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quinta-feira, maio 27, 2010

Six others were investigated by police over Brighton prostitute murder
Police investigated at least six other people over the murder of Brighton prostitute Andrea Waddell.
But none of them became official suspects in the inquiry into her death, a court was told.
Miss Waddell’s badly burned body was found in her one bedroom flat in Lewes Road, Brighton, on October 15, last year.

NHS Pays For Expert To Remove Sex Swap Patients' Body Hair
NHS chiefs were last night accused of an “appalling” waste of taxpayers’ money after shelling out £22,000-a-year on a specialist to remove sex change patients’ body hair.
[Commentary] NHS Must Decide What Its Priorities Are

Transsexual loses NHS breast enlargement legal challenge
A transsexual has lost her High Court battle over the refusal to fund a breast enlargement operation on the NHS.
Transsexual loses High Court battle for NHS breast enlargement operation
Judge says no to trans man who wanted bigger breasts

Foreign nationals coming to Serbia for three times cheaper medical treatments
The number of foreigners coming to Serbia for various medical services is constantly rising. Most of them are from England, America, Italy and Switzerland. The services most often given to them are from stomatology, ophthalmology and esthetic surgery.
As reasons for coming to our country they mention the quality of our doctors but also even three times cheaper services than in their countries.
Foreigners are also frequently seeking from our doctors medical treatment in cardiology and implantation of artificial hip joints or knees. They also come for treatments in urology, change of sex especially because of the team of doctors for genital surgery known worldwide.

Groups drawn to intersex convict’s case
Activists for and against gay unions have joined a case filed by an intersex convict seeking the legalisation of a third gender in Kenya.
The Kenya Christian Lawyers Fellowship is opposing the plea while the Gays and Lesbians Trust is for the case.

American Jewish Organization Confronts LGBT Issues in Uganda
As the United States struggles with the issue of gay marriage, countries around the world face their own challenges in discrimination against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) community.

Zimbabwe Police Raid Homosexual Group's Offices, Two Arrested
Police have arrested two members of a gay organization after they posted a letter in their office from former San Francisco Mayor Willie Lewis Brown criticizing the Zimbabwean president's opposition to homosexuality, their lawyer said Monday. Ellen Chadehama, 34, and Ingatius Mhambi, 38, are employees of the Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) organization. They were arrested on allegations under Zimbabwe's censorship laws on Friday.
Zimbabwe police raid gay group offices, arrest 2
Zimbabwe police arrest gay rights activists
Zimbabwean gay activists due in court today

S. African President Asked to Intercede on Behalf of Malawi Gay Couple
South African President Jacob Zuma is being called on to intercede on behalf of a Malawi gay couple recently sentenced to 14 years in prison for their homosexual relationship.
[Opinion] Homophobia in Africa is not a single story
[Opinion] We have little tolerance for gays seeking asylum
Malawi couple separated by authorities
Malawi Couple Separated in Jail

Eunuch wedding raided in Pakistan
An entire wedding party was arrested in Pakistan on Monday after police received a tip-off that a middle-aged man was trying to marry a 19-year-old eunuch.
Opinion: Pakistan's hijras deserve acceptance
Gay-marriage couple remanded to police custody
Police in NW Pakistan stop transgender wedding
Pakistan busts 'eunuch wedding' in Peshawar: police
Eunuch remanded for ‘marrying’ Peshawar man
Man, transvestite arrested for attempted marriage
Arrested Pak transgender prays for suicide attacks on cops for troubling people!

Sociologists disagree over burgeoning transvestite phenomenon
A transvestite, or weiniang, refers to a man who dresses like a woman and who prides himself on looking beautiful and sexy.
An online "weiniang" forum has now appeared on baidu. com, China's leading search engine, with over 4,200 registered members by Wednesday.
The forum features a guide including the definition of a weiniang and how to become one.

