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quinta-feira, janeiro 03, 2013

Piracicaba realiza seu 2º Encontro Regional de Trans
2º Encontro de Travestis e Transexuais de Piracicaba será nos dias 29 e 30

Malawi president refuses to commit to repeal anti-gay laws
Joyce Banda, Malawi’s president, said she has no power to repeal anti-gay law and the matter is best left for the people to decide

We Are Here: LGBTI in Uganda
American-born gay photographer D. David Robinson collected portraits and first-person accounts from lesbian, gay, transgender, and intersex Ugandans, then turned to The Advocate to offer these brave activists a forum to tell their stories in their own words.
(Photo by D. David Robinson. Cleo Kambugu, 26-year-old transgender woman, author of an open letter to Ugandan members of Parliament asking for tolerance)

2012 Pinoy LGBT top hits
2012 marks the year of more spaces claimed by the community.

Transgender man who gave birth hits snag in Arizona divorce proceeding
An Arizona man who gained national attention for giving birth after having a sex-change operation, has hit a snag in his divorce proceedings because the presiding judge has questioned whether the marriage was ever legal in Arizona because he is transgender.
Transgender man faces difficulty in getting divorced from wife

Trans woman reflects on working with transgender seniors
Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Christine McClinton has been aware of her gender identity since the age of 8. At 20, she began taking hormones; in 2006, she changed her name to Christine McClinton.

Puerto Rico to have new hate crime laws to protect gays
Outgoing Secretary of Justice promises new rules and new Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla pledges to tackle anti-gay violence

Los asuntos de género ya no están en el clóset de la sociedad
Desde la batalla legal en el denominado “caso Satya” pasando por la candidatización de la primera transexual, el 2012 ha estado matizado por el avance en materia de derechos de los colectivos GLBTI en el país