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sexta-feira, agosto 19, 2011

Justiça absolve ‘evangelizador’ que espancou travesti com pedaço de madeira
Sandro Silva Barbosa, 35 anos, que diz ser evangelizador, foi absolvido num julgamento que durou três horas, no Tribunal do Júri de Campo Grande (MS).
Ele estava preso desde o dia 15 de agosto do ano passado por ter espancado o travesti Joelson Garcia Rodrigues, 20, que teria feito “atos obscenos” ao réu.

New Airport Security Technique Worries Trans Advocates
There are more changes coming from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This week they launched a pilot program that involves conducting mandatory short interviews, dubbed “chat-downs,” with every traveler coming through Boston’s Logan Airport. Agents look for signs of nervousness or concealment, and any other suspicious behavior. “We are looking for behaviors that are out of the norm,” the TSA’s local security director told National Public Radio.

‘Gun Hill Road' earns Imagen awards
Indie film “Gun Hill Road” won two honors at the 26th Imagen Foundation awards, which recognize Latinos in entertainment.
Tensions of a transitioning teen

[USA] [Commentary]
Deceit and Betrayal at the International Foundation for Gender Education
Twenty years ago the International Foundation for Gender Education was seen by many in the fledgling transgender community as the bright shining star of the universe. I didn’t share that opinion– nor did JoAnn Roberts, who penned an article in Renaissance News titled “The International Foundation for Gender Education: None of the Above”— but many community leaders were enthusiastically supportive.

[USA] [Commentary]
The American Trans-Rights Movement Could Learn A Lot From This Argentinian Ad
Argentina always seems to have the best transgender commercial spots. First that they had that heart-warming bank ad about being nice to your trans neighbors, and now they have this trans equality campaign ad featuring the faces and stories of beautiful transmen and women.
[Commentary] Amazing transgender rights campaign ad from Argentina

D.A. Won’t Seek Death Penalty in S.F. Transgender Murder Case
San Francisco district attorney George Gascón says he will not pursue the death penalty for a suspect charged with the rape and murder of a local transgender woman.
[Commentary] Not Heinous Enough (Update: Action Link added)

8/18: Let DC Gov’t Know Your Thoughts About Its New Trans Employment Initiatives!
Hello DCTC members and allies! Tomorrow (Thursday, August 18th), Jeffrey Richardson of the D.C. Office of GLBT Affairs is holding a discussion about unemployment in trans communities. Recently, representatives from a handful of advocacy groups met directly with Mayor Gray. During the meeting, the Mayor proposed several initiatives to decrease barriers to employment and increase access to jobs for trans people in DC. His concessions included a paid jobs training program for trans DC residents and expanded diversity training for all employees of city agencies.

Council gets look at cost of ordinance
Members of the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights and Bereans for Fairness presented a fiscal impact statement during Tuesday’s meeting of the Berea City Council outlining several methods of enforcing an ordinance that would protect those in the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.

Mass. murder convict says appeals court ruling supports bid for sex-change surgery
A convicted murderer who is suing for a sex-change operation says a recent federal appeals court ruling bolsters her claim that Massachusetts prison officials are violating her constitutional rights by refusing to provide the surgery.
Kosilek sees court ruling as boost in fight
[Commentary] Inmate shouldn’t benefit from elective surgery

Writer Tells Story of How Her Marriage Persevered Through a Gender Transition
Freelance writer Diane Daniel is receiving a significant response from media after telling her story of having watched her partner Lina transition two months into their marriage together. Although the transition was sometimes difficult for Diane to understand, her experience and acceptance sends a positive message for other people who may be in a committed relationship or have a family at the time of their own transitions.

Trailblazing Transgender Rights Advocate Babs Siperstein Tapped as Hudson Pride Parade Grand Marshal
Hudson Pride Connections Center has tapped Jersey City native and Democratic activist Barbra “Babs” Siperstein as the Grand Marshal of this year’s Hudson Pride parade, and the group will honor her at a ceremony Thursday. (Photo)

Slain Transwoman Honored in East Harlem
A group of about 100 people gathered in East Harlem on the evening of August 11 to remember the life of Camila Guzman, a 38-year-old transwoman found murdered on August 1 in her apartment in that neighborhood.
Equan Southall Arrested in the Murder of Camila Guzman
Man Arrested for Murder of East Harlem Transgender Woman

El INADI a favor de la Ley de Identidad de Género
El interventor del INADI, Pedro Mouratian, participó esta mañana como orador en la Reunión Conjunta Plenaria de las Comisiones de Legislación General y Justicia de la Cámara de Diputados de la Nación, donde se trataron cuatro proyectos de Ley de Identidad de Género.
[Commentary] Argentina: Campaign For Transgender Rights (Video)
Argentine Ad Vividly Demonstrates Need for New Transgender Law

[Commentary] Argentina's Gender Identity Law Being Debated Tomorrow