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quinta-feira, junho 07, 2007

Manuela tiene la llave
La única concejal transexual de España decidirá la alcaldía de Geldo (Castellón), donde PSOE y PP están empatados a tres ediles.

HERNANI / Con Aimar Elosegi en el recuerdo
La charla sobre transexualidad ofrecida en Sandiusterri ante un buen número de oyentes, se convirtió en un homenaje.

Taunted Gay Teen Lays Down In Front Of Train To Die
A coroner's court has heard the final details of the suicide of a Welsh teen whose family says was driven to his death by homophobic taunting.
Fifteen year old Jonathan Reynolds sent his family a final text message minutes before he lay down on the tracks in front of train traveling at 85 miles an hour.

Fanta, 2 ans, menacée de mutilation
«Dès que je commence à en parler, je pleure», a dit la jeune femme à La Presse d'une voix hésitante, hier.

[Australia] [News Feature/Books]
Blending genders
The transgender liberation movement in the West came into its own in the 1990s, but other cultures have their own take on sex and gender diversity, writes Katrina Fox.

Cross-dressing man arrested for stealing woman's underwear from cop's home
A cross-dressing man who stole a piece of woman's underwear from a police officer's home here has been arrested, police said.

Encabezará el Colectivo T Marcha del Orgullo gay en México
El Comité Orgullo México informó que será el colectivo de personas transgéneros, transexuales y travestis el que encabece la Marcha del Orgullo, para demandar la aprobación de la ley para la no discriminación de este colectivo.

[USA] [Commentary]
Jesus, the transgender terminator?
Some citizens of Largo, Fla., cited religious grounds for the dismissal of Susan Stanton, the transgender city manager.
Would Jesus really have terminated her employment? This and other transgender tales from the Bible.

[USA] [Commentary]
Baltimore's sexually altered Methodist minister
Baltimore's she-he Methodist minister – the former Ann Gordon, now medically altered to Drew Phoenix – has been reappointed minister of St. John's Church by the Baltimore - Washington annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

[USA] [Blog Commentary]
Defining Woman
I think most of us are familiar with the sex/gender divide. For those who aren't, briefly, it's the idea that we're all born with a biological sex (eg male or female), and we're all born with (and/or socialised into) a gender (eg boy or girl), and the two don't always match. This is where transsexualism comes into play - a biological man may feel like he's actually a woman, and vice versa.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Explaining gender identity to family
The other day in a follow-up conversation with my mom about me being transgender ( http://tinyurl. com/2dsh6g ), she told me she took it for granted that it also meant that I was homosexual. So, she made the classic mistake of thinking sexual orientation and gender were interchangeable.

Circle K clerk shot, killed
Excerpt: Morales-Luna, who was wearing women's clothing, escaped his captor and sought refuge inside the Circle K. The gunman followed, and opened fire inside the store, striking Morales-Luna once and 43-year-old Daniel Brady, the convenience store clerk, who died at the store, according to the statement. Authorities took Morales-Luna, 33, to a nearby hospital; his condition was not available.
Store Clerk Killed, Prostitute Wounded in Late Night Shooting
Phoenix police have released a surveillance image of a suspect wanted for fatally shooting a Circle K store clerk and wounding a prostitute near 59th Avenue and McDowell Road.

Police report
Incidents from law-enforcement agencies around the county
Saturday: Three people were seen running from an apartment building shortly before a homemade device was found pouring smoke into a hallway outside a unit occupied by a 66-year-old transsexual. She told police she was been harassed repeatedly in recent months, with "tranny" painted on her car and eggs thrown at her door.