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terça-feira, maio 25, 2010

Mas voces se alzan para que Roberto tenga una lapida que le dignifique en su nombre
Desde hace varios meses habéis observado mi insistencia (y la de otros) en el asunto de Roberto.
Transexualidad Euskadi pide modificación Ley Identidad Genero para cambio nombre en lapidas

Always the bridegroom... and now the bride
Sex-swap bride Veronica Inglis shares a tender kiss with her new hubby yesterday - after getting hitched twice before as a MAN.
Transsexual Veronica, 55 - who used to be an RAF serviceman called Ron - wed widower Alan Clibbery just over two years after having surgery to make her a woman.

Neo-Nazis attack Slovakia’s first gay pride event, cancelling its parade
It was supposed to be the first gay pride parade ever organised in Slovakia to support the empowerment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. But the parade planned for downtown Bratislava was cancelled after neo-Nazi groups attacked the march on May 22. The organizers explained that Slovakia’s police were unable to secure the safety of those attending.

Transgenders in Lebanon: An Overview
Ignorance breeds misunderstandings and fear. Thus, people who fall under the “Transgender” category of the “LGBT” are not only marginalised and stigmatised in the general society, but within the LGB community as well. No Lebanese human rights or LGBT rights organisations have done any research on the Trans population in the country, so no substantial information is present, regardless of the prominence of Trans individuals. At Helem, we recently launched a Trans Focus Group (see below) which meets regularly, but it has not moved beyond this group so far. No substantial studies have thus resulted from this group yet either.
This leaflet aims to shed light on the general situation of Trans individuals:

Love in the dock
Excerpt: Chimbalanga often wore women's clothing. He called himself Auntie Tiwo, and was, until the article appeared, accepted as a woman by his employer, cooking and cleaning at a local lodge. He insists he did nothing wrong but fall in love.
[Blog/Commentary] Media Coverage Of Malawi Convictions Erases Chimbalanga’s Identity As A Woman
[Blog/Commentary] In The Interest of “Equality,” Malawian Woman’s Identity Is Erased
Anti-gay laws in Africa are product of American religious exports, say activists
Malawi gay jailing alarms West, rights groups

[Commentary] Once again the 'T' in LGBT is silenced
"Los gays" condenados a cárcel Malawi, en realidad son una persona trans y su pareja
Malawi: Live at the witch trials

'I was a woman within’
India’s first transsexual celebrity talk show host tells Indrani Rajkhowa Banerjee about her journey from Ramesh to Rose.

Polémica en China por la participación de una joven trans en un concurso de televisión
Una joven cantante trans de 19 años que viste ropas de mujer, llamada Liu Zhu, foto, ha creado polémica en la televisión china al participar en el más popular concurso de talentos en el país, "Happy Boys", en un país aún puritano en materia de sexo.

Transvestites Banned from Taking Female Clients at Beauty Salons, Fatwa
One hundred and twenty-five Islamic boarding schools or pesantren from Java and Madura island issued a fatwa banning transvestites from cutting and/or styling Muslim women's hair unless they are muhrim (related by blood or marriage).
The fatwa was issued during a meeting at Al Falah Islamic boarding school in Kediri, East Java last week. According to them, transvestites are still male, therefore it is haram or forbidden for them to see and touch a woman who is not their spouse nor a blood relative.

[Canada] [Letters to the Editor]
Alta. must restore sex-change funding
Re: "Phase-out of sex-change funding a 'reactionary move': researcher; Alberta Health and Wellness plans end of program by 2014-15," The Journal, April 28.
Some of the comments made by John Tuckwell, spokesperson for Alberta Health and Wellness, are concerning.
Tuckwell says that other provinces do not provide transgender surgical programs. This is incorrect. Ontario and Quebec both fund sex reassignment surgery (SRS). Ontario was forced to re-establish funding after it lost a class-action suit.
British Columbia provides funding for male to female SRS, and Saskatchewan and Manitoba provide funding for SRS, with the restriction that candidates must be assessed by the gender clinic in Toronto. The Maritime provinces provide funding on a case-by case basis, as does the Northwest Territories.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Openly transgender conservative pol Donna Milo - wait till you hear her views on equality
Excerpt: While she confirmed to me that she is in favor of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act ("of course"), it turns she is opposed to marriage equality, giving the religious line on marriage being between "a man and a woman." On the issue of adoption Milo also believes that, though kids should go to gay and lesbian parents if it means they'll be in an institution, "traditional families" should have priority over gays. She also believes the government should not have a role in funding gender reassignment surgery for transgender people.
Trans Candidate Doesn't Support Gay Marriage
Trans Candidate for Congress Doesn't Like Labels
This Blog Does Not Support Donna Milo

