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segunda-feira, janeiro 07, 2013

Justiça autoriza travesti da região a assinar nome de mulher
O juiz da 6ª Vara Cível de Rio Preto, Flávio Dassi Vianna, autorizou a travesti Rachel Silveira, 36 anos, a usar nome feminino em todos os seus documentos.
Na certidão de nascimento, porém, o sexo permanece masculino. É a primeira decisão desse tipo na cidade e uma das pioneiras no Estado de São Paulo, de acordo com o Grupo de Amparo ao Doente de Aids e Hepatites Virais (Gada), que ingressou com a ação. Diferentemente de transexual, travesti aceita conviver com o sexo de nascença. Rachel, por exemplo, disse que não pretende fazer cirurgia de mudança de sexo.

Travestis e transexuais recebem curso de qualificação para auxiliar administrativo
Travestis e transexuais poderão se inscrever a partir da próxima segunda-feira (7), para o curso de auxiliar administrativo. Devido ao número reduzido de oportunidades, a Secretaria da Justiça, Cidadania e Direitos Humanos (SJCDH), através da Superintendência de Direitos Humanos (SUDH) e do Centro de Educação em Direitos Humanos (CEDH) disponibilizaram 30 vagas gratuitas.

Travesti é encontrado assassinado na Estrada das Olarias, no Bairro Santa Cândida
O corpo estava ao lado da Estrada e a vítima não portava documentos...
O corpo de um travesti de aproximadamente 25 anos foi encontrado na Estrada das Olarias, no Bairro Santa Cândida, em Curitiba, nesta manhã (06).

Greek Hate Crime Units, Not For LGBTs
Athens Pride made a press release on Greece’s new Hate Crime Units which will not prevent its citizens on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Trans Woman Murdered in Istanbul!
A trans woman, whose name has not been announced so far, was murdered as a result of a hate crime on 15 December 2012 in Beylikdüzü, İstanbul. Authorities launched an investigation.

LGBT students deal with bullying
Twenty-year-old Bing Feng was a victim of violence at school for years. Words such as "queer", "hermaphrodite" and "sissy" were hurled at him right up to high school.

[China/Hong Kong]
Sex change patients getting younger, and are more likely to be women
Transsexuals in Hong Kong are now seeking gender-changing surgery at a much earlier age than two decades ago, and those coming forward are more likely to be women seeking to become men.

No ordinary starlet
Jessie Chung is a fighter.
Over the years, the transgender Malaysian singer-actress has received brickbats from all corners, but that hasn't dented her showbiz dreams one bit.
From disparaging comments about her put-on high-pitched voice to disapproving looks from conservative countrymen who found her 2005 marriage an embarrassing public spectacle, Chung, who is in her mid-40s, has weathered them all.

Mental health issues afflict individuals in LGBQT community
When he was 16, Halen Boykin-Rudolph worked out three hours and ran 10 miles a day. Breakfast was a glass of juice and an egg. He ate nothing for lunch and only a tiny portion of whatever was served at dinner. He weighed 125 pounds and stood 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Oregon Insurance Division: Law Requires Transgender Equality in Medical Care
Transgender individuals are routinely denied medically necessary health care based solely on their gender identity, but that’s about to change — in a big way — in Oregon.

Trans Activist, Lawyer, Professor: Tamara Adrián Hernández
Tamara Adrián Hernández is a transsexual activist living in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. However, what actually bring her forward are her career as a professor in a faculty of law and as an active lawyer. She is a very well known activist in South America. Not in her own country but in Ecuador and Bolivia, her studies on the subject of LGBT rights have made it possible for LGBT rights to take place in legal parlance. She is also one of the 33 specialists convened in Los Angeles in order to better Yogyakarta Principles. She still officiates as vice president of ILGLaw ( International Lesbian and Gay Law Association ) and South America Woman Director.