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sábado, abril 04, 2015

Malta now has one of the best trans and intersex laws in the world
'To say this is groundbreaking is an understatement'

[New Zealand]
Warehouse dumps 'tranny-saurus' cards
The Warehouse has directed John Sands to remove greeting cards which read “Oh look! A tranny-saurus!” from the shelves of all its stores.
Lawyer and TransAdvocates member Kelly Ellis complained after seeing the cards, which show a dinosaur in a wig, lipstick and wearing a handbag, on sale at a store in Whangarei.

Ontario MPPs vote to ban gay and transgender 'conversion therapy'
A bill that would ban therapy to 'convert' gay and transgender children and youth got support from MPPs of all political stripes in the Ontario legislature on Thursday.

New “Nix It Now” campaign urges politicians to reject Indiana-style discrimination laws
Today the National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund is launching a new campaign called “Nix It Now” (#NixItNow) urging politicians to reject Indiana-style discrimination laws. Go to the organization’s facebook page to share a “Nix it Now” graphic.
Why Fixing ‘Religious Liberty’ Bills Is Good For LGBT Equality, But Not Nearly Good Enough
Answers to common questions about religious freedom legislation
Why businesses are speaking out against ‘religious freedom’ laws

Arkansas governor signs revised religious freedom bill
Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has signed a revised version of a religious objections bill that supporters say addresses concerns that the original proposal sanctioned discrimination against gays and lesbians.
Arkansas lawmakers pass revised religious objections bill
Former Arkansas AG condemns ‘religious freedom’ bill, current AG moves nondiscrimination forward

Federal judge orders California prison inmate be granted sex change
A federal judge Thursday ordered that a California prison inmate be allowed to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

Fired transgender Middletown police officer files for disability retirement pension
A former Middletown police officer who was fired from the force after exhausting all of her paid and sick leave time, has filed a lawsuit against the city and the city retirement board for disability retirement funds to which she believes she is entitled.

For real this time: Georgia ‘religious freedom’ bill is dead for 2015
Unless by some miracle the House Judiciary Committee meets before midnight, aka sine die, and approves the “religious freedom” bill, the bill is finally, truly dead this year.
Georgia lawmakers adjourn without vote on religious freedom bill

Proposed fix to Ind. religious freedom law deemed ‘insufficient’
The Indiana Legislature’s proposed fix to the religious freedom law is earning lackluster reviews.
Angie’s List rejects changes to Indiana religious freedom law as ‘insufficient’
Indiana governor approves changes to religious freedom law
Indiana commerce groups praise proposed tweaks to religious freedom law
Indiana lawmakers OK changes to religious freedom law; now bars anti-LGBT discrimination

Michigan governor reiterates he would veto religious objections bill that doesn’t protect gays
Gov. Rick Snyder warned Thursday that he would veto religious objections legislation unless lawmakers also send him a bill extending anti-discrimination protections to gays.
Snyder: 'I Would Veto RFRA Legislation'
Firestorm brews over religious freedom bills in Michigan

City Council approves human rights ordinance
Farmington Hills is close to joining other cities that have approved human rights ordinances.

North Dakota lawmakers again kill bill banning discrimination against gays
For the third time in six years, the North Dakota Legislature has killed legislation that would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Look At How This University Responded After Winning Case Against Transgender Student It Expelled
A federal judge in western Pennsylvania ruled Tuesday against a transgender student who had sued the University of Pittsburgh for discrimination.
Judge: University of Pittsburgh transgender locker room ban didn’t discriminate

Emmaus students rally for transgender classmate in yoga pants
The Emmaus High School principal will meet with students amid an outcry of discrimination that arose after a transgender student was told to change out of yoga pants that administrators felt were inappropriate.

Gender confirmation surgery now available on employee health plans
The Office of Human Resources announced that gender confirmation surgery is now covered under faculty and staff health plans.

Religious-freedom debate finds its way to Pa.
It didn't take long for the uproar over religious-freedom laws in Indiana and Arkansas to reverberate in Pennsylvania.

Texas Shop Accuses Mother of 'Child Abuse' for Letting Daughter Wear Suit
Mother Rachel Giordano stands by her 5-year-old 'tomboy' daughter Maddie, after being told by a salesperson that her support promotes the girl's 'wrong behavior.'