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terça-feira, abril 07, 2015

Sterilization threat darkens Europe's transgender quest for identity
When submarine captain John Remø received a call from his wife to ask about a bag of women's clothes she had discovered in the cellar of their home, he feared his secret would end his career.

Cliente faz programa, se irrita, esfaqueia e rouba travesti
Vítima recebeu um golpe de faca num dos braços
Uma travesti de 26 anos além de fazer um programa sexual e não receber, ainda foi vítima de um esfaqueamento e roubo, em Três Lagoas.

Sem cirurgia de mudança de sexo, transexual não pode alterar registro civil
A 19ª Câmara Cível do Tribunal de Justiça do Rio Janeiro negou um pedido feito por transexual para alterar o gênero no registro civil. Ele não fez a operação de mudança de sexo. Segundo o relator, desembargador Guaraci de Campos Vianna, a alteração do registro em relação ao sexo depende da cirurgia de redesignação sexual. A decisão foi unânime.

Man abuses 'transvestite' but quickly learns his lesson
Bullying man is given what for by a feisty "transvestite" in a social experiment by Trollstation

Transgender Kids: 6 lessons the world needs to learn from Louis Theroux's documentary
Louis Theroux’s documentary starring children and their families as they transition can teach us all a thing or two about self-acceptance
Louis Theroux documentary on transgender kids was 'incredible and heartbreaking' as presenter meets 5-YEAR-OLD that wants gender change
Louis Theroux: Transgender Kids, review: 'excellent storytelling'

Vanessa Santillan: Murder hunt launched after woman found dead in flat
Vanessa Santillan was found with injuries to her head and neck and police are appealing for anyone who had seen her to come forward
Police have launched a murder hunt after a woman was found dead in flat in London.
Vanessa Santillan was found dead in a flat in Fulham suffering injuries to her head and neck after officers from the Metropolitan Police were called in by a London Ambulance crew.

Transsexual gene link identified
Australian researchers have identified a significant link between a gene involved in testosterone action and male-to-female transsexualism.

Queensland judge gives 16-year-old girl permission to take injections to trigger male puberty
A 16-year-old Queenslander who believes she is trapped in the body of a girl tried to get rid of her breasts by starving herself and wearing two bras.

Myths About Transition Regrets
Every few months I find myself reading something written by a person with no actual psychological, psychiatric, or medical training expounding on why they believe transgender people aren't real, shouldn't be allowed to transition, or just need some old-school "reparative therapy" complete with screaming, pillow whacking and cuddling with a "therapist."

LGBT battle far from over as 'religious freedom' bills multiply across the US
Even as marriage equality emerges a winner in the US, other hard-won LGBT rights are being attacked under the guise of religious liberty

Transgender Miss CA Contestant: I'm Done Being Harassed It's Time For A New Name!
The first transgender woman to ever compete in a Miss California Pageant is ready to erase the last public trace of her previous identity, and start fresh ... but first she needs a judge's stamp of approval.

Extreme ‘Religious Liberty’ Bill Could Make Louisiana The Next Indiana
Louisiana is the latest state considering adopting a religious freedom bill, after state Rep. Mike Johnson (R) introduced legislation Friday that could allow businesses to refuse service for same-sex weddings and deny benefits to employees in same-sex marriages.

Genderqueer Advocate Calls for More Inclusive Language
Reflecting upon the journey to understand their own gender, genderqueer activist Jacob Tobia spoke Saturday about the need for an inclusive BGLTQ movement that liberates people of all genders and the importance of non-binary language to describe gender.

How Nebraska's LGBT protection laws stack up nationally
When it comes to discrimination protections, Nebraska’s no Indiana. But it’s no Colorado, either.

Puberty Suppression Now A Choice For Teens On Medicaid In Oregon
Michael was born biologically male 13 years ago on the Grand Ronde Indian Reservation.