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
ENDA Delayed To Late June or Mid-July
Representative Barney Frank said in MetroWeekly late yesterday that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act will be delayed until late June or mid-July.

Fil-Am transgender sues Macy’s for discrimination
A Filipino American is suing her former employer Macy’s department store for wrongful termination and discrimination.
For close to 3 years, Filipino American Jason “Jazz” Araquel, Jr. was at employee at the Macy’s store in the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, California. Araquel is a pre-operative male to female transgender, which Macy’s management knew when she was hired in 2006.
Transgender Employee Sues Macy's Claiming Discrimination
Transgender person sues Macy's for discrimination

Jessica's Journey: Transgender SDSU Student
Graduation season is here. One SDSU student's academic career has been filled with change. Included in that change: Jessica's gender.
Jessica Compton is graduating with honors. Compton told San Diego 6, "It's definitely amazing to receive so much attention." (Photo)

Two Spirits, one community
Break the silence.
That's what organizers of a summit on Native American sexual assault say needs to happen for the cycle of abuse to end.
To lead by example, Our Sister's Keeper, the domestic violence organization hosting the event, will take on one of the most uncomfortable topics in native cultures: violence against "two spirit" individuals, as those who are gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual have been described.
(Photo: A poster for "Two Spirits," a film about the life and death of Cortez youth Fred Martinez.)

Prom queen in a dress? Not this guy this night
After coming out of the closet this, his senior year at Flanagan High, Omar Bonilla decided to take it a step further: run for prom queen.
He almost won -- Bonilla was among the top three vote-getters -- but in the past few days, it all unraveled.

Thirteen LGBT Protesters Arrested Outside Sen. Durbin's Office
Excerpt: If passed, ENDA would protect workers from discrimination and harassment based on their sexual orientation and gender identity at the federal level. While Illinois currently prohibits such discrimination, it is currently legal in 29 states to fire an employee for being gay, 38 if you're transgender.

"Second class citizens" rally in support of ENDA
A flashmob/demonstration planned by the Chicago Harvey Milk Week of Action very nearly didn't take place.
Activists rally for action on transgender rights bill

Demonstrators urge passage of transgender rights legislation
After being hired for a job in Foxborough last year, Logan Ferraro, a 19-year-old transgendered man, received a call from his new boss.
On his application, he stated his gender as the one he identifies with: male. However, this didn’t match his Social Security data, which indicated he was female.
His boss had questions. After Ferraro explained his status, his boss assured him it would not be a problem.
The next contact Ferraro had with the boss, he said, was a letter with information on how to file for unemployment.
(Photo: Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff - About 100 people attended a transgender rights rally in front of the State House. The group gained backers while marching.)
Taking a stand for ENDA in Boston

Transgender issue alters hiring policy
American Eagle Outfitters, that bastion of collegiate clothes suitable for going to class and hanging out at football games, has become an unlikely symbol in the battle for equal treatment of transgender job applicants.

Lufkin cross dresser feels rights violated
An admitted cross dresser and transsexual feels her rights were violated when she was taken off her community service work at the Angelina County Courthouse, because she was dressed like a female.
Rufus Matts, who prefers to be referred to as "she," thinks it's because of her sexuality. (Photo)

Transgender teen in East Texas town fighting to dress like a girl
Sixteen-year-old Alexis Lusk says she’s been cross-dressing more subtly for about three years.
But one day a few weeks ago Alexis, a transgender female, took it a step further — donning a bra, a women’s blouse and ballet flats to accompany her flare jeans.

