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terça-feira, junho 08, 2010

Millions of gays demand rights during Brazil march
Millions of gays and lesbians have jammed several of Sao Paulo's main avenues for the 14th annual gay pride parade in South America's largest city.
Sao Paulo holds 'world's biggest' gay parade
Parada Gay de Sao Paulo contra la homofobia
Brasil: con un masivo desfile, los gay presionaron a los candidatos

700 transexuales participan en Barcelona en el I Congreso Mundial sobre Identidad de Género
Denuncian que ser transexual se castiga aún en algunos países con la pena de muerte y que son perseguidos en muchos otros.

Internal Transphobia
In the summer of 2006 I threw away the last of my boy’s clothes and, a fortnight later, decided to sample the ‘transgender scene’ in London. Living in Nottingham at the time, I imagined the Way Out Club (which I’d discovered on the internet) to be a huge and glitzy affair – the transgender equivalent of legendary gay superclub Heaven. It would be filled with amazingly beautiful and sophisticated transsexual people, who’d make me feel like a mere provincial wannabe.

Man jailed for 22 years for murdering Andrea Waddell
A Brighton man has been jailed for at least 22 years for murdering a prostitute originally from Tilehurst.

DVD Review: Call Me Madame (Appelez-Moi Madame)
Excerpt: Appelez-Moi Madame (Call Me Madame), is a documentary about French transsexual and prolific writer/poet Ovida Delect. It is a rare look into the life of this man-turned-woman, as well as the effect his sex-change has had on his wife, now called his 'companion' due to his gender reassignment, and their teenage son.
Ovida Delect was 55 years old when she became a woman, officially. Before that she had been Jean-Pierre Voidies, that young member of the French Resistance who had been captured and tortured in a Nazi death camp.

Life sentences demanded for alleged murderer
A prosecutor has demanded three life sentences and 45 years in prison for a suspected murderer who killed two women and a transvestite in İzmir in April.

Pakistan's transsexuals fight back against police
A court in Peshawar, in the war-torn North-West province, has granted bail to a couple, including "a transvestite" (as described in local media, and as 'eunuchs' by the BBC), charged with 'attempting same sex marriage'.
Forty-three others, including 11 "transvestites", charged with participating in a function allegedly organised for the marriage of the two prime accused, had been earlier also granted bail by the court.

Transgender refuses to serve in military
A woman who underwent a sex-change operation in February told reporters that she was asked to take a physical examination required for men fulfilling compulsory military services in Taiwan, local media reported yesterday.

Church says Alterina’s marriage illegal
The Indonesian Bishops' Council (KWI) has declared the controversial marriage of transgender Alterina Hofan illegal, reported on Monday.
KWI secretary Benny Susetyo said the Catholic Church could not accept the marriage and suggested that Alterina should seek medication rather than changing her sex status.
“The Catholic Church bans marriage between people of the same sex,” Benny said, adding that the KWI deemed Alterina had defied her nature.
Alterina has the rare Klinefelter’s syndrome which gives him an extra X chromosome, making him look more effeminate. After years of operations, he documented himself as a man and even married Jane Hadipoespito.
Alterina runs gender reassignment surgeries
Alterina latest proof of transgender problems

Hospital protections for transgender patients
A survey of 200 health systems across the country finds just a few of them have official policies protecting transgender patients from discrimination. And none of those hospitals is in the Philadelphia region.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Sex Reassignment Surgery: When things go wrong
Sometimes, things go wrong with the surgery.
It has many names and many acronyms, SRS, GRS, GCS-Sex Reassignment Surgery. Whatever you call it, it is an irrevocable commitment and irreversible step should you choose to take it.

Pride parade packs a crowd downtown
Pacific Avenue swelled with hundreds of people dancing, singing, riding in convertibles and holding signs for gay rights on Sunday as the 36th annual Pride Santa Cruz Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Parade rolled down the street.

Save the ta-tas - Topless transgender men may affect LBGT rights
Memorial Day weekend in a resort town tends to be busy and hectic, yet normally nothing local police cannot handle. This year, however, Rehoboth Beach police were confronted with a usual situation. It seems a group of transgender men were sunbathing topless on the beach near Queen Street.

Gays marchan por sus derechos en Queens
Con grupos de veteranos a favor de la derogación de la ley “No preguntes, no digas”, la cual impide que hombres y mujeres abiertamente gay se enlisten en las fuerzas armadas, se celebró ayer el decimoctavo Desfile del Orgullo Gay en Queens, desde la calle 85 hasta la 75, a lo largo de la avenida 37.

Nashville drag queen Bianca Paige dies at 45
Nashville is mourning its queen this weekend.
Mark Middleton, known to three decades of adoring audiences as the fabulous, fiercely funny drag queen Bianca Paige, died Friday of complications from HIV and cancer. He was 45.

Pride Parade in SLC draws throng
The Pride Parade boisterously filled the heart of Salt Lake City on Sunday morning for what organizers believe will be another record year in the event celebrating Utah's diversity.
Though focused on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, Utah's second-largest parade drew thousands of friends and family who came out for the weekend-long Utah Pride Festival to enjoy the entertainment and camaraderie.
Thousands celebrate gay rights advances in Salt Lake parade
Pride Festival estimates high attendance

Victory for Transgender People in Wisconsin Prisons
The ACLU LGBT Project recently got a great decision on a transgender rights issue from a federal court in Wisconsin. The result and the reasoning are a welcome sign that courts are starting to take transgender rights more seriously, and all the more heartening since the case arises in a prison context.

[Puerto Rico]
Parada gay: exigen respeto a la diversidad
Bajo un candente sol comenzó en la avenida Ashford en Condado la edición número 20 de la Parada de Orgullo de la Comunidad Lésbica, Homosexual, Bisexual, Transgénero y Transexual (LHBTT).
Condenan el odio hacia los gays
Celebran parada gay en Condado
Parada Gay: No más crímenes de odio

Localizan cadáver de transexual en carretera
El cadáver de una persona embolsada y dentro de un bote de basura, fue localizado el mediodía de este domingo a un costado de la carretera Ensenada Ojos Negros en el kilómetro 8+200 a pocos kilómetros de la zona urbana.
Los restos fueron encontrados de forma accidental por una persona que paró unos minutos en el sitio donde tras notar que había algo muy raro llamó a la policía.
En el lugar de los hechos, se corroboró que el cuerpo se encontraba amarrado con un cable de color naranja, en posición fetal y completamente desnudo.
De acuerdo a los primeros datos en el lugar de los hechos, al empezar a revisar el cadáver, descubrieron que el occiso era transexual, ya que pese a tener características genitales masculinas, contaba además con senos producto de una operación.
Hallan asesinada a mujer transexual en México, también desparecida otra chica trans

Comunidad lésbico gay marcha en Monterrey
La comunidad lésbico-gay protestó la tarde del domingo contra "la homofobia de Monterrey", que se ha manifestado con alrededor de 60 crímenes de homosexuales en los últimos años.

[Costa Rica]
Community Group Uses Facebook To Rid Their Barrio Of Transvestites And Prostitution
A group of citizens in Alajuela concerned of the proliferation of transvestites invading their neighbouroods providing sex to customers on the streets, is using Facebook to fight back.
The group, calling themselves, Vigilantes de Costa Rica", says its main mission is to rid their streets of prostitution and using the social media with a record 714.360 registered users in Costa Rica, they are uploading photos and videos of the vehicles, including the plate number, of those stopping to buy street side sex from the "travestis".