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quarta-feira, agosto 24, 2011

Exposição fotográfica "Voz Travestida" apresenta universo das travestis
Em comemoração à Semana da Diversidade de Bauru, acontece na Galeria Angeinal W. Messenberg, no Teatro Municipal da cidade, a exposição “Voz Travestida”, dos fotógrafos Francine Esqueda e Marcos Leandro, que expõe o marginalizado cotidiano das travestis e drag queens bauruenses.

Dois homens são encontrados mortos em apartamento de São Paulo
Dois homens foram encontrados mortos em um apartamento localizado na rua Oscar Freire, no Jardim Paulista, em São Paulo, na manhã desta terça-feira (23). A informação inicial dada pelo 14º Distrito Policial de Pinheiros, na Zona Oeste, era de que seriam duas travestis. Mas o delegado Paulo Roberto Nascimento de Oliveira, responsável pelo caso, desmentiu a informação.
Mister Brasil: morto na Oscar Freire ficou em 6º no concurso

Man who became a woman goes back to being a man because of ‘discrimination’
A woman who used to be a man and found herself homeless, jobless and humiliated is now in treatment to become a man again.

Preteen Drag Queen Is a Hit With His Town and Family
"Naughty Nora," the busty blond drag persona of a 12-year-old English boy named Redvers Stokes, is a hit with both local villagers and his parents, reports London newspaper The Sun. (Photo)

[USA] [Commentary]
Should The Trans Movement Try And Get Gender Removed From All Official Documents?
- Go through your private papers, you identity cards, your membership cards, insurance forms, all of it. On a separate piece of paper, net down which groups, clubs, parties, organizations, or agencies require your gender as a matter of record…
- Next to each group you listed, write down what possible reasons that group might have to record your gender…

McInerney Defense Rests — Without His Testimony
The defense rested Monday morning in the trial of Brandon McInerney, the California teen charged with murdering gay classmate Lawrence King, without calling him to the witness stand, meaning McInerney will not testify in his own defense, the Ventura County Star reports.
Defense rests in murder trial of gay teen; accused refuses to testify

Transgender Woman Wins Lawsuit Against DMV
In October of last year, a transgender woman went to a San Francisco DMV to change her name and gender on her license to reflect a recent sex change operation. The following week, Amber Yust received a letter from the DMV employee that logged the change. The employee, Thomas Demartini, called Yust's sex change a "very evil decision" and that it was "an abomination that leads to hell." Attorneys said that Yust will receive a $55,000 settlement, which comprises $40,000 from the state and $15,000 from Demartini.
Knight: Sensitivity training 'messes with values'

8-22-11: Our Interpretation of Gender
Earlier this month, a teenager, Teonna Monae Brown, pleaded guilty to first degree assault for beating a transgender woman at a McDonald’s in Baltimore County. She’ll be sentenced in September.

Unlicensed Silicone "Pumpers" Prey on Transwomen in NYC
Black market cosmeticians are preying on transwomen in New York, injecting them with huge quantities of liquid silicone to create a more feminine silhouette, sometimes with life threatening consequences, Laura Rena Murray reports in the New York Times. A young transwoman died in a Queens hospital this summer after receiving back alley silicone injections and the medical examiner is investigating her death.
[Commentary] Some Transwomen Are Getting Deadly Discount Surgery. How Can We Help Them Stop?

Trans Inmate Can Press Claims Against Rehab
US District Court Judge Denise Cote ruled on August 1 that a transgender inmate could proceed with her discrimination claims against an in-patient substance abuse treatment center that denied her the opportunity to participate in a support group tailored to her gender identity.
Court supports 'delusional' thinking

Trans Teen Settles Abuse Case
Philadelphia’s Youth Study Center was at the center of an abuse case brought by a transgender teen who said she was abused and mistreated while at the center every day for a year and a half. The woman – who’s now 18 – reached a settlement with the City of Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Youth Study Center in a complaint filed in 2009 that includes revisions in the way that transgender teens are treated, says Lambda Legal.

Transgender Woman Forced Into Men's Prison After Alleged Assault
A transgender woman in Philadelphia who has been spent the last 14 months incarcerated at Riverside Correctional Facility, the city's only prison for women, is now being moved to the men’s prison after she complained that a correction’s officer forced her to perform oral sex.
[Commentary] Trans Inmates: It’s Complicated
[Commentary] Trans Inmate Transferred From Female to Male Prison
[Commentary] What is the Exterminationism Twins’ Position on Where Trans Women Who Have Been Accused of Crimes Should be Housed?

DISD to quietly add trans protections Thursday
A few weeks ago we reported that the Dallas school board is considering a series of policy changes designed to protect transgender students and employees against discrimination and harassment.

Denuncian brutalidad policiaca contra gays en Rodríguez Clara
Un gay que se dedica al sexo servicio en el municipio de Juan Rodríguez Clara pidió apoyo de los medios de comunicación para denunciar el acoso del cual él y sus compañeros de género están siendo objeto por parte de la policía municipal, que lejos de brindarles seguridad los mantienen a cuota. (Photo)

Ultiman a travesti en Escuintla y dejan cadáver en cañaverales
Trabajadores de una finca descubrieron la mañana de este sábado el cadáver de un travesti en un camino de terracería que comunica a la finca Petén con la colonia La Ponderosa en Tiquisate.