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quinta-feira, janeiro 10, 2013

Os anos mudam, a transfobia não
No último Domingo, 06 de Janeiro, deu-se o primeiro caso conhecido de violência transfóbica que resultou numa fatalidade. E para não variar aconteceu na América do Sul/América Latina, mais precisamente no lusófono Brasil.
Paraná: Travesti é morto a tiros em Curitiba após ser confundido com mulher e ganhar beijo

Looking Forward
The year ahead will see TENI involved with two European projects focusing on aspects of trans experience in Ireland.

Eunuchs in support of women’s safety
Moved by the gruesome rape of a 23-year-old in a moving bus, eunuchs— a section of society ridiculed and abhorred by the majority, have formed a force that sarcastically calls itself ‘Chhakka Squad’. Its motive: to counter sexual harassment against women in the Capital. With brooms, jutis and play cards with hard hitting slogans, they plan to go from one locality to another and stage skits and sing songs to publicly ‘embarrass’ those who sexually harass women.

Transgender performers fight for spotlight
As the music rose, a fine-looking woman in ancient Chinese clothes appeared on the stage, waving her long sleeves and the ribbons tied to her wasp waist, delicate and graceful. Dancing and singing, she looked like a fairy on the cloud-shrouded stage and every tantalizing move aroused applause and ovations.

[China/Hong Kong]
Hong Kong man castrates himself in attempted home sex change
A 29 year old Hong Kong man has been hospitalised after he tried to cut off his own penis in an apparent attempt to become a woman.

Matthew Shepard James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act Data Collection Provisions Takes Effect at the Beginning of the New Year
The Matthew Shepard James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act (HCPA), which was passed in 2009, includes provisions for more comprehensive data collection practices by expanding options for categorizing a hate crime.

NIH Makes Statement on LGBT Health Disparities
The director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Dr. Francis Collins, has issued a new statement about LGBT health research. The statement is a response to a thorough and extensive report from 2011 by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) that detailed the disparities LGBT people face in accessing healthcare as well as the difficulties in conducting robust biomedical research with LGBT populations. The IOM report included seven key recommendations to promote health among LGBT people, and the NIH LGBT Research Coordinating Committee has now made responses to each of the recommendations.

Transgender teacher called ‘worse than gay’ sues Catholic school over firing
A transgender teacher is suing a New York City Catholic school claiming he was fired after notifying school officials that he was transitioning from male to female.
Transgender Teacher Fired From Catholic School
Fired trans teacher sues school which said she was 'worse than gay'
Students back fired transgender Queens teacher

Oregon democrat is first transgender woman elected to the Democratic National Committee
Laura Calvo, the Treasurer of the Democratic Party of Oregon, recently became the first transgender woman elected to the Democratic National Committee.

Oregon bans anti-trans health care discrimination
Transgender advocates have applauded new regulations that ban private health insurance companies in Oregon from discriminating against trans policy holders.

Denuncian impunidad en asesinatos por homofobia en Quintana Roo
En los últimos dos años en el estado de Quintana Roo, han ocurrido 15 asesinatos por transfobia y homofobia, sin que hasta la fecha exista un indiciado, las averiguaciones se han tornado lentas y el proyecto de tipificar los crímenes de odio por orientación sexual no ha tenido respuesta por parte de los integrantes del Congreso local, denunció Edgar Mora, responsable del Proyecto Coordinación Diversidad Sexual.

A puñaladas lo mata supuesto amigo al disputarse a un travesti
Un joven perdió la vida de varias puñaladas en diferentes partes del cuerpo, a manos de un supuesto amigo.