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sexta-feira, outubro 17, 2008

Transexuais de Honduras lutam para aparecer maquiadas em identidade
Um grupo de transexuais de Honduras, na América Central, entrou com um pedido para que elas possam aparecer vestidas e maquiadas como mulher na foto da carteira de identidade, o que é proibido atualmente no país. Revoltadas, elas denunciaram a questão ao Comitê para a Defesa dos Direitos Humanos em Honduras (Codeh). "Temos recebido denúncias de travestis que dizem que no registro não é permitido exibir a sua verdadeira identidade, que é maquiada", disse Hugo Maldonado, vice-presidente do Codeh.

Beauty mark
Quaint, tree-lined Glen Ellyn boasts few claims to fame: The western suburb is the birthplace of performance artist Laurie Anderson, and it was featured prominently in Winona Ryder's debut film, Lucas. As of September 1, it's also home to a cosmetic company with a trans person as a spokesmodel.

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Helping Our Trans Children
Brandon Simms is eight years old and lives in a small town with his parents. Since his youngest days, Brandon has felt female. After much research and heart-searching, his parents are now letting him grow up as Bridgette. His case is one of many in which parents are navigating the often difficult path of accepting their transgender children for who they truly are.

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A Lot Going On
Although we’re certainly making progress, in many circles the topic of “transgender” remains controversial for any number of reasons. The added complexity of youth in any discussion make that a particularly hot topic. Over the few couple of years we’ve seen in-depth reports by Oprah, Barbara Walters, NPR, and others. The most recent treatment, in this months Atlantic Monthly magazine, is a long article titled “A Boy’s Life“.

Mother of slain transgender raises awareness at UNCW
UNCW hosted Sylvia Guerrero, mother of slain transgender teenager Gwen Araujo, as part of its first annual UNCW Pride Week in Lumina Theater of Fisher Center Sunday, Oct. 12.
"I made a promise to Gwen at her funeral," said Guerrero. "I promised that I would keep spreading the word about her death until people stop being killed for who they are."
Photo: Media Credit: Brittany Glover THE SEAHAWK - Kimberly McLaughlin-Smith (left) worked with Sylvia Guerrero (right) to put on a PRIDE week event in Lumina Theater.