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domingo, junho 18, 2006

Washington [Commentary]
Who gets to decide a child's gender?
Nicholas was born a boy but prefers to live as a girl. Now this5-year-old is about to start public school.

[USA] [Television]
Gwen Araujo movie a lukewarm story about a hard-luck mom
THIS FILM should have been called the Sylvia Guerrero story, except no one would tune in.

Physician announces he is a transsexual
SOMERVILLE - A longtime family physician in Somerville has informedthousands of his patients and colleagues that he is transsexual andwill begin living and practicing as a woman, according to a letterhe distributed.

Prison commissioner testifies in sex-change suit
The state's prison commissioner testified Friday that she is not convinced of the medical necessity of a sex-change operation sought by a convicted murderer.

Transvestite prostitute, 'Jasmine,' arrested
Once again police used an ad from to launch an investigation into prostitution. Through the work of an undercover officer, police were able to secure a warrant and make an arrest on June 10.

A year later, pumping party suspect still at large
Nearly one year ago today, two transgender women suffered serious complications after being injected with silicone at a local "pumping party."

Sammia ‘Angelica’ Garcia-Gonzalez, wanted in connection with the death of a transgender woman following a local silicone pumping party, remains at large.

Japan - OSAKA
Jobless M2F transsexual Kaori Yamada (nee Kazuhiko Yamada) charged with drugging and robbing...
A transsexual man has been indicted for having a man take sleeping pills and stealing about 200,000 yen from him after he fell asleep, prosecutors said.

M2F transsexual substitute teacher Lily McBeth worked 1 day in Eagleswood school...
Lily McBeth, the transsexual substitute teacher hired by Eagleswood township school officials in February, worked a total of one day for the K-6 district.

Eunuchs demand inclusion in voters'list
A little over a lakh eunuchs want to be included in the voters list but for the State's Election Commission, this seems to be an uphill task.