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domingo, janeiro 20, 2013

Dupla mata travesti, troca tiros com a BM e foge em Viamão
Carona de moto foi baleado, mas até agora, ninguém foi preso
Um travesti foi morto a tiros, na tarde desta quinta-feira, no bairro Estância Grande, às margens da ERS-118, em Viamão. Dois homens em uma motocicleta passaram pelo local e atiraram em Valtermir Carrico da Silva, de 32 anos. Uma guarnição da Brigada Militar que vinha no sentido contrário da rodovia presenciou o crime e tentou abordar a dupla.
Travesti morre na frente da polícia e bandidos escapam

[UK] [Commentary]
When Brazilian Trans Women Are Being Murdered, That IS An Insulting Comment
"We are angry with ourselves for not being happier, not being loved properly and not having the ideal body shape – that of a Brazilian transsexual." Suzanne Moore
That was the line that started the whole international kerfluffle. While Moore's piece was originally about sexism and the things that make pwomen angry, what made transwomen angry was the 'Brazilian transsexuals' line.
Protest outside newspaper’s office – Observer’s editor apologises for transgender column
London: Protesters demonstrate outside Guardian offices over transphobic Burchill article
Transgender People Picketed The Observer Offices
Press Complaints Commission to investigate Julie Burchill’s transphobic article
Press Complaints Commission launches inquiry into Burchill’s anti-trans column
Trans Brits demand to be freed from a hate-filled media
Observer’s readers’ editor says ‘it was wrong’ to publish transphobic slurs

[Commentary] The Unholy Trinity
[Commentary] The Limits of Free Speech
[Commentary] Julie Burchill and the Observer
[Commentary] Feminism shouldn't be about telling trans women they're not female enough

It’s going to be Mr, Mrs or ‘Mx’ in Brighton as city goes trans friendly
Brighton, on the south coast of England, is to reflect its high transgender population with a new honorific, ‘Mx’, as an alternative to male or female

Transvestite cleared of rape
A transvestite has been cleared of raping a transsexual at her Worcester flat after a "girlie night out" in a city pub.

‘I feel a lot happier in female clothes’
A former Territorial Army soldier from Sheffield has spoken out bravely about his life-changing decision to become a woman with sex reassignment surgery.
Dad-of-two Kevin Jackson already dresses his broad six foot frame in women’s clothing, wears a blonde wig, and has changed his name by deed poll to KristeenAnne Chealsy.

Former Mr? Only organisers need to know
A man who has undergone a sex change and is legally recognised as a woman can have a shot at becoming the next Miss Universe Singapore.
But the new rules mean a transgender contestant would not have to disclose her status to anyone except the organisers, said the company that organises the local pageant, Derrol Stepenny Promotions.

Scientists find 'potential cure' for AIDS
Australian researchers have created a modified protein that protects human cells from the immune deficiency virus

Why Feminism Can't Afford To Ignore Transgender Women
“I often feel failed by feminism,” says a trans activist. It's about autonomy.

Victory For Transgender Privacy: TSA Abandons ‘Nude’ Body Scanners
In what is an important victory for the transgender community, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration has announced it will remove all body scanners that show nearly nude images from airports.
Naked Body Scanners Being Moved Out of Major Airports

Transgender man will be ordained in Minneapolis
He will then start the state's first North American Old Catholic Church congregation.
Minn. Catholic Archdiocese Distances Itself from Transgender Priest

Lewiston, Twin Falls, Id. ban sexual identity discrimination
Twin Falls and Lewiston are the latest cities in Idaho to take steps to prohibit discrimination for hiring of city jobs based on a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

Judge orders reports in Kosilek case
A federal judge, frustrated by foot-dragging in the state’s search for a surgeon to perform a sex-change operation on an inmate convicted of killing his wife, is demanding Corrections chief Luis Spencer sign monthly reports 
under oath describing his staff’s preparations for the surgery.
Judge calls for prison chief to swear to progress in search for Kosilek's surgeon
Federal judge presses state prison boss to prepare for possible Kosilek sex change surgery

Transforming healthcare
LGBT advocates in Dallas, Fort Worth push for cities to provide comprehensive insurance coverage to transgender employees