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sábado, agosto 06, 2011

WPATH Symposium, SOCv7
The preliminary programme for the WPATH Symposium in September 2011 has been published.
or, equivalently,
It confirms that Version 7 of the Standards of Care will be released by Noon Saturday September 24, 2011.
SOCv7 is written but not finalized. Rumour has it that it includes substantial changes, especially as regards young people and children. Significant progress is made in FTM medical assistance.

[UN - International]
ILGA condena persecución de personas LGBTTTI
Con el compromiso de formar una agenda de trabajo contra la persecución de personas lésbico, gay, bisexual, travesti, transgénero, transexuales e intersexuales (LGBTTTTI) en países de todo el mundo, sobre todo de Asia y África, la Asociación Internacional de Gays y Lesbianas (ILGA por sus siglas en inglés) recibió con beneplácito el estatus de agrupación consultiva en la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU), señaló Gloria Careaga, secretaria general de la asociación.

Transexuales de Andalucía celebra la iniciativa de la Unión Europea despatologización trans
La UE ha solicitado que en la próxima revisión prevista de los manuales internacionales de enfermedad, para el 2012, deje de ser considerada la transexualidad una enfermedad mental.

X Factor contestant called ‘tranny’ by staff
A transgender X Factor contestant was said to be furious after programme staff mistakenly sent her an email calling her a “tranny”.

Diane won't quit marriage just because she was a man
A macroom woman who underwent a sex change operation has accused the government of " failing to understand the nuances of the human condition". (Photo)

[Israel] [Commentary]
Pride and transgender discrimination
The era in which transgendered people accepted their silencing and their marginalization is coming to an end.
Adi, a transgender woman, was employed in a store in Tel Aviv. From the moment she was hired, her gender variance was apparent to all and was respected by her coworkers. However, the first time she arrived to work wearing makeup and a dress, she was immediately asked to change her clothes. Her managers prohibited her from coming to work dressed as a woman and insisted on addressing her in the masculine form, showing blatant disregard for her gender identity.
When she insisted on her rights, Adi was fired and told that she must inform her employees in writing whether her intention is to work as a "man" or "woman." They made it clear that if she wished to work as a woman, she would not be rehired, whereas if she consented to work as a man her renewed employment would be considered.

Transgender assaulted by hired goons: Family
A 34-year-old transgender has been admitted in Stanley Hospital with grievous injuries following an assault, allegedly linked with a land grab bid.
According to family members, Amul Raj was molested and beaten up by goons hired by a real estate broker. They also claimed that the police, instead of taking action against the offenders, had threatened them saying they would register a case of attempted suicide against the transgender.
Transgender raped by local gang

Sex-change man in ICU for severe tension
The man who failed in his bid to legally become a woman last week has been admitted to hospital following bouts of vomiting.
Mohd Ashraf Hafiz Abdul Aziz, 26, is believed to be suffering from severe tension.
Man denied name change by court in ICU

Mohd Ashraf Hafiz Dies
Mohd Ashraf Hafiz Abdul Aziz, 25, who failed in his bid to change his name to Aleesha Farhana after undergoing a sex change operation in Thailand, died at the intensive care unit of Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah here at 5am today. (Photo)
Shahrizat Sad Ministry Was Not Able To Help Ashraf
Transgender Aleesha dies; candlelight vigil planned for Saturday night
Transsexual dies of heart problems
Malaysian transsexual who lost name battle dies
Sex-change man dies
Give leeway on sex change
‘Aleesha must not die in vain’

[Commentary] He only wanted to be treated as a human
M'sian government urged to 'understand transgenders'

[Commentary] Tribute to Aleesha (alias Ashraf)
[Letters to the Editor] High Court’s lack of compassion regrettable
Follow-up: Malaysian Transsexual Who Lost Name Battle Dies

Intersex people and the Census
The Intersex community in Australia wants the national census to acknowledge their existence and have enlisted the help of Jedi Knights in their campaign.

NDP wants B.C. premier to fight homophobia and transphobia in schools
B.C.'s New Democrats are calling on the Premier Christy Clark to fight homophobia and transphobia in British Columbia schools in the midst of an ongoing controversy over the Burnaby school board's new anti-homophobia policy.
LGBT British Columbians need more protection, say NDP MLAs

Women's Colleges and Ex-Women
Marcus Waterbury, a graduate of the women’s institution Mount Holyoke College, didn’t think it was a big deal when, 15 years after graduation, his alma mater agreed to re-issue his degree to reflect the new name he adopted after transitioning from female to male.