Probe Into FPI ‘Drag Queen’ Raid Demanded
As the National Commission on Human Rights on Wednesday told police to investigate hard-liners from the Islamic Defenders Front for raiding and forcefully shutting down a civil-rights training session for transsexuals last month, a transsexual said such intimidation would not deter her or her friends from attending future sessions.

WPATH responds to the APA’s proposed DSM 5 Criteria for Gender Incongruence
WPATH (the World Professional Association for Transgender Health) has posted its formal response to the APA’s proposed DSM 5 Criteria – here’s the direct link to the 9-page PDF.
The document points out the following aspects it considers to be “improvements” in the proposed revisions:

Transgender rights advocates see a gradual series of victories
Last year brought the first federal law with protections for transgender people. A bill working its way through Congress could shield them from discrimination on the job.

LGBT Groups Gear Up for Today’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal Fight
The Senate Armed Services Committee goes into room 222 of the Russell building today at 2:30 p.m. to mark up the fiscal 2011 defense authorization bill. Until members emerge at 9 p.m., it’s a black box of information for determining the contours of the half-trillion-dollar-plus piece of legislation, including the fate of Sen. Joe Lieberman’s (I-Conn.) amendment to repeal the military’s ban on open gay service. That’s why the coalition of LGBT-rights organizations pushing to secure passage in the committee and then later this week on the House floor are trying as hard as they can to lock down votes by mid-afternoon.

Harvey Milk Day sees Boston rally for trans rights
135 people came out on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Boston to honor LGBT movement icon Harvey Milk on what would have been his 80th birthday. The commemoration at the Massachusetts State House centered on equal rights for Transgender Americans, and winning passage of the Trans Civil Rights Bill, H. 1728 pending before the Massachusetts legislature.

[Puerto Rico]
Confinado confiesa el asesinato de Ashley
Un hombre que estaba preso en relación a otro asesinato confesó esta tarde ser el autor de la muerte de la transexual Ashley Santiago Ocasio, quien fue hallada muerta en su casa el pasado 19 de abril.

[Puerto Rico]
Se complica la pesquisa del caso Angie
La investigación del asesinato de la transexual cagüeña Ángel “Angie” González Oquendo se complicó en vista de que el supuesto compañero sentimental de la víctima no es visto como sospechoso y se abre el abanico de posibles victimarios, trascendió ayer.
Torturan y asesinan a transexual
Another transgender woman murdered in Puerto Rico
Pide que no se descarte crimen de odio
Activista cataloga de "epidemia" los asesinatos contra el colectivo gay
"Epidemia" de asesinatos de homosexuales o transexuales

[Opinion] La violencia que nos arropa
Asesinan a transexual en su casa en Caguas

Detenido líder de Fundación cubana LGBT tras intento de actividad contra la homofobia en muro del malecón Habanero
Aliomar Janjaque Chivas, líder de organización independiente al gobierno, Fundación cubana LGBT fue detenido y arrestado por la seguridad del estado el pasado lunes 17 de mayo a las 7:40 PM por intento de realizar actividad contrarrevolucionaria y entrega de material subversivo a la comunidad homosexual en muro del malecón según califico la policía política horas después de registro y expropiación de material bibliográfico LGBT en su domicilio.

Lamenta Fundación Rincón Gallardo decreto de Calderón
La presidenta de la Fundación Rincón Gallardo lamentó que el “día nacional de lucha contra la homofobia” haya sido declarado como “día de la tolerancia y el respeto a las preferencias”, y calificó como “error” que el CONAPRED lo considere un avance.

Realizarán protesta contra la Homofobia, Crímenes de Odio y Violencia a Gays, Lesbianas, Travestís, Bisexuales
Colectivos y organizaciones de Gays, Lesbianas, Trans y Bisexuales, realizarán mañana una “velada del recuerdo”, actividad que buscar rechazar los diferentes actos de violencia que sufren las personas de diferente orientación sexual en la región Loreto, hechos que han llegado hasta el crimen o la desaparición de ciudadanos y ciudadanas o simplemente el olvido de las autoridades y la poca atención a los casos que se reportan a través de los medios de comunicación.