ordered held without bond in shooting
D.C. police officer held in connection with off-duty shooting of vehicle with five occupants
D.C. Police Officer To Appear In Court For Shooting At Transgender Women

'We never had a son. We had a daughter who was born in the wrong body': Parents speak of their battle coming to terms with having a transgender daughter
When most parents of ten year old boys are summoned by their child for an important chat, issues that come up might be schoolwork, bullying or why it is essential they get that dream gift for their birthday.

Former transgender SD councilman running again
A Rapid City councilman who changed his gender about five years ago is back in the public eye.
Marla Murphy, who once was Tom Murphy, is running for a seat on the City Council.

Transgender Files Complaint, Says Officers Manhandled Her
Mica Green may be part of Houston's transgender community, but she doesn’t want you to treat her any differently because of that.
"In spite my sexual orientation, I'm human like everybody else. My name is Michael. If that's what you want to call me, fine, but in spite of who I am, I'm human," Green said.