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domingo, junho 06, 2010

U.N. Committee Blocks Gay NGO
Antigay member countries successfully blocked the application of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission for NGO consultative status at the U.N. Economic and Social Council.
U.N. committee moves to keep out gay-lesbian NGO

Barcelona contará con un monumento a las víctimas represaliadas por su orientación sexual o identidad de género
La ciudad de Barcelona contará con un monumento que honrará la memoria de las víctimas represaliadas por razones de orientación sexual o identidad de género, así como con un centro de recursos especializado para el colectivo LGTB.

Man guilty of Brighton sex worker murder
A man was today found guilty of murdering a prostitute in her own home.
Satellite television installer Neil McMillan strangled transgender escort Andrea Waddell, then set fire to her flat in Upper Lewes Road, Brighton.
Prostitute killer jailed for 22 years
Brighton man jailed over Andrea Waddell murder
Family's love for 'brave' daughter murdered in Brighton
Satellite man jailed for murdering escort

Trans muore impiccata a Roma, è giallo.
Aveva vissuto nello stesso palazzo di Brenda. Sul posto i pm del caso Marrazzo. Da un primo esame probabile suicidio ma gli investigatori non escludono altre piste. Ancora una trans che muore in circostanze misteriose. Ancora a Roma. Ancora quella zona, via Cassia e dintorni.

Give me a new ID; I’m neither a man nor a woman
In school, he was male. But now she feels she is a woman, and this unusual gender transition facing the 26-year-old person is driving “him” mad.
Andrew Mbugua’s voice, hair, and all other features are feminine, and her transitional condition has led to police harrassment and a stint in jail for alleged female impersonation although no charges were ever brought.
She has dropped Andrew in favour of Audrey, which she feels doesn’t easily give away her gender.
And she has written to the Registrar of Persons seeking new identification documents that explain the new traumatic sexual transformation that began when Andrew/Audrey was pursuing a university education.
She is a transsexual; in this case a person identified at birth as a male who now feels she is a female. This makes it very difficult to determine the applicant’s “real” gender.
(Photo: JOSEPH KIHERI - Andrew Mbugua, who has changed names to Audrey to reflect what she considers a new sexual status.)

EXCLUSIVE: Former Malawian prisoner not missing, human rights organisation confirm
Rumours that Tiwonge Chimbalanga - one half of the recently-released Malawian gay couple - is missing were quashed today, following a investigation.

Lives in transit
She sits in a bamboo chair in the steaming Bangkok heat, slim and elegant in a long skirt and a black sleeveless vest. Her eyebrows are delicately plucked, her ears pierced, her hair long and wavy. She turns and smiles sweetly. She has been a woman for less than a fortnight.
Tara was never happy with her masculinity. After years of taking hormones, she finally decided to take the plunge and change gender. Earlier this year she had a series of operations to remove her male genitalia, construct a woman’s genitals, augment her breasts and reduce her Adam’s apple.

The Native American Berdache: A Kootenai Example
The role of the berdache or Two Spirit in traditional Native American societies does not fit into the modern categories of homosexual, gay, lesbian, or transgender. Native Americans viewed sexuality not as homosexual/heterosexual, but as a continuum of accepted activities. What follows is a profile intended to illustrate the berdache in Kootenai society.

Boy-Girls Gone Wild! Trans Women Go Topless on Del. Beach
Because the ladies still have male genitalia, no laws were broken, say police.
Topless Transgender Beachgoers Create Stir In Delaware
Can transgender men go topless? Sunbathers at Delaware's Rehoboth
Beach raise eyebrows

Topless Trans Sunbathers Provide Lesson in Gender and the Law

Man charged with sex battery on male prostitute
A man dressed as a woman told Gainesville police he was forced to perform a sex act on another man at gunpoint and then robbed of a purse Thursday evening.
Erik Dwayne Golden, 24, of 143 Milan Road in Hawthorne, was arrested in the case and charged with sexual battery, robbery with a firearm, possession of marijuana, resisting arrest, giving a false name to an officer and driving on a suspended license.

Flag raising inaugurates Boston Pride Week
An enormous rainbow flag was raised in Government Center on Friday, June 4, marking the beginning of Boston Pride Week 2010, nine days of events and celebrations following the theme "40 Years: Riots to Rights."

Seattle Man Accused of Assaulting Trans Woman
A Seattle man was charged Thursday with malicious harassment under Washington's hate-crime statute after police said he yelled a derogatory slur at a transgender woman and assaulted her.