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quarta-feira, junho 04, 2008

Sex-change author Jan Morris remarries wife she wed as a man
Jan Morris, the writer who famously chronicled her sex-change operation in the book 'Conundrum', has remarried the wife she first wed as a man.

Sob escolta policial, Letônia realiza Parada do Orgulho
A polícia de Riga prendeu quatro das cerca de 400 pessoas que, portando cartazes com mensagens homofóbicas, ameaçaram impedir a realização da quarta edição da Parada do Orgulho Gay da Letônia, que aconteceu no último sábado, dia 31 de maio, e reuniu pouco mais de 300 manifestantes na capital.

Maltese government's "inhumane" treatment of trans bride
A court has backed the Director of Public Registry who will not release marriage banns for a transsexual woman and her male partner in Malta.

Turkey: Court Shows Bias, Dissolves Lambda Istanbul
A Turkish court's decision to disband a human rights organization defending lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people shows that official repression poses a serious threat to democratic rights and freedom of association, Human Rights Watch said today.

[Iran] [News/Commentary]
Iran Beheads the Gays; Surgery For Transgenders
The international straights have lost their cotton-pickin' , hypocritical mind. We all know how ridiculously homophobic Iran is, especially when in September 2007 Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said they didn't have the "phenomenon" of homosexuality. Well, if they didn't have the phenomenon, then why a law to kill gays? Whatever the case, it gets even more complex; Iran is anti-gay but supports and pays for transsexual operations.

Gay Russian attacks activists for pushing homosexual acceptance
One of the few openly gay pop stars in Russia has criticised the organisers of Moscow Pride for being too persistent.
Performer Boris Moiseyev said gays should not insist on acceptance if society is opposed.

Trans community continues to face adversity despite protections
Despite advances in protections for transgender individuals, discrimination is still widespread, according to activists.

HIV/AIDS Services for Immigrants Detained by the United States
Excerpt: Victoria Arellano, a 23-year-old transgendered detainee, vomited blood and became too weak to sit up in her bunk as her condition became critical. According to witnesses, detention center authorities – including medical staff – ignored her symptoms and suffering, and Ms. Arellano died of meningitis after 8 weeks in immigration detention.