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sábado, maio 22, 2010

Religious Exemption Adopted in Council of Europe ‘Anti-discrimination’ Resolution
Pro-family advocates at the Council of Europe have scored a victory with substantial changes of language to protect religious freedom of expression in a resolution on “Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Grande Reportagem O meu nome não é o meu sexo
Nasceram num corpo em que não se reconhecem. Tomaram hormonas, fizeram cirurgias, mudaram de sexo. No espelho já vêem reflectida a imagem com que se identificam, mas ainda falta uma lei, o que atrasa o processo de mudança de nome. Adiam tirar a carta de condução, não têm passe de transportes públicos, endossam os cheques, fazem pagamentos e operações bancárias pela Internet, fazem-se acompanhar de uma pessoa de sexo oposto quando vão às consultas, dizem que se esqueceram do BI. Para não serem confrontados com uma identidade que não reconhecem. Envergonhados!
Responsável pela consulta de sexologia do... "Processo de homem para mulher é mais cáustico em países mediterrânicos"

The true story of the original transvestite
The Chevalier d’Eon, a minor French diplomat, spy and renegade who died 200 years ago this week, was a man ahead of his time.
After a distinguished career as a man he lived the second half of his life as a woman in an era when cross-dressing was largely unknown.

Greece: Protest against transphobia and homophobia
A successful protest took place on 19 May 2010 in Athens, Greece outside the offices of transphobic and homophobic ESR organization (National Radiotelevision Council). ESR (National Radiotelevision Council) is an organization set up by the Greek state that oversees the content of radio and television programmes and fines stations that air inappropriate content. However, ESR has made at least seven homophobic or transphobic statements, together with fines against the stations that aired programmes like interviews with transsexual women, Straight Story, etc.

Third time a lady
A transsexual who used to be an RAF serviceman called Ron will today walk down the aisle for the third time after undergoing a full sex change - and said last night: "I always dreamed one day it would be as a woman."

Fears over Uganda's 'discriminatory' HIV bill
A bill has been tabled in Uganda's parliament to make HIV testing mandatory for pregnant women, their partners and victims and perpetrators of sexual assaults.
Human rights groups have raised concerns that it is punitive, discriminatory and will allow medical professionals to disclose peoples' HIV status to others.

U.N. Chief Denounces Malawi Sentencing
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay called the sentencing of a gay couple in Malawi to 14 years in prison “blatantly discriminatory” in a statement that also called for a repeal of their convictions and reform of laws that criminalize homosexuality.
La ONU, "indignada" por la condena de cárcel a la pareja homosexual de Malaui
Estados Unidos condenam sentença de 14 anos de prisão a casal gay no Malauí

[Blog/Commentary] Couple sentenced to 14 years in prison with hard labour for getting engaged
UN rights chief sounds alarm on sentencing of gay couple
Madonna "Shocked and Saddened" Gay Men in Malawi Sentenced to Prison
Un «ejemplo horroroso»
Malawi gay conviction is alarming precedent: UN
African homophobia has complex roots

Recognize Gender Identity in Ontario's Human Rights Code
Having to face discrimination and being denied basic human rights are unacceptable facts of life for transgendered people. That's why the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO) is supporting a private member's bill to amend the Human Rights Code to recognize "gender identity".

Watch "Trinidad" for free online
Trinidad, Colorado is known as the "sex change capital of the world". In this documentary, three transgender women transition from man to woman and make their way in and out of this rural ranching town-turned-transsexual mecca.

Transgender Ex-Macy's Employee Sues For Harassment
A transgender person who was born male but lives as a woman has filed a lawsuit against a Macy's store in Torrance, alleging that managers and co-workers there treated her unfairly and humiliated her. (Photo: Jason "Jazz" Araquel sued Macy's for gender discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination in Superior Court Thursday)
Employee Sues Macy's for Discrimination at the Department-Store Chain
Ex-Torrance Macy's worker sues over alleged harassment

Butt-Injecting Transgender Found Not Guilty
Viva, as she is known in booty enhancement circles, offered booty injections for $600
Jury Acquits Transgender Woman of Back-Alley Silicone Injections

LGBT Change on Durbin sit-in
As part of a broad strategy to gain a vote on ENDA this year, a group of 13 Chicago activists have been arrested after a sit-in in Senator Richard J. Durbin's office. The sit-in was initiated due to the Senator's lack of response regarding a pledge that a coalition of activist groups sent to the senator for signature. The pledge ( in its entirety below ) affirms his commitment to a transgender-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and forceful advocacy of the bill before the Media and Senate. The 'form letter' response received from the senator via email did state his support for ENDA, but does not mention transgender protections as part of the bill he supports:
Photos: 13 Chicago Gay Rights Activists Arrested in ENDA Sit-In

Trans woman gets favorable PHRC ruling
The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission has ruled that a transgender woman probably was discriminated against when she was denied access to the women’s restroom at her former job.
Kate Lynn Blatt, of Pottsville, worked at Cabela’s Retail Store Inc. from September 2006 until March 2007 as a seasonal stocker. She earned about $400 weekly, she said.

Cuban drag queens take to the stage
For 23-year-old Charlimar it was a dream come true, gyrating like Latin pop star Shakira on an outdoor stage before 2,000 cheering people, in the first government-sanctioned drag show in the communist country.