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sábado, janeiro 05, 2013

ID Accurately Reflecting One’s Gender Identity Is a Human Right
Identity documents are needed for many activities of daily life—working, voting, traveling, accessing government institutions, and proving that one is who one claims to be. Yet for many transgender people, accessing this basic proof of identity is out of reach, pushing them further into the margins of society.

Torres vedras: Duas mulheres julgadas por assalto e sequestro Roubam para mudar de sexo
Duas mulheres confessaram ontem em tribunal terem sequestrado e roubado um casal e a filha, de 14 anos, em Torres Vedras, por precisarem de dinheiro para pagarem operações de mudança de sexo. Uma delas foi várias vezes, durante o julgamento, confundida com um homem.

GaydarRadio to stop broadcasting
GaydarRadio, the UK’s largest station for the LGBT community, has announced it is leaving the radio business after more than ten years on air.
Gaydar Radio to stop broadcasting after 11 years

'Die hard yob' football hooligan, 36, turns back on violence and undergoes sex change to embark on new life as a woman
Richard Allen, 36, lived for brawling with rival fans at England and Exeter City games
Says he knew age eight he wanted to be a woman - but channelled pent-up anger into violence
Decades later he finally sought medical advice and has now begun the male-to-female transition
Living as Becci, he is undergoing hormone treatment, voice therapy ahead of a full sex change operation on the NHS
Ex-Footie Yob To Have Sex Swap
Dame of two halves: I was a 24-stone football hooligan but now I'm going to be a woman
Ex-footie hooligan swaps street fights for frocks as he changes gender

Recognizing the third sex
One in every 4,000 people is born intersex (with a body that has male and female traits). While medical options are greater than in the past, intersex people often endure a lifetime of suffering.

Justice for January rally set for Saturday at city hall
The Lower Mainland transgender community will be hosting a Justice for January rally this Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m. at New Westminster city hall.

teacher shows drag queen video to kids aged 9-10
School children aged nine to ten in Canada have been shown a sexually-charged video of bikini-clad drag queens as part of a class on “transgender issues”.

Transgender Latinos forge their own path, help others
At the Clínica Monseñor Oscar A. Romero in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights, Victoria Ortega, 33, focuses on women’s health, HIV prevention, beautification, and safety. As a transgender woman and community organizer, she actively incorporates LGBTQ issues into her community-building in the neighborhood.

Rep.: Absurd for taxpayers to pay convict's fees
Lombardo co-sponsors bill, refers to Kosilek's legal costs
Republican Massachusetts Lawmakers Propose Unfunded $4.6 Trillion Entitlement To Protest Transgender Rights

Action Day for Transgender Equal Access
MTPC and the Transgender Equal Rights Coalition are holding a Community Action Day at the Massachusetts State House to encourage legislators to co-sponsor the Equal Access to Public Accommodations bill.
MTPC: Gender Bender Benefit Show & Action Day

Group seeks statewide vote on additions to Missouri's nondiscrimination law
A Missouri organization recently received state approval to start collecting the 105,000 signatures needed to ask voters in 2014 if they favor outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Puerto Rico police agree to strengthen hate crime response
The Puerto Rico Police Department agreed to strengthen its response to hate crimes in a settlement the Justice Department announced on Dec. 21.

[Latin America]
Violence Still Prevalent Despite Progress on LGBTI Rights in Latin America
As 2012 came to a close, Sao Paolo joined the jurisdictions that allow same-sex marriage. The joy this news elicited is absolutely warranted. However, it may cover up the fact that equal marriage rights do not mean the end to hostility against those who aren’t straight.

Transgender Rights In Ecuador: A Legal, Spatial, Political And Cultural Acquittal
AWID interviewed Elizabeth Vasquez from Proyecto Transgenero about their innovative work, inspiring achievements and further challenges ahead for transgender rights in Ecuador.

Este año se abrirá en Mendoza el primer Cens para la comunidad transexual
El objetivo es que las personas transexuales se sientan cómodas y puedan concluir sus estudios. El cupo ronda las 25 vacantes y será el segundo en el país, según informaron desde la DGE.

El actor Alejo García Pintos habla sobre las leyes sobre identidad de género y de matrimonio igualitario
Alejo García Pintos: "Las leyes sobre identidad de género y de matrimonio igualitario, en este caso, son el resultado de una necesidad que teníamos como sociedad"