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terça-feira, agosto 02, 2016

Travesti é assassinada a tiros em Taguatinga Sul
Uma travesti foi assassinada a tiros por um desconhecido que estava a bordo de uma moto preta, por volta das 19h dessa terça-feira (26), na QS 06, em Taguatinga Sul. Segundo testemunhas, a vítima morava em um sobrado da região, com outros oito colegas.
Travesti é assassinado com 15 tiros em via pública de Ribeirão

Lei Maria da Penha passa a valer para trans e travestis em todo o Brasil
Determinação do Conselho Nacional de Procuradores-Gerais não deixa dúvida sobre a aplicação da legislação

Vulnerable Torquay teenager groomed by transexual, court told
A Torquay man who is now a transsexual woman has admitted sexually grooming a vulnerable Torquay schoolgirl, persuading her to send indecent naked pictures in telephone messages.

‘Medical threat’ to transgender children on puberty-blocking drugs
Increasing numbers of children identifying as transgender are being given medical treatment that could have “grave consequences” for their wellbeing in adult life, a feminist academic has claimed.

Katie Hopkins Doesn't Think NHS Should Support Transgender 'Lifestyle Choice'
Daily Mail columnist and radio personality Katie Hopkins has been skirting controversy once again (what a surprise) as she this time takes aim at the transgender community.

Scholarships For LGBT+ Students Branded 'Reverse Discrimination'
Following the introduction of a new programme in Australia that would award educational scholarships to LGBT+ students television personality Sonia Kruger has lashed out, calling the scholarship 'reverse discrimination' for straight students.

Gay and transgender dairy farmers break down barriers in rural Victoria
If you were asked to describe the average dairy farmer, Pauley and Coral probably would not come to mind.

Shepparton, the country town supporting its transgender teens
With more cows and sheep than people, Shepparton is probably the last place you'd think of as being a haven for transgender youth.

Nearly 300 Albertans have changed the gender listed on their birth certificates since an April 2014 rule change
Nearly 300 Albertans have changed the gender marker on their birth certificates and 45 more have applied since government requirements were relaxed, Service Alberta’s vital statistics office says.

Survey Shows How the Trans 'Bathroom Predator' Myth Hurts Real People
One in four transgender people have been assaulted or harassed in a bathroom in the past year, according to striking new data from the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey.

So like Candy
Andy Warhol is often remembered for his quote, "Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes." As a filmmaker, he gave Candy Darling, perhaps his best actress, her 15 minutes, which she voraciously seized, but her fame was very brief, and she is largely forgotten today.

Family's transgender values
From This Day Forward, a documentary exploring a family's reactions when the husband begins living fulltime as a woman, opens on July 15 at the Roxie Theater. The film, which screened at dozens of film festivals worldwide over the past year, was directed by award-winning filmmaker Sharon Shattuck, who first learned her father Michael was transgender when her sister discovered pictures of him dressed in women's clothes when the girls were still in grade school. But the family never discussed the subject, said Shattuck in a telephone interview, "because we were Midwesterners who didn't talk about that sort of thing."

Arkansas legislature okays bill to allow therapists to discriminate
Arkansas lawmakers gave final approval Tuesday to a rule allowing counselors to refer clients to another provider if they have a religious objection to treating them, a move critics say opens the door for discrimination against gays and lesbians.

SPECIAL REPORT: Murder of Fresno Transgender Woman Unsolved One Year Later
For the first time, victim's brother talks in exclusive, on-camera interview

Transgender woman attacked by 3 men outside bar in Aurora
Bar employee wants justice for the crimes

End to trans military ban celebrated at think-tank symposium
An event on Wednesday initially planned to prod the U.S. military to lift the ban on transgender service turned into a celebration over the recent demise of the policy.

Casa Ruby Employees Say They Were Misgendered, Harassed By Staffers At Public Pool
Casa Ruby employees decided that every Tuesday and Friday this summer, they'd take the youth from their summer program to a public pool.

Transgender Woman Killed In 4th Of July Shooting
A transgender woman who was shot on the fourth of July has died, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.
Transgender woman on life support since July 4 shooting dies

Leon County School Board District Two Candidates Support Protecting Transgender Students' Rights
Both candidates for Leon County School Board District Two say they would work together with schools to protect the rights of transgender students.

