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terça-feira, junho 05, 2007

After 30 years as a woman, she asked: Who am I?

It has become quite normal to hear about those born with genitalia and/or secondary sex characteristics determined as neither exclusively male nor female or which combine features of both male and female sexes and then they have sexual reassignment surgeries.
However, it's unusual to hear about one who has lived more than 30 years as a woman, had children and then suddenly – of her own will – appealing for sexual reassignment surgery.
Photo: Al-Harazi undergoes sexual ambiguity.

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Identity becomes convenient myth
There are few issues more viscerally painful to many than hate crimes. Nine years ago, after learning of the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard, I broke down and cried. Certainly, there are many awful atrocities in the world, and some of them even worse. But for me, since I was like Matthew, a student, young, white and gay, it felt like I was attacked, too. That a hate crime victimizes more than just its immediate victim is difficult to deny.

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Girly-boys are OK
For some reason known only to them, men often seem threatened by boys who would rather be girls and men who'd rather be women. It's really sad how much pain and guilt so many children are made to endure for a simple pleasure like crossdressing, for example. A girl in a man's shirt is sexy; a boy in a dress is weird.

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Transsexual Fraud
Transsexuals have hoodwinked today's society into believing they were born in the wrong body. Transsexualism is perhaps the most well organized and successful medical and psychological fraud ever. First it is impossible to change gender except in fantasyland. This is a joke on both the patient and society, and it is not funny.

City not ready for transsexual city leader
It was just two months ago that Steve Stanton was fired as city manager in Largo, Florida -- after announcing his plans to have a sex change and become Susan Stanton. Stanton applied for the job of city manager in another Florida community -- Sarasota -- and was turned down.

Anti-discrimination law applies to transgendered
It comes too late to help Carol Barlow, but she certainly could have used it.
Could have invoked it when she got fired.
Could have pointed to it when the job interviewer laughed in her face.
Could have sued after, she says, her boss said, "When you become Carol or whatever the hell you're doing, you're out of there.
"Because Carol Barlow used to be Bruce Barlow.
And first Bruce, and then Carol, suffered harassment, indignities and discrimination at one job and then another, and still more on innumerable job interviews.
Well, that won't cut it anymore.

North Carolina House of Representatives Approves School Violence Prevention Act
Excerpt: North Carolina's state House of Representatives voted 73 to 46 on May 24 in favor of the School Violence Prevention Act, which would require public schools to adopt policies prohibiting bullying or harassing behavior, including bullying and harassment motivated by sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.

Pride Week brings community out of closet
Nearly 200 residents of all ages, decked out in colors spanning the rainbow's spectrum, marched down Broadway and into Island Park to celebrate being themselves – without fear of judgment or retribution.