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quarta-feira, janeiro 16, 2013

[UK] [Commentary]
Kim Bielenberg: From "whipping girls" to "bigoted vomits" - is it time for the Twitter ranters to calm down?
Public figures are giving up social media in droves, declaring that they are unable to take the abuse any more.
At this rate, one wonders whether any celebrities or politicians will be left on Twitter by the end of the week.
A feminist columnist Suzanne Moore, a Church of Ireland Bishop Paul Colton, and a Labour senator Jimmy Harte are just the latest to abandon Twitter, because they are fed up with all the brickbats.
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Barry Dearlove rape trial latest
A transsexual claimed a fellow transsexual had made a rape complaint after a night out at a Worcester pub, a jury heard.

Une trans obtient le changement de son état civil sans opération
Une femme trans qui désirait voir son genre changer sur son état civil sans subir d'opération de réassignation sexuelle a obtenu gain de cause au tribunal de grande instance d'Agen.

Sweden Lifts Transgender Forced Sterilization Rule: Interview with Maceo Persson
On January 10th, Sweden officially ended its long-held practice of forced sterilization for transgender patients undergoing gender reassignment procedures. The forced sterilizations dated back to a 1972 law, which was recently ruled unconstitutional and a violation of the European Convention on Human Rights by the Stockholm administrative court of appeal. Because the appeal period has ended, so too will the forced sterilizations.
The Swedish Government Has Stopped Sterilizing Transgender People
Sweden's Transgender Sterilization Law Overturned, Declared Unconstitutional

[Commentary] Archive: Swedish Government’s (Now-Ended) Sterilization Requirement for Trans People

Transgender activist in Truro fights for the lives of gay Ugandans
Pepe Julian Onziema has been threatened, arrested, spat on, attacked, insulted and stoned, but that didn’t stop the transgendered man from traveling from Kampala, Uganda, to Springfield to face evangelist Scott Lively in federal court Monday.
“To show him that I’m not afraid of him no matter how much he brainwashes my country,” Onziema said. “I know if I stop speaking in the country … it will send them back. It will send the entire movement back to the closet.”

‘Transgender people are invisible and vulnerable’
Transgender activists, who say crime against the community is massively underreported, have approached the state government for an "end to brutality".

Sydney transwoman’s transition seen by millions
A time-lapse video documenting the three-year transition of an Australian transwoman has been viewed over three million times since being posted on YouTube three months ago.

Oregon & California health insurance companies told to cover transgender patients
Regulators in Oregon and California have directed several health insurance companies to stop denying coverage for transgender patients because of their gender identity.

Petitioners demand Fox stop dehumanizing transgender people
Oregon’s largest LGBT civil rights group is circulating a petition focused on Fox News after Fox Nation used a photo from “Mrs. Doubtfire” to illustrate a report on transgender health care issues.

San Francisco transgender man sues school over alleged mistreatment
A man is suing his former school and employer, alleging that positive reviews and recommendations all turned sour and that his supervisors took retaliatory actions after he disclosed his transgender status.

Trans Contestant Kylan Wenzel Shines At Miss California USA Competition
Kylan Arianna Wenzel made beauty-pageant history this weekend as the first trans contestant in the Miss California USA competition.

South Florida Spoof Scam Targets Transgender Women
If you think it's safe to answer a call on your mobile phone by glancing at the caller ID — think again.
It's called "caller ID spoofing," and while it's legal in some situations, a recent number of criminal cases have security experts questioning if the law should be changed.

Vicco, Ky., becomes smallest U.S. town to adopt LGBT fairness law
The Appalachian town of Vicco, Ky., on Monday approved the state's first LGBT-inclusive anti-discrimination ordinance in a decade.
Vicco, Kentucky Approves LGBT Fairness Law
Vicco approves LGBT anti-discrimination law

Action Day at the State House for Transgender Equal Access
Transgender people and their allies are invited to join the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition and the Transgender Equal Rights Coalition on Jan. 17 for an Action Day for Transgender Equal Access, at the Massachusetts State House to ask legislators to co-sponsor the Equal Access to Public Accommodations bill.

Marines give accused deserter a discharge with honorable conditions
Elizabeth Tremblay's worries of prison are over.
Tremblay, 57, of Poland received her general discharge Monday morning from the U.S. Marines.
Transgender ex-Marine discharged after 1980s desertion

Trans Rights Top Maryland Activists' ''To-Do'' List
Many organizations hoping 2013 session will see the General Assembly pass a gender-identity nondiscrimination bill

Francheska González sufre fallo renal
Francheska González Vázquez, transexual que fue víctima de una golpiza en abril de 2011, fue diagnosticada con fallo renal hace tres semanas.
Para González Vázquez, de 43 años, esto ha sido "bien fuerte, bien fuerte", pues le indicaron que necesitará diálisis de por vida y, en un futuro, contemplar la posibilidad de un trasplante de riñón.

Buscará transexual Alcaldía de Saltillo
Por primera vez en la historia política de Saltillo, un transexual podría ser candidato en la carrera electoral rumbo a la Alcaldía de la capital del estado.
Glenda Prado –antes Mario Prado–, quien busca su registro como candidato transexual independiente, platicó en exclusiva con Zócalo Saltillo sobre su autodestape. Asegura que está consciente de los problemas que como activista social y transexual deberá enfrentar en su carrera política en Saltillo, reconocida por ser una sociedad conservadora.