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quarta-feira, agosto 31, 2011

Thomas Hammarberg : Homophobic and transphobic violence must be stopped
During my mandate as Commissioner for Human Rights, I have repeatedly received information about violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, or LGBT, persons in Council of Europe member states. Many have suffered physical attacks and some have even been killed. Unfortunately, this is also a reality in Turkey.

The Role of Transgenders Changes in Pakistan
It is not uncommon in Pakistan that you walk through a market, or stand in a corner and encounter a beggar – a transgender beggar.

Fiji first to declare gay rights in Pacific
Fiji became the first Pacific island nation to formally decriminalise consensual homosexuality last year, the world's second largest gathering on HIV/AIDS was told.
Despite this significant step forward, there was a distinct lack of information about men who had sex with men (MSM) and transgender people in Fiji, a report tabled at the congress on AIDS said.
The report from Amithi Fiji ù a project that focuses on Fijian of Indian descent transgender and MSM ù said attempts were made by the Government to include in HIV surveillance studies of MSM and transgender (TG) issues.
Same sex risk high

[USA] [Commentary]
Black Transwomen Are Fed Up
I and legions of Black transwomen, no matter our age, are tired of the memes deployed against us that all we want to do is party, escort and have sex.

Deliberations Resume in McInerney Trial
Jury deliberations in the trial of Brandon McInerney resume Monday following two days of closing arguments and weeks of testimony in a Chatsworth, Calif., courtroom.
McInerney jury adjourns for day without verdict
No verdict yet in California gay teen murder trial after 2nd day of deliberations

[Letters to the Editor] Victim on trial

Trans Person Hit in Off-Duty D.C. Police Shooting
A Washington, D.C., police officer was arrested Friday on charges of driving while intoxicated and firing his service weapon at a group of transgender people.
Off-Duty Officer-Involved Shooting Followed CVS Altercation: Police
Kenneth Furr, D.C. police officer, arrested in connection with shooting
Officer in transgender shooting had prior alcohol run-ins

[Commentary] This is What Transphobia Looks Like

[NY, USA] [Commentary]
NYC Firefighter Attacks Trans Girlfriend; NY Post Kicks Her While She’s Down
New York fireman Taylor Murphy was previously known as the hunky stud who posed as Mr. March in the 2011 NYC Firefighter calendar.

Parents asking for help after daughter’s attack
Just about two weeks ago, Tad and Cindy Anderson’s daughter, Tiva, was attacked with a baseball bat near the skate park at Ballard Commons Park the intersection of 28th Ave NW and NW 67th Street. She suffered a serious head injury, but Tiva is expected to make a full physical recovery. However, her parents say she’s emotionally fragile since the attack.
Transgender Child Attacked With a Baseball Bat in Ballard
SPD May Yet Classify Transgender Attack as Hate Crime... but It May Not Matter
Parents of transgender assault victim seek public's help

Running for council like coming out again for candidate who changed gender
Marla Murphy said she still gets anxious every time she walks up to a voter’s front door.
That pit-of-her-stomach, deep-seated worry, greets her at night, too, a cumulative effect of all the wondering.

La FALGBT denuncia a sitio Nova Chaco por discriminación al colectivo trans
En una nota sobre el reciente nacimiento de los hijos de Florencia Trinidad (Flor de la V) el sitio se expresó en términos discriminatorios y degradantes hacia el colectivo trans. Se realizaron denuncias ante el INADI y la Defensoría del Pueblo provincial.

La diversidad llegó a las aulas: Una profesora travesti y otra lesbiana en las aulas de Puerto Madryn
Una es lesbiana y la otra, travesti. Ambas dan clases en escuelas de Puerto Madryn. Contaron cómo se sienten.