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segunda-feira, agosto 08, 2011

Asociaciones LGTB Cataluña envían carta y piden reunión Consejero Salud ante anuncio PP contra transexuales
Ante el anuncio de que el PP pone como condición para apoyar los presupuestos de La Generalitat el relegar las operaciones de reasignación de sexo. Las asociaciones LGTB de Catalunya envían una carta al Conseller de Salut y le solicitan una reunión urgente para tratar el tema de los servicios de atención a las personas transexuales.

Liberals push for end to sex change sterilisation
A Liberal Party MP is planning to present a motion to Sweden's Riksdag in the autumn to push for a removal of the requirement for compulsory sterilization for those undergoing a sex change.

Man detained over death of transgender woman in Istanbul
A man from Istanbul has been remanded in custody after supposedly confessing to the murder of a sex worker because she was transgender.

Complaint filed against US embassy's LGBT party
A lawyers' association has filed a complaint with the Pakistani police against the US Embassy for hosting a party for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people nearly two months ago.

[Malaysia] [Commentary]
Setting the Record Straight: For Aleesha Farhana
I want to right a wrong that I and many other editors have made in reporting the sad story of the young Malaysian trans person who was denied an official name and gender change in July, and who died this past weekend.

Society In Brief 3/8 (Transsexual detainee raises question about separate detention)
The arrest of as a transsexual man in Ho Chi Minh City is raising the question among local authorities of whether transsexual convicts should have their own cells.

[USA] [Commentary]
Japanese Trans Model Kayo Police Kicks Butt At Street Fighter
Super-cute Japanese pop personality Kayo Police turns heads everywhere she goes. So it’s no surprise that the model, TV presenter and top Street Fighter player drew plenty of attention when she showed up in Las Vegas last weekend for Evolution 2011, the world’s largest fighting-game tournament, to host, play and make straight boys sigh longingly.
Did we mention Kayo was born a boy?

[USA] [Commentary]
Don't Get Any Ideas! Americans with Transsexualism Don’t Want "3rd Gender Status” Like Nepal Just Legislated
It was just reported that Nepal will now have a "third gender status" class for people to register in. This is a victory for those who are gender non-conforming, gender-queer, or even transgender. But what about people with transsexualism who may be tossed in that reservation against their will? When insurance and health care companies, and some governments, are getting away with denying people with transsexualism their rights by saying they are not the gender that they are, it's frustrating when some gender deconstructionist activists mirror that same rhetoric when they enroll people with transsexualism into their sociopolitical agenda against their will.

Life Of Agony Frontman Keith Caputo Hits Out At Sex Change Discrimination
Life Of Agony's Keith Caputo has spoken out about discrimination against people who undergo sex changes.
LIFE OF AGONY Singer Talks About Hardships Faced By Transgendered People

[USA] [Commentary]
National Motor Vehicle Admin Group: Change Trans IDs
The American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) is weighing in on the issues surrounding identification of transgender motorists. The Association is recommending that transgender drivers be allowed to more easily change the gender markers on their driver's licenses.

Teachers were concerned over shot gay teen’s feminine appearance
The case of a US student who shot dead a gay classmate has heard from the victim’s teachers.
Terrible Violence Described in McInerney/King Trial
[Commentary] McInerney-King Trial Testimony: If You Can’t Fit In, Learn How To Dodge Bullets
Aunt: Brandon McInerney Severely Abused

APNewsBreak: TSA managers at LA airport get sensitivity training after transgender complaint
The Transportation Security Administration said Thursday that its managers at Los Angeles International Airport are undergoing mandatory sensitivity training after a transgender employee alleged she was ordered to dress like a man, pat down male passengers and use the men’s restroom. (Photo)
[PR] Transgender Sensitivity Trainings Mandated For TSA Managers at LAX in Settlement Agreement
Ashley Yang, transgendered former TSA agent, was forced to pat down male passengers: suit
Transgender training for TSA staff after agent 'fired for using women's toilet' wins payout

Second Attack on Trans Woman: Community On Alert
There has been another shooting involving a trans woman on Dix Street NE, very close to the location where Lashai Mclean was recently murdered. Thankfully, this time, no one was hurt. However, police believe that the incidents may be related. In both cases, men approached the women at night and asked for change, and then began opening fire. We are posting the full police report below the cut. You can read media reports at Metro Weekly.
''Identical Situation''
Police Investigate Two Shootings Involving Transgender Victims
Police: Crimes Against Transgender Residents Could Be "Potential Emerging Pattern"
D.C. police probe whether 2 attacks on transgender people were motivated by hate
Police probe shooting pattern
On National Night Out, DC Police Reach Out To Transgender Community
Mass walk-out at trans woman’s funeral
Trans woman escapes D.C. shooting attack
Police investigating links between attacks on transgender people in northeast Washington

[Commentary] Mass Walk Out At Mclean Funeral

Woman pleads guilty in Transgender hate crime beating
Video from two sources show Teonna Brown and a 14-year-old girl ganging up on Christie Polis.
Not once, not twice, not even three times.
Four times Brown and the 14-year-old rushed up and beat Polis.

Story to Watch: GLAAD Corrects Misrepresentation of Nebraska Transgender Woman
This week GLAAD responded to problematic news coverage in Omaha, Nebraska, in which news outlets misrepresented the gender identity of a transgender woman being accused of sexual assault. KMTV Channel 3 News published two written news stories and a video in which the reporters place Lynda’s name in quotations and refer to her using male pronouns.

Foul Play Suspected In Manhattan Man's Death
The New York City Police Department was investigating Tuesday an apparent homicide in Manhattan.
Police say officers were called to an apartment located at 170 East 110th Street in East Harlem on Monday afternoon.
When they arrived, police found a man in his 40s with several stab wounds to his back and neck.
Sources say there was also a sheet around the man's neck.
They also say the man may be transgendered.
NYPD Daily Blotter
East Harlem Stabbing May Be Trans Homicide

Calcinado en Tlajomulco
Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco.- Luego de ser colocado en una maleta el cadáver de un homosexual, éste fue llevado a tirar en una zona despoblada del municipio de Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, donde tal vez buscando sus victimarios borrar evidencias y dificultar a las autoridades la identificación del individuo, le rociaron gasolina y le prendieron fuego.

Arriesgan prostitutas salud por dinero
De acuerdo con un estudio de Population Services International México, 2 de cada 10 prostitutas, sobre todo la población homosexual y transexual, no utilizan condón cuando les pagan el doble durante las prácticas sexuales.

Convocan a marcha vs homofobia en Querétaro Destacado
Suman ya 700 los asesinatos cometidos en contra de la comunidad de la diversidad sexual en todo el país.

Personas trans: Diversidad y Derechos Humanos
Situaciones ficticias e historias personales se entremezclaron en las discusiones del primer día del Taller Diversidad Sexual y Derechos Humanos (DDHH), que el Grupo Trans del CENESEX ha elegido para concluir una década de trabajo.

Movilh denuncia discriminación durante "marcha por la familia"
El movimiento acusó actitudes homofóbicas de parte de grupos neonazis que asistieron a la convocatoria.