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segunda-feira, junho 09, 2008

Tens of thousands turn out for Gay Pride in European cities
Tens of thousands took to the streets of Athens, Rome and Warsaw for Gay Pride parades Saturday, drawing attention to the fact that many homosexuals in Europe still do not enjoy the same rights as heterosexuals.

Colectivos LGTB siguen fichados
Los homosexuales y transexuales condenados durante el franquismo por su condición sexual continúan fichados por la Policía. La Federación Estatal de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales (FELGTB) exige al PSOE que cumpla el compromiso adquirido la pasada legislatura de eliminar definitivamente estos archivos.

Parada gay reuniu milhares de pessoas em Roma
Dezenas de milhares de gays, lésbicas e simpatizantes ocuparam as ruas de Roma neste sábado, na tradicional Gay Pride, para exigir o reconhecimento legal dos casais homossexuais e mostrar ao prefeito da cidade que a manifestação não é um ato de "exibicionismo sexual", como disse.

Yvonne Sinclair, organizer
The major organizer of the TV/TS Support Group in London 1976-1992, the only inclusive group in the city for most of that time, and which was the only group to have its own building for meetings, first at 274 Upper St, Islington and then at 2 French Place, Shoreditch. The group was open three nights a week to the public, ran a telephone support line and ran a magazine, Glad Rag. One special event was a discussion with psychiatrist Russell Reid, who helped so many transsexuals on their way. Kris Kirk and Ed Heath came to the group when they were researching for their seminal book on transvestity in the UK.

[Turkey] [News/Commentary]
Being gay in Turkey: Bring on the EU!
Turkey has never criminalised male homosexuality or lesbianism formally, but the national environment for LGBT rights is chilly - although during the last decade, there has been fierce resistance from its stalwart LGBT equality movement.

Cross-dressing a sign of insecurity
Cross-dressing these days among youngsters is a sign of insecurity, not homosexuality, as a result of psychological problems, psychiatrist Dr Bana Buzaboon stressed yesterday.

[Pakistan] [Letters to the Editor]
Hejra community
One must not forget the large presence of the hejra community, who are mostly transsexuals. They do not have any rights as a normal citizen and are condemned to a miserable existence because of society's attitude. Because of being unprivileged and disadvantaged, they cannot raise an organised voice for their rights. Therefore, it is for us the intelligence, humane, educated and advantaged people to advance their case.

The Techno Charms of Tokyo
Excerpt: Come nightfall, however, all the gays, lesbians, transsexuals, drag queens, etc. finally reveal themselves in Shinjuku ni-chome, a section of the Shinjuku neighborhood. Its multi-level buildings are crammed with closet-sized bars, slightly larger dance clubs, "host bars" (read: hustler), a 24-hour gay sauna, and naughty bookstores.

Cuba legaliza as operações de mudança de sexo
Cuba legalizou as operações cirúrgicas de mudança de sexo, anunciou sexta-feira o Centro Nacional de Educação Sexual (Cenesex), dirigido por Mariela Castro, a filha do presidente cubano, Raul Castro.
Cuba to provide free sex-change
Cuba has authorised sex-change operations and will offer them free to qualifying citizens, officials say.

Un trato inhumano, cruel y grosero denunció padecer una mujer transexual, Claudia Espinoza Araya, de parte del alcalde de Independencia, Antonio Garrido, quien ha señalado que las personas transgéneros son "un mal ejemplo" para los niños si circulan por la calle con vestimentas acordes a su identidad.

[The Americas]
OAS Adopts Resolution to Protect Sexual Rights
The General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) has unanimously adopted a resolution condemning human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity, taking a crucial step to end the silence around violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in the Americas, Human Rights Watch said today.

Gloria Hemingway (1931 - 2001) doctor
Gregory Hemingway (Gigi) was born in Kansas City, Missouri, the youngest son of Ernest Hemingway, the novelist. Gigi was raised by a nursemaid as his mother, Pauline Pfeiffer, showed little interest. At the age of ten, his father was encouraging him to get drunk daily on hard liquor.

William Alexander Hammond (1828 – 1900) doctor; Lida (?1857 - 81) cigar retailer
Excerpt: In his book, Sexual Impotence in the Male, 1883, Dr Hammond tells us of one his patients who used the name Lida when in the female role. He had at the age of seven discovered the pleasure of anal stimulation, and at boarding school he was pleased to act the 'rôle of the passive' with various boys, frequently half a dozen times a night.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
New England Transgender Pride March: Photos and Reflections
The first-ever New England Transgender Pride March took place this weekend in Northampton, and I was there with my "Episcopal Church Welcomes You" rainbow tank top and a digital camera to capture the pageantry. I was hoping to blend into the MassEquality contingent, but they were scattered around other groups this time, so I just milled around looking like I knew what I was doing, and took lots of pictures. Next thing I knew, someone had handed me a bunch of purple and white balloons, and I was marching behind the lead banner, shouting "Trans Pride Now".

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Donna's Day
Like many transgender women, I am a father. That's the common, but limiting, term applied to the parent who provided the "Y" chromosome. Certainly there is much, much more to being a Father or a Dad - but at its very core this is the principal basis for the distinction between the female parent and the male parent.