Church seeks injunction on anti-discrimination rules
An Iowa church has asked a federal judge to stop the Iowa Civil Rights Commission from applying portions of a state policy that the church says could force it to abide by rules permitting transgender persons to use public bathrooms and muzzle ministers who may want to preach against transgender or gay individuals.
Church asks court to halt Iowa commission from enforcing speech ban

C.R. bus ads focus on gender identity, sexual orientation, race
Civil Right Commission behind messages on Cedar Rapids Transit buses

E. Idaho authorities say transgender voyeur admitted to prior spying
A transgender Idaho Falls resident who was arrested Monday on a charge of felony voyeurism told a Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office detective that she secretly filmed a young woman undressing and that she had committed similar acts in the past, court documents show.
New details on transgender arrested for voyeurism at Ammon Target
Local transgender woman speaks out about alleged voyeurism incident at Target

Alabama man jailed after transgender woman shot in the face
An Alabama man is jailed in Indiana, accused of shooting a transgender woman in head in what is being investigated as possible hate crime.

Pittsfield School Approves First Read of New Transgender Policy
The School Committee passed the first reading of a new policy aimed to support transgendered students.

Nixa Schools Deny Federal Transgender Policy
“We have no intention of following that piece of the guidelines,” says Nixa Public School superintendent Stephen Kleinsmith’s in a response to the letter published by the US Departments of education and justice this past May.

Survey says Montanans oppose transgender edict
A nonprofit organization that states its goals as protecting and strengthening Treasure State families has released a survey claiming a majority of Montanans oppose the federal government’s recent transgender schools directive for students to use bathrooms and locker rooms conforming with their gender identity.

Duke opponent cancels game over North Carolina's transgender bathroom law
Albany cancels November game at Duke because of controversial HB2 bathroom law
LGBT Rights Trial Could Take Place Close to Election Day
HB2 lawsuit update: Light in the tunnel as court will consider immediate relief for transgender people on August 1

Cleveland OKs pro-trans resolution in week before GOP convention
In the week before Cleveland is set to host the Republican National Convention, the city council late Wednesday approved a resolution prohibiting businesses from discriminating against transgender people in public restrooms.
Cleveland adopts transgender-friendly bathroom ordinance
Lambda Legal Applauds Cleveland City Council Vote to Strike Transgender Exclusion from Nondiscrimination Law
Thanks, Cleveland: Trans Folks Can Now Pee Safely at the RNC

Transgender woman found dead in Cleveland parking lot
The person found dead in a Cleveland parking lot early Saturday morning has been identified as a transgender woman.
The owner of Ecclesiastic Granite Fab found Skye Mockabee, 26, dead about 8 a.m. in the parking lot his business on West 130th Street in the city's Puritas-Longmead neighborhood.

Evidence suppression to be considered in Redding case
The defense would like to suppress some evidence against the man accused in the October killing of transgender woman Keisha Jenkins.

Trans woman cited for harassment, disorderly conduct
Kate Lynn Blatt, a trans woman who allegedly caused a disturbance at a Walmart store in Saint Clair, Schuylkill County, has been cited for harassment and disorderly conduct.

4th Circuit refuses to stay order allowing Gavin Grimm to use the boys’ restroom
Appeals court's rejection of Gloucester County School Board's request follows a similar rejection by a federal judge
Prepare for a Supreme Court Showdown Over Trans Student Rights
Gloucester asking Supreme Court to block injunction in transgender case
School board appeals to U.S. Supreme Court to halt order allowing transgender student to use boys’ bathroom

Guyana court to address ongoing arrests of crossdressers
A court in the South American country of Guyana has agreed to hear an appeal from gay and lesbian organizations on whether police have the right to arrest crossdressers.

Tras "discusión" guardia mata a transgénero en San Pedro Sula
Una hondureña transgénero fue ultimada a balazos en la madrugada de este lunes por un guardia de seguridad en la 11 avenida y la 2 calle del barrio Los Andes de San Pedro Sula.
El miembro de la comunidad Gay de San Pedro Sula, conocido como kristell, fue identificado como Francisco Javier Barahona (38).