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sexta-feira, maio 07, 2010

“”, nuevo portal de Fundación Triángulo sobre mujeres transexuales y hombres que ejercen la prostitución
El equipo de Salud de Fundación Triángulo lanza su nuevo portal,, dirigido a los hombres y mujeres transexuales que ejercen prostitución, con secciones específicas dirigidas a clientes de prostitución y organizaciones. La negociación sobre el uso de preservativo, las prácticas sexuales o la reducción de daños en usuarios de drogas son algunos de los temas incluidos en este espacio de información.

El PSdeG pide que la transexualidad "deje de ser enfermedad" para la OMS 20 años después de excluir la homosexualidad
Celebrará el Día contra la Homofobia y la Transfobia con un acto central en Lugo que incluirá "alguna sorpresa"

Lithuania's blocking of 'Baltic Pride' condemned
Amnesty International has condemned the suspension by a Lithuanian court of the 2010 “Baltic Pride” march, set to take place in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius on Saturday 8 May.
The city’s administrative court today agreed to an application by the Lithuanian Interim Attorney General to temporarily suspend the march on public security grounds despite police assurances that they are able to protect participants from attacks from counter-demonstrators.

Homosexuality Against African Norms
Anglican Council presiding Bishop Robert Mumbi says homosexuality is against African traditional way of life and Christian values.

Man turned woman celebrates 1st b'day
30-year-old Rose Venkatesan, the first transgender in India to become a television host. It's Rose's first birthday as a woman on Thursday. She underwent a sex-change surgery last on March. (Photo)

India's 'third sex'
Laxmi Narayan Tripathi is one of the highest profile members of India's so-called 'third sex' community - a transgender section of Indian society also known as 'hijras'.

Right to ban transgenders from clubs?
CLUB operators have a right to turn away anyone who wishes to enter their clubs as their premises are considered private, said lawyers who spoke to my paper.
Once let in, the guest should not be asked to leave on the basis of his or her gender as he or she has already paid the cover charge, said Mr Kelvin Lee, a director of Samuel Seow Law Corporation.
[Blog/Commentary] I was once a purist too

Transgender women in Singapore launch campaign to end discrimination
After being verbally abused and asked to leave a club for a second time in months, a transgender performance artist and two other transgender women have taken a stand and launched a campaign to end discrimination against their community. (Photo)

‘Porn’ Film Comedy Under FPI Chief’s Scrutiny
Excerpt: Commenting on last week’s FPI raid on a civil-rights training session for transsexuals in Depok, Habib said transsexuals “are all sick people and as Muslims, we have to bring them to the right path. FPI was correct to dissolve that training session.”
FPI hard-liners on Friday burst into a room at the Bumi Wijaya Hotel in Depok, where the training session was being held, panicking about 25 transsexuals. The training session was held by the National Commission for Human Rights.
“We needed to dissolve the workshop, as they [transsexuals] are like a disease,” Habib said. “There is no place for those who intentionally change their gender. They need to be treated.”
Transsexual community leader Widodo Budidarmo said FPI had violated human rights.
FPI Depok Denies Attack
Police told to be firm on hardliners who assault

[USA] [Commentary]
Hated it
On April 20, transgender blogger Autumn Sandeen stood arm in arm with five other out veterans. Each was handcuffed to a fence outside the White House in a defiant gesture drawing attention to the need to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the anti-gay policy that prohibits LGBTs from serving openly in the military. Like her compatriots, she was removed by Park Police and placed in a police van. This is where Sandeen's story takes a left turn, however.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Current ENDA Language Regarding Transgender Workers Revealed, Concerns Mount
During his show Sunday night, TransFM founder and host Ethan St. Pierre received a call-in from International Foundation for Gender Education (IFGE) Executive Director Denise LeClair, who revealed for the first time what the current language regarding transgender workers and bathroom usage currently being considered by the Congress may mean in a practical, everyday sense.

Chaz Bono, filho de Cher, trocou de nome na justiça
Chaz Bono mudou de nome. A partir de agora, ele se chama Chaz Salvatore.
Filho transexual de Cher muda oficialmente de nome
Chaz Bono has a new forum on his page "A Place for Trans People and Their Allies to Gather and Share
Cher’s Son Happy With Sex Change

Not guilty plea entered in trans woman's murder
A San Francisco man has pleaded not guilty in the 2007 rape and murder of Ruby Ordenana, a transgender woman whose body was later found near a local freeway.
Donzell Francis, 41, was arraigned Tuesday, April 27 in San Francisco Superior Court on charges including murder, forcible oral copulation, and sodomy by use of force.

Oakland to Lift Ban On Cross-Dressing
Oakland went ahead and finally banned one of the city'/s most bizarre and benign laws: cross-dressing. Today, the Oakland council voted 7-0 to remove the ban from the city's municipal code.
Oakland steps toward removing 1879 law against cross-dressing

City Council passes unanimous resolution in support of transgender rights
The Boston City Council this afternoon unanimously passed a resolution supporting An Act Relative to Gender-based Discrimination and Hate Crimes (S. 1687/H. 1728). The resolution was sponsored by At-Large City Councilor Ayanna Pressley and co-sponsored by fellow At-Large Councilor John Connolly.

City officials warn of infections in cheap plastic surgery
Don't be a boob when it comes to plastic surgery, the city Health Department is warning.
The department is demanding hospitals and doctors report illegal liposuction and other cosmetic surgeries if they spot cases of the rogue procedures.

2 Women Legally Marry In Bexar County
Sabrina Hill and Therese Bur are women, but in the eyes of the law, they're man and wife. Hill's driver's license shows she's a female but her birth certificate from 1950...
Update: Texas allows a gay marriage (Photo)
Trans Woman Weds Girlfriend in Texas
In marriage cases, how should sex be determined?

Marcharán contra la discriminación y la homofobia en Tabasco
El Frente Ciudadano contra la Discriminación y la Homofobia TUDYSSEX llevará a cabo la primera jornada contra la discriminación y la homofobia en Villahermosa, Tabasco, la cual incluye una marcha con el lema “la discriminación nos afecta a todos”.

Defensora insta a instituciones del Estado a atender a la diversidad sexual
La Defensora del Pueblo Gabriela Ramírez instó a las instituciones del Estado a sensibilizar y brindar en la atención oportuna en cuanto a solicitudes del sector de la población que decidió una sexualidad distinta.

Identifican a homicida que perpetró crimen contra una persona trans
Se registran desde hace meses en Lima una ola de crímenes contra personas gays y transexuales. se ha detenido al homicida de Ingrid Huayaba González.
La Policía Nacional anunció que en la ciudad de Iquitos capturó a Juan Carlos Ugarte Alcántara, un peligroso homicida que en enero del presente año asesinó a Ingrid Huayaba Gonzales (ver nota sobre el hecho), una persona travesti que residía en el centro de Lima.
Echan lazo a 'matacabros'
Raritos contra ’matacabros’
Identifican a homicida que perpetró crimen contra una persona trans
“Jean Pool” cae por “matacabro”