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quinta-feira, agosto 18, 2011

Transexual é espancada por três homens em Porto Alegre
Depois de acidente de trânsito, trio de homens espanca transexual em Porto Alegre
Um dos suspeitos de agredir transexual em Porto Alegre foi identificado

Plan to Change Adolf Hitler's Sex Uncovered in New Book
A bizarre plot to secretly feed estrogen to Adolf Hitler in order to make him less aggressive has been revealed in a new book, reports U.K. paper Daily Mail.

Big Brother transsexual Sam Brodie is now a married dad of one
Big Brother star Sam Brodie shook up BB7 when he became a housemate after the show had become. Then the Ayrshire teenager was planning a sex change.
However, he’s had a change of heart and is happily married. He and his wife welcomed their baby daughter earlier this month. (Photo)

Violência policial transfóbica em Tirana
A PINK Embassy/LGBT Pro Albânia, uma organização que trabalha para a protecção da Comunidade LGBT na Albânia, emitiu um comunicado manifestando a sua profunda preocupação com o caso mais recente de extrema violência contra um membro da comunidade transgénero em Tirana, Albânia.

Push for reform on gender law confusion
Transgender Canberrans have had unwanted hysterectomies, been detained at airports and suffered workplace discrimination, submissions into a Law Reform Advisory Council inquiry reveal.

Comedian Adam Carolla ‘sorry for causing offence’ over anti-LGBT rant
US comedian Adam Carolla has offered a half-apology for making homophobic and transphobic remarks.
Adam Carolla Offers Tepid Apology For Telling Gays To Shut Up
Lesson Not Learned? Another Comic Makes Anti-Gay Cracks

Amber Yust, Transgender Woman, Wins Settlement Over Bible-Thumping Letter
SF Weekly readers might recall that oh-so charming story of Amber Yust, the transgender woman who received an unwelcoming letter from a DMV employee who told her she was going straight to hell.
Transgender Woman Harassed By SF DMV Employee Wins $55,000 Settlement
Amber Yust, Transgendered Woman Threatened By DMV Employee, Receives $55,000 Settlement
DMV Workers to Go Through Transgender Sensitivity Training

No Death Penalty in Transgender Murder Case
District Attorney George Gascón will not pursue the death penalty against a man accused of raping and murdering a transgendered woman

Emerging Pattern in D.C. Transgender Attacks?
Are transgender women in Washington, D.C., being targeted? Less than two weeks after the shooting death of one D.C. trans woman, another says she nearly suffered the same fate. Metropolitan Police are looking at the incidents as “a potential emerging pattern.”
Another Anti-LGBTQ Hate Crime Exposes Systemic Police Failures; DCTC Meeting With Police Chief
Sit Down with the Chief

Sensitivity Training - Wilton Manors Police Department
A new report released in July found violence against transgender individuals is on the rise nationally. Certain segments of the population were disproportionately effected in 2010 and the incident of violence against LGBT individuals rose 13 percent according to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP).

Berea could expect few complaints about unfairness to gays, transgendered, group says
Based on its population and the experience of larger cities, Berea could expect one complaint about sexual orientation or gender identity every two years if it were to create a human rights commission including those categories as protected classes, a group contended at Tuesday's city council meeting.

Transgender Wedding in Cuba Brings 'Wrath of God' Says Christian Leader
A marriage between a gay man and a transgender woman - the first wedding of its kind in Cuba has taken place Saturday, with commentators saying it shows how Cuba’s attitude has changed in recent years towards gays and transsexuals.
[Commentary] When a gay marriage isn’t gay

Argentina to Debate Gender Identity Law
On August 18, the Argentinian Congress will begin the debate on a proposed gender identity law. If passed, this law would allow anyone to correct hir name, gender and image registration in all public records through a quick and simple procedure.