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domingo, agosto 21, 2011

[United Nations]
Controversy Emerges Over Gender Identity Laws
Legislation incorporating gender identity protection has ignited debate among activists for gay and lesbian rights, with some arguing that the legislation actually endangers women and threatens their physical safety, while others contend that gender identity protection is key to obtaining equality for the LGBT community.

Transgender e-bulletin no.3 August/September 2011
Message from Lynne Featherstone MP, Minister for Equalities
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We're here. We're queer. What use is it?
Pride has become one of the city's biggest parties, but some say it has lost its political edge

McInerney Lawyers: Judge Biased Against Them, Against Gays Too
Attorneys for Brandon McInerney, on trial for the slaying of California gay youth Lawrence King, have filed a motion to have Judge Charles Campbell removed from the case, claiming he is biased toward the prosecution and also harbors antigay sentiments — against defense attorney Robyn Bramson (pictured, center, with co-counsel Scott Wippert, left), among others, the Ventura County Star reports.
[Commentary] McInerney’s New Defense: Brandon Isn’t Anti-Gay, The Judge Is!

LGBT activists meet with D.C. police chief
Thirteen representatives of the LGBT community met on Tuesday with D.C. Police Chef Cathy Lanier and other police officials to discuss what participants said was a range of issues related to police response to anti-LGBT violence.

The High Price of Looking Like a Woman
Zaira Quispe, 42, said she knew as a child that she was a girl, though she had been born male. She picked up a photo that she kept on the windowsill above her bed and held it out as proof. It’s a picture of herself as a smiling baby, naked and with legs crossed, concealing genitals. “Look,” she said, “even then I was trying to hide it.”