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segunda-feira, janeiro 21, 2013

Sex-Swap Lag's Wedding Chop
A double killer who had a sex swap has called off a second “wedding” ­behind bars after a fling with the jail’s Mrs Mop.

'It was a do or die situation' - The story of a Maltese transgender woman
Rebecca* looks at me calmly, ready to tell her story. I’m the one who’s slightly nervous since I know I’ll be stepping on personal territory in this interview. I’ll be bringing back her past of which I’m sure she would rather let it stay where it is. Yet there is no hesitation in her voice, no awkward pauses here and there and this is because she is a strong woman. A brave woman who is happy, loves life and isn’t shy about opening up to me. A woman who was born a man. A woman who underwent a life-changing experience in order to live. This is her story.

Israel celebrates its first public transgender wedding
The couple, blonde beauty Chen Arizona and her husband, whose identity was not revealed, were cheered by Israeli celebrities, friends and family.
A transgender wedding, for the first time in Israel

Maharashtra: Transgenders' issues figure in proposed women's policy
For the first time, issues concerning transgenders are being discussed in the ongoing deliberations for the proposed Women's policy in Maharashtra.

Solanin Creator Inio Asano Reveals Desire for Sex Change
Columnist Gō Yoshida published his second interview with manga creator Inio Asano in the March issue of Core Magazine's BREAK Max on Friday. The interview revealed that Asano wishes to undergo a sex change.

The Need for Inclusive Health Care for Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming Latin@s
At its core, the reproductive health and justice movements are about bodily autonomy for all, and particularly those whose gender is marginalized. Though this movement has traditionally been about women’s control over their own bodies, we recognize now that this is not enough. As people whose genders have been marginalized, not just cisgender women, but transgender and gender non-conforming people too are consistently and systemically denied full bodily autonomy.

Cecilia Chung joins the Transgender Law Center team as a Senior Strategist
San Francisco Health Commissioner, Cecilia Chung, is a nationally recognized civil rights leader who advocates for HIV/AIDS awareness and care, LGBT equality, and social justice.

D.C. Court Orders Suspect in Transgender Stabbing To Undergo Mental Observation
Victim's father announces Feb. 2 gathering to honor Deoni Jones

TransLife Center renewing Chicago House, changing trans lives
Until a few years ago, Chicago House knew when its mission would be complete, when it could close up shop.
"There at the beginning. Here until the cure," was the HIV service agency's tagline for decades