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sexta-feira, junho 06, 2008

Hospital do SUS fará cirurgia de mudança de sexo, anuncia Temporão
O ministro da Saúde, José Gomes Temporão, anunciou hoje (5) que, até o final do mês, assinará uma portaria que vai permitir a realização de cirurgia de mudança de sexo pelo Sistema Único de Saúde (SUS).
SUS fará operações de troca de sexo gratuitas
Na noite desta quinta, 5/6, durante a abertura da 1a Conferência GLBT em Brasília, o Ministro da Saúde José Gomes Temporão anunciou que até o final de junho o SUS pode começar a fazer operações de troca de sexo gratuitas. As travestis, presentes no evento, saudaram a medida com gritos, o resto do público com aplausos de pé.

Santa Catarina elege Miss Brasil Transex 2008
A cabeleireira Fernanda Lima, de 27 anos, foi eleita Miss Brasil Transex 2008 na madrugada desta terça-feira (3), no auditório Elis Regina, no Centro de Convenções do Anhembi, em São Paulo.
Representando o estado de Santa Catarina, o curioso é que Fernanda nunca esteve lá - ela apenas ganhou o direito de representá-lo por ter parentes no estado.
Fernanda, que tem 1,78 de altura e 63 quilos (dos quais pretende perder 3 para representar bem o Brasil no concurso Miss Mundo Transex, na Tailândia), disse que um de seus sonhos agora é conhecer Santa Catarina.

Escritora Jan Morris realiza união civil com ex-esposa
Uma escritora britânica que mudou de sexo nos anos 70 casou-se novamente com a mesma mulher com quem havia se casado há 60 anos.

Love story: Divorce, the death of a child and a sex change... but still together
Nearly 60 years ago, the writer James Morris married Elizabeth Tuckniss. Their relationship endured divorce, the death of a child – and his sex change. Now they have cemented their partnership with a civil union.
Photo: The writer Jan Morris interviewed earlier this year

Rainbow flag flies over British embassy in Riga
Yesterday afternoon the Union flag was replaced with the international symbol of the LGBT community at the British embassy in the Latvian capital.

AD calls for same-sex civil partnerships
Alternattiva Demokratika' s newly appointed spokesperson for LGBT issues Patrick Attard yesterday expressed AD's disappointment at the humiliation being faced by a woman who, after sex-reassignment surgery, was not allowed to marry.

I am a woman
Joanne Cassar holds her birth certificate in her perfectly manicured hand and, as she points out her female gender annotation on the document, she glances into the mirror of her salon and says: "How can you call me a transsexual or a man? I always felt I was a woman. I am a woman".
Photo: Joanne Cassar: I always felt and feel that I am a woman who happened to be born with a disability which I have now corrected.

Court Declares Turkish Gay Rights Group Immoral, Orders It Closed
Turkey's largest LGBT civil rights group said Tuesday it will appeal a ruling that it has violated the country's laws against immorality and that it be closed.

No habrá reformas fast track para cambiar nombre a transexuales
La Secretaría de la Comisión de Seguridad de la Asamblea Legislativa del Distrito Federal, advirtió que no habrá reformas "fast track" para cambio de nombre a transexuales, luego de que se han presentado dos propuestas sobre el tema, ya que señaló que reducir el tiempo para la entrega de acta, posibilitaría que delincuentes peligrosos oculten su personalidad.

Bomb threat against WTTW reported
Chicago's Commission on Human Relations on Tuesday condemned a recent bomb threat made to WTTW-Ch. 11 that officials say may be linked to the public television station's upcoming program "Out & Proud in Chicago," which examines the history of the city's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

[NH, USA] [Letters to the Editor]
Why are some people so anti-transgender?
After reading so many of Mr. Winslow's oppositional comments to the plight of transgendered individuals and the work of people like myself who fight for the inherent rights of all people, including gender-variant people, I have to wonder why he has such a zealous interest in opposing the transgender community.

[USA] [Commentary]
Zucker: Manipulation of Young Feminine Boys
Labels define and labels stick. But, what about statistics?
Statistics lie so it is said. Or, is it that people lie?
When examining the work of Kenneth J. Zucker, we find labels, statistics, and lies. Although many homosexuals have been described as being masculine in behavior, an examination of their lives in childhood has found that many were "feminine" in behavior. (1) Reports of extreme boyhood "femininity" had also been thought to characterize male to female transsexualism. (2) In fact, there had been disagreement as to whether such extreme femininity dating back to age one or two was a representation of what would become "feminine" male homosexuality (3), or true transsexuality, known also as primary transsexualism or total psychosexual inversion (4).

Rally seeks transgender rights
They are a minority within a minority, but the transgender community will be out in force Sunday in the streets of Northampton at the New England Transgender March and Rally.

Man sentenced to 25 years for woman's murder
Excerpt: The 31-year-old, formerly from Grayslake, was murdered more than two years ago at the Motel 6 on Oakton Street in Elk Grove Village. She died of blunt force trauma after being bludgeoned repeatedly with a hammer. (...)
Rather, her father said, people -- "people who hate and despise those not considered normal" -- fixated on his daughter's decision to live as a woman though she was born a male.

The comeback
Coming out with a new album, a new sound, and a new look isn't that unusual in the music business, but it's a big undertaking for Maine-based musician Cathy Worthley. That's partly because she works in the less than quixotic field of folk music, but mostly because for the first 20 years of her professional music career, Cathy was George. (Photo)