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domingo, agosto 14, 2011

Falleció, Ambar García, activista transexual Ecuador y residente en España donde trabajó por derechos LGTB
El pasado lunes 25 de julio de 2011 ha fallecido nuestra amiga Ámbar García después de una grave enfermedad. Varios amigos y amigas hemos querido reunir en este texto unas palabras en su memoria (Foto)

Ha fallecido, Giò Stajano, la primera icono transexual de Italia, participó en “La dolce vita” de Fellini
Participó en 'La dolce vita' de Fellini como hombre y acabó sintiendo la llamada de la vida monástica como mujer. (Foto)

Dorce denies violence against ex-husband
Transgender singer and TV host Dorce Gamalama denied news that her marriage to Asep Maskar fell apart because she was often violently abusive.

[Singapore] [Commentary]
Transsexual women are not cross-dressers
MR IVAN Lau suggested MediaCorp should have given the National Day Parade segment on racial harmony and nation building an NC-16 rating as it featured cross-dressing actors Gurmit Singh and Chua Enlai (“Drag wrong, guys”; Thursday).

Transitioning at work
IT specialist Brad Sensabaugh can’t help but wonder how some of his colleagues at the TD Bank Group in London, Ont., will react when the story of his private life hits the media spotlight.

When boys would rather not be boys
Kids are being diagnosed—and identifying themselves—as transgendered younger than ever before

Wendy Babcock found dead
To her friends, Wendy Babcock was a fierce and passionate activist with a joyful sense of humour that defined her, but inside she suffered in silence.
Babcock was found dead in her home Aug 9 of an apparent suicide. She was about 30 years old (her actual age is unclear).
Before becoming a student at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School, Babcock was a homeless teenaged sex worker. For the past several years she has passionately advocated on behalf of sex workers and has been a prominent voice for trans rights across Canada. (Photo)

Companies are changing to support transgender employees
When workers undergo a change in gender, their employers need to address new needs

TSA to Offer Transgender Sensitivity Training
In June, we told you about Ashley Yang, a transgender TSA agent who was fired for not working as a male TSA agent (which includes patting down men). Good news for Yang, the TSA has not only recognized their ignorance, they are now requiring mandatory sensitivity training for all their employees on transgender issues. Yang, thanks to the help of the Transgender Law Center, also received five months of back pay and tens of thousands of dollars in a settlement.

Psychologist: McInerney Had Well of Rage
As the defense of Brandon McInerney, the California teen on trial for killing gay classmate Lawrence King, drew to a close Friday, a psychologist testified that a history of abuse caused McInerney to shut off his emotions and let anger build up within him.
[Commentary] Gay Teen Now Being Blamed for His Own Murder
Blame The Victim; Even Blame The School; The Killer's Defense Is That He Was Provoked

Convictions Upheld in Colorado Transgender Murder
In a ruling Thursday, the Colorado Court of Appeals upheld the 2009 convictions of Allen Andrade for the hate-motivated murder of Angie Zapata.

Camila Guzman, Transgender Murder Victim, Remembered in East Harlem Vigil
About a hundred people gathered on 110th Street, "Tito Puente Way," in East Harlem last night to remember the life of Camila Guzman. The vigil, sponsored by the Anti-Violence Project, took place outside of Camila's apartment, where she was found murdered last week.

80-Year-Old Drag Queen Arrested After Scuffle With Police
Ore.'s most famous drag queen was taken from the stage and put in jail after police showed up at the Darcelle XV nightclub.
Darcelle XV turns LXXX
Portland icon 'Darcelle' arrested after scuffle at club, charges later dropped

Marchan en DF por defensa de Derechos Humanos
Organizaciones de Defensa de los derechos de la Comunidad Lesbico, Gay, Transgenero y Transexual exigieron a la Procuraduría General de la República (PGR) crear una fiscalía que atienda los más de 700 crímenes de odio que se ha registrado en todo el país, desde 1995 a la fecha.

Cuba realiza la primera boda entre un homosexual y un transexual
Wendy Iriepa, una transexual de 37 años, e Ignacio Estrada, un homosexual de 31 seropositivo y crítico con el régimen cubano, se casaron este sábado legalmente en La Habana en una inusual boda que hicieron coincidir con el 85 cumpleaños de Fidel Castro para reivindicar los derechos del colectivo gay. (Foto)
Cuba gay man and transgender woman to marry
'Gay' marriage in Cuba for Castro's birthday
Mariela Castro felicita a transexual que se casará con gay crítico en Cuba
Primera boda gay en Cuba

[Opinion] Wendy e Ignacio

"El teje", primer periódico hecho por travestis latinoamericanos
Con artículos sobre las propias vivencias, entrevistas y hasta chistes, un grupo de travestis edita en Argentina un periódico, "El Teje", el primero en su tipo de Latinoamérica, con el ánimo de arrancar los estigmas contra una comunidad cercada por los prejuicios.
(Foto: El periódico semestral "El teje" es el resultado del taller sobre crónica periodística al que cada semana acuden más de una decena de travestis en el Centro Cultural Rojas.)