Pregnant man Thomas Beatie reveals buff body, ripped abs in new photos after baby number three
Whoa, daddy!
Thomas Beatie, the transgender Oregonian who snagged headlines around the world after not one, not two, but three healthy births, is turning heads once more - and not because of another baby bump.

DC cops investigate killing of transgender person
A 23-year-old transgender person has been fatally shot, and police in the District of Columbia are investigating whether it’s a hate crime.
Motive of transgender woman’s murder still unclear

Neuroscientists discover new estrogen activity in the brain
Research by University of Massachusetts Amherst neuroscientist Luke Remage-Healey and colleagues has for the first time provided direct evidence that estrogens are produced in the brain’s nerve cell terminals on demand, very quickly and precisely where needed. "This is an incredibly precise control mechanism and it solidifies a new role for estrogens in the brain," says Remage-Healey.

AG Coakley authors letter in support of Transgender Equal Rights Bill
Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley last week authored a letter to Chairman Rep. Eugene O’Flaherty (D-Chelsea) and Chairwoman Sen. Cynthia Creem (D-Newton), seeking a favorable recommendation from the Judiciary Committee for H. 502/5. 764, "An Act Relative to Transgender Equal Rights," also known as the "Transgender Equal Rights Bill."

Trans Woman Alleges Bias: I'm Not Casey Anthony
A 26-year-old transgender woman living in New Hampshire is petitioning a court to allow her visitation privileges with her fiancé's young son.

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms at University of Texas at Austin
At the University of Texas at Austin, individuals will soon be able to choose gender-neutral bathrooms.
Texas university gets gender-neutral toilet

“Nos pudrimos a cambio de ser mujeres”: transexuales
La necesidad de concordar mente y cuerpo nos pone en peligro, aseguran. Reprueban la representación que tuvieron en el reality show “La homofobia está out”

Continúan abusos policiacos contra sexoservidoras y homosexuales
El abuso y la discriminación por parte de la autoridad policial, así como de la sociedad en general en contra de las personas con una preferencia sexual distinta se han visto manifestada constantemente, sin embargo en los últimos años, se han presentado más abusos, indicó Víctor Clark Alfaro, director binacional de los derechos humanos.

Tabasco se pintó como un arcoíris
Más de 600 activistas recorrieron Paseo Tabasco exigiendo se ponga alto a la discriminación de homosexuales.

Decepcionante situación de la comunidad LGTTBI en Honduras, basado abusos, asesinatos, violaciones DD HH
Históricamente los abusos, asesinatos y violaciones a los derechos humanos de la comunidad lésbica, gay, bisexual, transgénera, travesti e intersex en Honduras basada en la orientación sexual o identidad de género han sido sistemáticos, pero desde el 28 de junio de 2009, las exigencias nacionales e internacionales para detener estos abusos y asesinatos han sido enérgicas, podemos recordar los informes de la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos, informes de HRW, Amnistía Internacional, CEJIL, Comisión Internacional de Derechos Humanos para Gays y Lesbianas (IGLHRC), exigencias de un sin número de organizaciones de la comunidad LGTTBI internacionales, Cartas de Senadores del Congreso de Estados Unidos, entre tantas manifestaciones de solidaridad.

Ximena Navarrete actual Miss Universo llega a apoyar a la Comunidad Transexual de Guatemala victimas de abusos
En una reciente visita a Guatemala la actual Miss Universo Ximena Navarrete se entrevistó con un grupo de mujeres transexuales y/o transgénero que han sido víctimas de abuso y discriminación.

Lima contra la discriminación
La ordenanza sobre el derecho a la igualdad y no discriminación por razones de identidad de género u orientación sexual, cuya propuesta ha sido puesta en debate por la Municipalidad de Lima, representa un hito que es necesario resaltar. Los DDHH fueron un asunto ajeno a la comuna metropolitana en la última década, pero la alcaldesa Susana Villarán ha decidido comprarse el pleito y liderar la lucha contra la discriminación –ese mal crónico que envenena cotidianamente nuestra sociedad–, comenzando por los derechos de una comunidad especialmente marginada y escarnecida como la homosexual.