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quarta-feira, agosto 17, 2011

Transphobic Police violence in Tirana, Albania
Call for urgent investigation on the latest case of extreme violence used by the police against a transgender woman in Tirana

Nepalese GLBTs March for Equality
Hundreds of gay, lesbian, transgender people marched with supporters in a southern Nepal town Sunday to demand equal rights under a new constitution the country is in the process of writing.

'When Did We Start Giving a Sh*t' About Transgender People?
Adam Carolla went on a SHOCKING anti-LGBT tirade last week, asking, "When did we start giving a sh*t about these [transgender] people?" -- and now GLAAD is doing everything they can to yank him from the podcast-universe.
GLAAD Taking Action Against Adam Carolla’s Anti-LGBT Remarks
Sorry for the LGBT Bashing!
GLAAD: Adam Carolla’s Empty Apology is Not Enough
Adam Carolla on transgenders: ‘When did we start giving a shit about these people?’
Adam Carolla Sorry for Anti-Trans Rant
'Car Show' host Adam Corolla retracts anti-transgender slurs

[Commentary] Adam Carolla: "When Did We Start Giving A Sh** About [Transgender] People?"
GLAAD Taking Action Against Adam Carolla's Anti-LGBT Remarks 2

Medicare Has You Covered
As part of NCTE’s federal aging policy agenda, we are releasing this guide on navigating Medicare for transgender beneficiaries. Transgender people often face confusion around what is covered in their Medicare benefits, both for transition-related care and for routine preventive care.

Transgendered Oakland Woman Sentenced to Four Years in Manslaughter
A transgendered 25-year-old Oakland resident was sentenced to four years in prison Monday for fatally stabbing her boyfriend on the porch of his Walnut Creek home last November in what appeared to be self-defense.
(Photo: Akira Tajah Jackson, 24, has been charged with the murder of 56-year-old Alan David Gray at his Walnut Creek home Nov. 4 following a domestic dispute)
Transgender youth advocate gets four year prison term for killing Walnut Creek boyfriend

San Francisco DMV Settles Civil Rights Lawsuit with Transgender Woman
Transgender woman and San Francisco resident Amber Yust settled her privacy and civil rights lawsuit with the San Francisco Department of Motor Vehicles. In October 2010, a DMV employee, who had a known history of denying equal service to transgender customers, retained Yust's personal information through his employment at the DMV. The employee then used the information to send her materials condemning her transgender status, and calling for homosexuals to be "put to death."
Transgender woman settles DMV suit
DMV clerk's letter nets transgender woman $55K

Berea delays rights panel vote
The Berea City Council has postponed an expected vote today on a proposed ordinance creating a human rights commission, an issue that has stirred debate over whether to include sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes.

'I loved him. But could I love her?' What happened to one couple after husband transitioned into wife
Diane Daniel and her husband, Wessel, were like any other happy newlywed couple when they wed in 2004 - blissfully in love and looking forward to their new lives together.
But two months after the wedding, the new bride's world collapsed when her husband delivered a bombshell: he wanted to live life as a woman.
Wessel, 46, who now lives as Lina, has transitioned from male to female within the last year.
And here by her side all along has been Diane, a writer who has inspired hundreds with her candid re-telling of the emotional ordeal in a new article entitled, 'Goodbye Husband, Hello Wife.'
(Photo: Happily married: Diane Daniel, (R), and her wife, Lina, a male-to-female transsexual, outside their Durham, North Carolina home)
Transgender Love: When Husband Becomes Wife

Wedding Follows, Four Years After Sex Change Surgery
Nearly four years after realising her dream of changing her body into a woman's to match her transgender identity, Wendy Iriepa rode through the Cuban capital in a vintage convertible, wearing a stunning full-length white bridal gown and unfurling a rainbow flag, the symbol of the sexual diversity movement, for all to see.
[Opinion] Blogueros cubanos analizan montaje mediático de la falsa "boda gay"

Grupo defensor de los derechos LGBT emplaza a Mariela Castro a un diálogo
El Observatorio exige a la sexóloga “demostrar que en verdad” tiene interés “en el futuro de los lgbt y no únicamente en lograr una opinión favorable” para el Gobierno

Flamea la bandera de la diversidad
La Justicia de Santiago Del Estero hizo lugar a un amparo presentado por una persona transexual que solicitó el cambio de su nombre y sexo en el documento. Según fuentes judiciales, este sería el primer caso en el Noroeste argentino.

Desarrollo Social incorpora a personas trans al trabajo de cuidadoras
Más de 40 transexuales se capacitarán para el cuidado domiciliario de adultos mayores. El curso comenzará el 24 de agosto y se desarrollará en la UBA. "Se busca derribar mitos y prejuicios y que la sociedad incorpore lo distinto", sostuvo la directora de Políticas para Adultos Mayores, Mónica Roqué

Apoyo de gays, lesbianas y trans al debate sobre identidad de género
La Federación Argentina de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Trans (FALGBT) realizó este martes, en el Salón Arturo Illia del Congreso, un encuentro que tuvo como objetivo dar inicio a la campaña para instalar un debate relacionado con la identidad de género, que comenzará a tratarse el jueves en Diputados.