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segunda-feira, julho 21, 2014

Após morte de travesti, Polícia investiga maníaco que ataca travestis
Após a morte da travesti Makelly Castro, a polícia está em busca de um homem que estaria perseguindo e tentando matar homossexuais em Teresina. A jovem de 24 anos foi encontrada morta com sinais de enforcamento e despida em um terreno no Distrito Industrial na manhã desta sexta-feira (18).

Forcing Trans Woman's Finnish Divorce Upheld
The European Court of Human Rights saw no violation in forcing a transgender Finnish woman to either divorce her wife or obtain legal recognition of her female identity.

Polygamy, gender identity seen as key challenges for families in Africa
Representatives from the Pontifical Council for the Family gathered in the Republic of the Congo with over 40 bishops last week to discuss the state of families in Africa, highlighting both strengths and challenges they face.

Seeking to save the eyesight of battered trans Ugandan
A group of friends, activists and journalists is seeking contributions to help save the eyesight of a Ugandan trans woman whose eyes have been failing since she suffered a transphobic attack two years ago in Kampala, Uganda.

India’s top female sprinter banned from Commonwealth Games over testosterone levels
An Indian sprinter has been banned from the Commonwealth games because she naturally exhibits high testosterone levels.

Advancing Health Care Access for Transgender People: Medicare, MassHealth and Beyond
While we are far from nirvana, transgender people are seeing cultural and legal advances in profound places these days. Laverne Cox on the cover of TIME magazine – and now nominated for an Emmy award - is one kind of milestone. The removal of barriers in insurance coverage for gender transition related care is another.

Transgender people celebrate their first pride event in Balboa Park
Before Friday's first-ever march for Transgender Pride, transgender people and their supporters gathered at the north end of Balboa Park for a barbecue. The event signaled a new phase for San Diego's transgender community.

Crossdressing housekeeper Daryl Rasmussen, aka Ms Puppy, pleads guilty to killing Denver couple
A crossdresser has pleaded guilty to killing two Denver men who hired him as a housekeeper.

Another Transgender Woman Murdered in Baltimore
Six weeks following the discovery of the murdered body of Kandy Hall, a transgender woman in a Northeast Baltimore field, another murdered transgender victim was found on July 16. Just before 6:00 a.m. police discovered the body of Mia Henderson, whose official government ID name was Kevin Long, age 26, in an alley in the 3400 block of Piedmont Ave. near Lake Ashburton in Northwest Baltimore.

Trabajadoras sexuales transgéneros buscan apoyo a sus derechos en reunión con CAJTA y Carabineros
Representantes de CAJTA y el Presidente de Falange por la Diversidad Sexual, FADISE, Pablo Imaña Herrera, se reunieron con el Jefe de la Primera Zona de Carabineros Tarapacá, General Claudio Nash Berne, para abordar el tema de la problemática del comercio sexual ejercido por personas transgéneros en el sector central de Iquique.