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sábado, janeiro 19, 2013

Jornal afirma que Musa da Mangueira é transexual
A argentina Maria Caren Paz, de 31 anos, representa a Escola de Samba Mangueira no concurso Musa do Carnaval Carioca, do programa Caldeirão do Huck.
(Foto: Maria Caren Paz ao lado do presidente da Mangueira, Ivo Meirelles)
Diversidade! Jornal afirma que Musa da Mangueira é transexual

Jury still out on transsexual rape trial
A JURY has yet to reach a verdict in the trial of a self-confessed transvestite accused of raping a transsexual he had met during a night-out at a Worcester pub.

Suzanne Moore: transsexual wrath has been 'insane'
The great transsexual slur saga will not be allowed to die quickly, it seems. Columnist Suzanne Moore has grabbed the limelight back from Julie Burchill in an attempt to have the last word on the subject.
Guardian columnist Suzanne Moore attacks PinkNews
Transgender rights protest at Guardian and Observer offices over Burchill row
'Observer', 'Guardian' offices subject of transgender rights protest
PCC to investigate Julie Burchill column
Over 150 attend vigil against UK newspaper for printing trans hate speech

BBC seeks fresh transgender writing
Competition open to find script featuring 'affirming' transgender characters
BBC seeks out transgender talent, roles and stories for new comedies

Crossing a painful divide
For years, Ben Power felt he was born into the wrong body. Transitioning, and peer group support have helped, he tells Caomhán Keane
SUSAN Woods had picked her spot. Sat behind the wheel of her BMW the father of two had found the perfect place to end her life. Conscious of the fact she had been trapped in a man’s body since the age of four she had no more fight left in her. If she didn’t transition she’d die.

Justice for trans sisters in Malaysia
Gay Star News interviews Thilaga Sulathireh, a woman dedicated to helping trans women fight the law in Malaysia

Scientists have found ‘potential cure for AIDS’
Scientists in Australia say they have found a way to alter a protein in the HIV virus to impede it from spreading around the body, rather than assisting it, which could “potentially cure AIDS.”

A transsexual woman talks as part of the Human Library Project
This afternoon CBC and the Human Library Project gave you the opportunity to speak to Gayle Roberts, a retired Vancouver teacher who spent 27 years teaching as a man — and six years teaching as a woman.

Lost Girl Producers Release Statement Following Outrage Over Offensive Scene
Despite being one of the most inclusive science fiction programs on television, the SyFy series Lost Girl unfortunately hurt and offended many of its fans with its most recent season premiere this week, which featured a shapeshifting villain that gets her comeuppance in a scene (as seen in the below image from AfterEllen) that was disturbingly evocative of real life anti-transgender violence. Following complaints from viewers and outreach from GLAAD, the producers of Lost Girl have now released a statement in response.
SyFy's 'Lost Girl' criticized for anti-transgender violence, producers respond

[USA] [Commentary]
Transwomen Are Fighting A Two-Front 'War On Women'
Much attention has been focused on the 'War on Women', the anti-woman political policies the conservative movement and Republican politicians have been pushing for years and implementing once they gain political control of state legislatures.

TLC Files Brief in Transgender Marriage Recognition Case
Transgender Law Center recently filed a friend-of-the-court brief in an Arizona family law case that could be significant for transgender people in that state and around the country.

TJLP talks trans legal disparities at Chicago Bar Assn.
Attorneys on the Chicago Bar Association's LGBT Committee recently mulled over the many legal disparities facing transgender people.

Oregon transgender woman takes seat on Democratic National Committee
Laura Calvo says she was at a low point in 1996.

Transgender woman accused of Southeast Memphis carjacking
A man was carjacked in Southeast Memphis on New Year's Day by a cross-dressing man convicted of prostitution more than a dozen times, according to a police affidavit.

Parkland policy would ban transgender discrimination
Parkland Health and Hospital System on Wednesday moved to broadened its personnel policies to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity, gender expression and genetic information.

Lawmakers, advocates gather to show support for Va. anti-discrimination bill
Senators and LGBT organizers gathered at the Virginia General Assembly on Thursday to announce and show support for SB701 — a law that would re-introduce sexual orientation into the list of protected classes for state employees.

Transgenerista es una de las asesoras del Gobierno de Colombia
Cuando Brigitte Baptiste habla, la escuchan y le creen. No es su voz, es su inteligencia, la que ha marcado la diferencia. Vea más de "Ser homosexual en Colombia".

Santa Fe lidera los planes de inclusión de los transexuales
Es la primera ciudad del país en favorecer la construcción de la identidad de género. Lo cierto es que la ciudad de Rosario decidió favorecer la construcción de la identidad de género con una medida que seguramente generará polémica.

Nace la primera cooperativa transexual
Un grupo de 15 mujeres de la comunidad trans de Mendoza recibió ayer un subsidio del Gobierno para instalar un taller textil en Capital. Se trata de un proyecto pionero en el Interior del país. La emoción de sus protagonistas.