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domingo, agosto 07, 2011

Transgender Europe welcomes Commissioner's Hammarberg newest statement
Transgender Europe welcomes the Commissioner's statement and finds it importantly specific on some of the subjects concerning transgender people, especially hate crimes, discrimination on the grounds of gender identity and gender expression, and the need for countries to stop ignoring trans rights and establish their own policies on transgender issues, with the recquired human rights approach.

La FELGTB anima a las autonomías a abordar la transexualidad a través de leyes integrales
Educación, empleo, discriminación o cobertura sanitaria son claves en la ley navarra ya aprobada y en la que se trabaja en Comunidades como la vasca

Leeds X Factor sex change hopeful ‘labelled tranny’
A transsexual X Factor contestant says she was labelled a ‘tranny’ in an e-mail sent by researchers from the show.
Pamela-Michelle Giovanni, from Burley, auditioned for the ITV1 show in April.
She made it through three producer-judged rounds before she was due to perform her solo-duet version of Que Sera, Sera to the celebrity panel including Louis Walsh.

Italian Parliament blocks homophobia and transphobia bill
Italy's Parliament is said to have approved a motion declaring a draft bill against homophobia and transphobia unconstitutional, last week.

'Pregnant man' to open Stockholm Pride
American Thomas Beatie, better known as the "pregnant man" after he gave birth to three children, is set to hold the opening speech of this year’s Stockholm Pride festival on Monday.

Transgender Woman Murdered in Istanbul
A man has been taken into custody in Istanbul after allegedly confessing to killing a sex worker because she was transgender.

India’s Eunuchs Demand Access to Food Programs
Eunuchs in India are demanding an end to discrimination against them and access to government welfare programs.

Doctors find uterus and vaginal tissue in Indian man with stomach pains
Father of two was hospitalized with stomach pains, but doctors were shocked to find that he had parts of the female reproductive system.

Hermaphrodites Can Choose Sex
Muslim hermaphrodites or "khunsa musykil" need to determine their sex with medical experts before obtaining a syariah court order to enable them to undergo sex change operation.

[Malaysia] [Commentary]
In Our Thoughts: Ashraf Hafiz Abdul Aziz
The story of Ashraf Hafiz Abdul Aziz, the Malaysian trans person who died this weekend, has touched a lot of people, no doubt around the world. The news story in the preceding post of this blog has garnered more hits than the other blogs have on this site today, which is rare for this blog. But it is nothing to celebrate.

Arrest of transsexual in Vietnam prompts dilemma over police cells
The arrest of a transsexual in Ho Chi Minh City has raised questions over gender segregation in police cells, local media reported late Tuesday.

Transgender person seeks provincial ID change
Eric Twa is in transition. For almost two years, the 25-year-old, who used to be known as Kara, has been on testosterone. These days, Twa identifies as a man. The new Saskatchewan driver's licence he received earlier this month has his new name, but there is still the letter F - indicating he's a female.

[USA] [Commentary]
Drama In Trial of Accused Killer of Larry King
The family of teen homicide victim Larry King stormed from the courtroom on Thursday, angry over the testimony of Dawn Boldrin, King's former English teacher, now a barista at Starbucks, who has admitted to a "breakdown" and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after the event.
Sharp Words From Teachers at King/McInerney Trial

Gender Neutrality: Could Facebook Be Next?
Now that Google+ has the option for users to remain gender-neutral, an activist organization is urging Facebook, the world's second most popular website to go the same route.

Crossdresser Linked To 2 Deaths Arrested
A cross-dressing man wanted in connection with the deaths of a Denver gay couple was arrested Monday night after someone in a California bar recognized him, Palm Springs police said.

Transgender teen from Madison hopes public service announcement will help stop bullying
Since age 3, Kenny Blaha knew he was in the wrong body.
Blaha, at 5 years old, was told by a psychiatrist he had “gender identity disorder.” He played with Barbies instead of Matchbox cars and thought nothing of it until age 9, when he said people started pointing at him.

Lashai McLean Shot and Killed
At 4:26 a.m. July 20, twenty-three year old transwoman Lashai McLean was shot and killed in the 6100 block of Dix Street in Northeast Washington D.C. Another transwoman was in her company when two African American males, one of whom shot the victim, approached them. The other woman escaped injury.

Transgender housekeeper sues couple for firing her
A woman who worked as an executive housekeeper for a New York City couple is suing them for discrimination after they fired her when they discovered that she was transgender.
In the complaint filed Thursday in state Supreme Court in Manhattan, Anastasia St. Clair-Hannah, 42, claims Thompson and Caroline Dean were pleased with her performance until a background check revealed that she had undergone gender-reassignment surgery. She also accused the Deans of failing to pay overtime.
Transgender Housekeeper Fired After Background Check
[Commentary] NY Couple Allegedly Fires Awesome Housekeeper For Being Trans
Mansión de Manhattan despiden a asistenta al saber que era una mujer transexual

Cops: 60-year-old transgender prostitute arrested
Bristol Township police said they have arrested two prostitutes, including a 60-year-old man dressed up as a woman.
The arrests were made Thursday in the area of Route 13 and Edgely Road following complaints from residents who live nearby, according to Lt. Terry Hughes. (Photo)

Transgender Parents' Miracle Baby Born; How Did it Happen?
Well, this tale is a little difficult to tell. Here, Mommy was daddy first, and Daddy was mommy.
To begin with, Cai, the father was born a girl. And Emily the mother was born a boy. (Photo)
Sex swap miracle baby born to woman who was man and man who was woman
Redefining the family: transgender couple gives birth to miracle baby

Kids challenge gender identity earlier — and get support
Parents and schools are seeing increasing numbers of children, some as young as kindergartners, who are challenging the gender into which they were born.

Denuncian pasividad de autoridades ante los abusos contra transexuales en Tijuana
Trabajadoras sexuales que radican en Mexicali e integrantes de agrupaciones transexuales, denunciaron hoy en la ciudad que las autoridades municipales y de Procuración de Justicia del Estado, los ignoran y cometen abusos en su contra.

Funcionaria transexual de partido político México pide Ley Identidad Genero en Tabasco
“El proceso más difícil que enfrenta una persona trans a lo largo de toda la vida, es el de no tener derechos plenos, desde que tengo uso de razón como a los 6 o 7 años siempre quise ponerme cosas femeninas, pero para llegar a ser una persona transexual uno tiene que enfrentar un proceso de muchos años y difícil, porque crecemos sólitas, ya que los primeros en cerrarte las puertas es tu propia familia” apuntó Diana Sánchez Barrios presidenta de la Comisión Nacional de Diversidad Sexual del PRD.

Personas trans: próximo llamado
El Grupo Trans del Centro Nacional de Educación Sexual de Cuba cumple 10 años con nuevos retos en la participación social.

Transphobia: The battle for change
Hate crimes against lesbians, gays and bisexuals are rising, according to the UN. But so too are attacks on the transgender community.