He's now a she and wants to serve the VFW as a woman
After Larry Bush decided to come out as Laura, she wanted to tell the members of her Veterans of Foreign Wars post.
The retired 24-year Navy veteran had worked alongside members of General MacArthur Memorial Post 392 since last year: making Sunday breakfasts, passing out gift bags at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and serving as its chaplain.

[Puerto Rico]
Hallan cadáver de transexual en Caguas: Padre sospecha de la pareja
El cadáver de una transexual fue hallado esta tarde en el sector Savarona en Caguas.
Según informes de la Policía, el cadáver de la transexual Angie González Oquendo , cuyo nombre real es Ángel, de 37 años, fue encontrada totalmente desnuda, amordazada de manos y estrangulada con un cable eléctrico en la sala de su hogar en la calle Boulevard Cristobal Colón de Caguas.
El cadáver de una mujer transexual fue hallado en una región de Puerto Rico, sospechan de pareja

Gays protestan contra imposiciones del PRI en Medellín y Manlio Fabio
En el marco de las campañas electorales, y el golpeteo político que se presenta, personas desconocidas enviaron a un grupo de sexo servidores (gays) a protestar contra las imposiciones del PRI estatal en las candidaturas a alcalde. (Foto)

Protestan por postura oficialista sobre homofobia en México
Han pasado solo cuatro fechas de la celebración del Día Mundial contra la Homofobia. Sin embargo, en México por disposición oficial, el gobierno federal prefirió denominar al 17 de mayo como Día Nacional de la Tolerancia y el Respeto a las Preferencias.
Esta decisión molestó a organizaciones civiles, las cuales durante la celebración de un foro sobre homofobia, manifestaron que dicho cambio solo reafirma la discriminación de parte del gobierno, puesto que “tiene miedo de llamar a las cosas por su nombre”. Por su parte, representantes y autoridades gubernamentales señalaron que lo más importante es la decisión de combatir la homofobia para así evitar las violaciones a los derechos humanos.

El Mejunje es un ensayo de la sociedad que queremos en Cuba
Es un caso único en el circuito cubano de los espectáculos, que no puede sólo llamarse club gay, ni describirse nada más por su tolerancia. El Mejunje, dice su fundador y director, Ramón Silverio, es “un sitio de libertades y de inclusión”, que él vislumbra como “un ensayo de la sociedad que todos queremos: con todos y para el bien de todos”.
Las jornadas contra la homofobia cierran en El Mejunje

Sobre la muerte de Ingrid, mujer transexual apuñalada por su novio en Colombia
Su novio desde hace seis años fue acusado de matar a Ingrid Lizeth Coronel, travesti y trabajadora sexual, el 11 de mayo, en Bogotá. La muerte fue de una puñalada, después de haber bebido con otro joven, y en la calle.

Mujer transexual es la líder y Presidenta Comunal de uno de los barrios mas peligrosos de Colombia
Es líder y presidenta de la Junta de Acción Comunal del barrio donde vive en la capital del Meta.
Con 47 años de vida, a la vista pareciera que ya tuviera un siglo encima. Y no precisamente por las arrugas o secuelas que el tiempo le ha dejado en la cara, sino por la cantidad de episodios buenos regulares y malos que ha tenido que afrontar.

Caminata contra la homofobia y la transfobia
Ayer, desde las 10 de la mañana, gays, lesbianas, bisexuales, transexuales e intersexuales se concentraron en la plaza Brion de Chacaíto para realizar la primera Caminata contra la Homofobia y la Transfobia, cuyo punto de llegada fue la Plaza de Los Museos, en Bellas Artes.

Job Training Moves "Trans" Off Streets to Better Future
Ruler in hand, Fabiana draws lines with a pencil on orange cardboard, occasionally pushing her curly hair away from her eyes. Next to her, Fernanda fashions a colourful cardboard box, a prototype for what their cooperative will ultimately produce in large quantities.


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