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terça-feira, janeiro 15, 2013

Feminismos e movimento Queer face à Crise

22 Janeiro, 18h00, Centro de Cultura e Intervenção Feminista (Rua da Cozinha Económica, Bloco D, Alcântara)

Peter Drucker - International Institute for Research and Education, activista na Holanda
Luísa Rego - Campanha Feminista Anti-Austeritária, UMAR
Sérgio Vitorino - Panteras Rosa

GGB lança Relatório Anual de Assassinatos LGBT
O Grupo Gay da Bahia (GGB) divulgou, dia 10, mais um Relatório Anual de Assassinato de Homossexuais (LGBT) relativo a 2012. Ou melhor, o Relatório Anual de Assassinatos LGBT, assim fica muito melhor.
Em 2012, 336 LGBTs foram assassinados, diz levantamento do GGB

Trans vão celebrar Dia da Visibilidade em Porto Alegre
Dia da Visibilidade Trans terá mutirão pelo direito ao nome em Porto Alegre

Travesti, Dominique Lorran, é coroada por Ximenes e elogia Gianecchini: 'É uma delícia'
Evento na quadra da Unidos do Viradouro, em Niterói, contou ainda com a presença da atriz Cacau Protásio.
Mariana Ximenes foi a responsável por coroar neste sábado a travesti vencedora do concurso Boneca G, promovido pela escola de samba Unidos do Viradouro, durante evento que aconteceu na quadra da agremiação em Niterói, no Rio. A atriz, que interpreta a personagem Juliana de "Guerra dos Sexos", foi acompanhada do colega de elenco Reynaldo Gianecchini.
(Foto: Isac Luz/ Mariana Ximenes posa entre a rainha de bateria da Viradouro, Dandara Oliveira, e Dominique Lorran)

Guardian Writer Julie Burchill defends Suzanne Moore saying she was ‘monstered’ by ‘chicks with dicks’ on Twitter
Julie Burchill, has come to the defence of fellow Guardian writer, Suzanne Moore, who came under fire for accusations of transphobia, writing that trans women “don’t know the meaning of suffering”, and describing them as “bed-wetters in bad wigs.”
Two top female writers, an insult about Brazilian transsexuals and a firestorm on Twitter. Do natural-born women have the right to say what they like about men who change sex?
Julie Burchill’s anti-trans ‘dicks in chicks’ clothing’ article sparks outrage
Lynne Featherstone calls for Observer's Julie Burchill to be sacked following 'disgusting rant' against transsexuals
Minister calls for sacking of Observer columnist Burchill - and paper's editor
'Hate speech has no place in a national newspaper,' says Trans Media Watch
Government minister calls for Observer editor to be sacked over transsexual attack

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Transsexual row escalates into gender politics war
Calls for Burchill to be sacked over 'disgusting' anti-trans rant
Scottish trans equality charity warns of ‘rising transphobia’ in the UK media
Protesters to demonstrate amidst accusations of Transphobia at the Observer and the Guardian
Mum of girl born a boy disgusted at writer’s comments
Calls for Burchill to be sacked over 'disgusting' anti-trans rant
Statement from John Mulholland, editor of The Observer
UK trans media storm: Observer withdraws Burchill article and Moore apologizes
Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore apologises for ‘Brazilian transsexual’ remark
Observer editor John Mulholland withdraws Julie Burchill column accused of transphobia
The Observer withdraws Julie Burchill column as editor publishes apology
Observer editor withdraws Julie Burchill article after admitting piece caused 'hurt and offence'
Observer removes controversial Julie Burchill article on transsexuals from website and issues apology after Twitter storm
Daily Telegraph republishes Julie Birchill’s ‘transphobic’ column removed by the Observer

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Here is Julie Burchill's censored Observer article

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Transsexual tries to pay parking fine... but is told council can't accept money because she's a man and the driver was a woman
Katrina Harte, 50 has accused North Tyneside Council of discrimination
She burst into tears when a worker mistook her for a man
The council has apologised but will take no disciplinary action against the staff member

The reality behind the headlines
After a year of headlines about shockingly homophobic statements from the government, Gay Star News visits Malaysia to find out what life is really like for LGBT rights activists there

Civil registrar wins; no more ‘gender test’
The Office of the Civil Registrar General (OCRG) has given in to the contention that local civil registrars cannot possibly certify if a person is a transgender.

NSW Government suggests LGBTI discrimination by religious groups is ‘necessary’
The NSW Government, faith-based aged care providers and a right-wing lobby group headed by an openly gay monarchist and controversial broadcaster Alan Jones are among some of the groups and organisations arguing against stronger legal protections for the LGBTI community proposed under new federal anti-discrimination laws.

Kylan, You're Still A Winner In Our Eyes
Miss California USA 2013 was crowned last night, and it's safe to say it wasn't our girl like us Kylan Wenzel.

'Other than that, I was a good Marine.' 31 years — and a gender change — later, Poland woman arrested for desertion
Thirty-one years after Pvt. Donald Tremblay ignored his officers' orders, drove away from a Marine Corps base in Southern California and returned home to Maine, Elizabeth Tremblay is facing the past.