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domingo, agosto 28, 2011

Delia is Olympic 2012 ambassador
CITY sex change champion Delia Johnston is to become an ambassador for transgender and transsexual people all over the world – by working for the London Olympics.
Business-savvy Delia, who was once burly dad-of-two David, has this week been offered a job by the Olympic committee.
Her official title will be Accreditation Coordinator and her task will be checking public, press and VIP passes. (Photo)

Transexuais e intersexuais obrigadas a registarem-se como agressoras sexuais
Transexuais e intersexuais, para acederem a parte do tratamento hormonal de que necessitam, são forçadas a registarem-se como “agressoras sexuais” para terem acesso à medicação.

[USA] [Commentary]
The Declaration of Transsexual Independence, Secession & Liberation From the Dictatorship of the LGB Transgender Variant Umbrella
We, the transsexual people, hold these truths to be self evident.
We are an independent and distinctly different people who were born of a mind in contrast with our physical bodies. We have a neurobiological imperative to seek a congruence of mind and body, and through our transition we relentlessly pursue the remedy and correction of our birth defect through hormonal and other therapies and sex reassignment and other surgeries.

Final arguments heard in gay school shooting trial
The final arguments have been delivered in the trial of the Californian teenager accused of murdering his gay classmate.
Fate of King's Shooter Now in Jury's Hands
Case against Southern California teen accused of murdering gay classmate goes to jury
Deliberations begin in slaying of gay student

[Commentary] The Prosecution Rests In Brandon McInerney’s Murder Trial

Off-duty DC police officer accused of firing gun during fight with transgender individuals
An off-duty police officer is accused of firing his gun during a fight with a group that included several transgender people.
Police say the officer, Kenneth Furr, had a confrontation with group of five people early Friday. Police say Furr, a 20-year veteran of the department who is on medical leave, fired at one who had non-life-threatening injuries. Two others were also injured. The shooting followed a fight that happened earlier in the morning at a CVS store.
Off-duty D.C. officer fired on several people, police say
DC Officer Accused of Firing Gun During Fight With Group That Included Transgender People
Three Injured in Incident Involving Off-Duty Officer
Transgender Shooting Prompts Rally

[DC, USA] [Commentary]
The Demand For Transgendered Prostitutes
My neighborhood in DC, in addition to being home to some new condos, is the traditional epicenter of transgendered prostitution in the nation’s capital:
2:30 a.m. on Fourth and K

[FL, USA] [Commentary]
New Voices: Transgendered people deserve same rights that others enjoy
A friend of mine recently told me that she was kicked out of a bar in Kissimmee for being transgendered.
She had ordered a drink and was waiting for her friends to arrive when three male bar-staff members confronted her. They accused her of being a man. She was told she was not welcome there and was escorted out.

Parent wants rural Ga. school to let trans elementary student use boys' restroom
More than 2,300 people have signed a petition on calling on the McIntosh County Public School system to allow a seven-year-old transgender child the right to use the boys' restroom.

TYFA’s Kim Pearson: a Gift to Transgender Children
Kim Pearson’s journey started when her child was “very much at the end of his rope,” she says, when he came out and said, ‘here’s the deal, I’m transgender, I’m actually a guy,’” She did an instant replay.

No sex changes for Michigan prisoners?
A Republican state representative introduced a bill yesterday called the "Moral Values Bill" that would ensure no public funds could be used to pay for sex change operations for Michigan prisoners.

Firefighter calendar pin-up accused in brutal beating of transsexual ex-America's Next Top Model contestant
An FDNY fireman who posed in a calendar of other firefighters allegedly battered his transsexual girlfriend in a jealous rage two weeks ago.
Firefighter Taylor Murphy, FDNY calendar hunk, suspended for beating transgender model girlfriend