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quinta-feira, julho 01, 2010

Comunidade de travestis é destaque em programa da Band
Bandeirantes mostra cotidiano de comunidade de travestis da Zona Norte de São Paulo

Travesti confirma candidatura à deputada estadual no Paraná
Travesti militante Andrielly Vogue confirma candidatura à deputada estadual no Paraná
A travesti militante Andrielly Vogue confirmou sua candidatura à deputada estadual pelo Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) na última segunda-feira, 28, Dia Mundial do Orgulho Gay. A homologação da candidatura de Andrielly foi feita durante convenção estadual do PT em Curitiba.
“Agora os preconceituosos vão ter que me engolir”, dispara Andrielly, que foi candidata à vereadora de Curitiba nas eleições de 2008, sem sucesso. Como propostas, ela pretende garantir a cidadania LGBT e um melhor tratamento para os portadores do vírus HIV. (Foto)

"Orgullo Transhijaternal" Articulo de Andrea Muñiz, Presidenta de Transexualidad Euskadi
Primero quiero explicar lo de Tranhijaternal, como soy más cuir de lo que lo que parezco, voy a escribir algo hacia mis sentimientos hacia mi madre, se puede decir que es algo maternal, pero no puedo escribir algo maternal hacia mi madre, porque no soy la madre de mi madre, de lo contrario sería mi propia abuela; así que como hija que fui, mi sentimiento hacia mi madre –y por supuesto hacia mi padre- es hijaternal, pero como a su vez, lo que voy a intentar trasmitir proviene, desde lo más profundo de mi ser como mujer transexual, entonces, este sentimiento se TRANSforma en un sentimiento íntimo transhijaternal.

El Metro de Madrid no hará huelga Día Orgullo LGTB y funcionará 100%; Arrancan Fiestas "Igualdad Trans"
El Metro de Madrid volverá a funcionar este jueves. Los trabajadores de la compañía, reunidos este miércoles en una sofocante y dura asamblea, así lo acordaron a propuesta del Comité de Huelga, que cree que ha llegado el momento de ganarse el favor de los madrileños "dándoles un respiro" y demostrándoles que "son los políticos los que han provocado esta situación".

'Are you a bird or a bloke?'
Having decided to transition, Juliet Jacques begins living as woman. Here she recounts the reaction of friends, employers - and total strangers.

A transsexual who was left “half man, half woman” sparked fury yesterday after being awarded thousands of pounds in taxpayers’ cash to fight for breast implants.
Transsexual to sue over boob

Guerra de cifras en torno al multitudinario Orgullo LGTB de París
Estos días estamos recogiendo algunas de la innumerables marchas del Orgullo LGTB que tuvieron lugar el pasado fin de semana. Si bien no podemos hacernos eco de todas, intentamos hacerlo al menos de las más significativas. Una de ellas fue la impresionante marcha que tuvo lugar el sábado en París y que ha desembocado en una auténtica guerra de cifras sobre los participantes.

'Antiquated' sex op laws must change: report
The Swedish Health and Welfare Board (Socialstyrelsen) has called for an end to the requirement that all those seeking to change gender must be single and sterilised in a new report which argues that existing legislation is out of date.
"The regulations are based on antiquated legislation. The consequences are that transsexuals who are married or have a registered partnership are forced to separate in order to change sex," said Karin Lindell, who led the board's external inquiry, in a statement on Wednesday.

Video: The Story of Transsexuals in Iran (English/Parsi)
Before the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the issue of transsexuality in Iran had never been officially addressed by the government. Beginning in the mid-1980s, however, transsexual individuals have been officially recognized by the government and allowed to undergo sex reassignment surgery. As of 2008, Iran carries out more sex change operations than any other nation in the world except for Thailand. The government even provides up to half the cost for those needing financial assistance and a sex change is recognised on the birth certificate.

[Pakistan] [Blog/Commentary]
Where eunuchs aren’t allowed to party
History – or Pakistan Studies – has taught us many things; most of which we know because it was stuffed down our throats. While retaining only the fourth of the founding father’s fourteen points is no profound achievement, it is a rejoinder that the mainstream education system still thrives on rote. And for that, it deservedly gets thrashed.

Chennai transgenders spread awareness about their plight
The transgender community in Chennai organised a cultural show with the aim of sensitising the masses about their life and problems.
This unique event was held under the auspices of SWAM on Tuesday.
Over 200 transgenders, including sex workers, participated in this unique event.
On the occasion, a movie depicting the life of a queer was also screened to highlight the problems faced by them.

Malaysian gets 7 years' jail, 8 strokes of cane for murdering transvestite
Malaysian Astro Jakaria has been sentenced to seven years' jail and ordered to be given eight strokes of the cane on Wednesday for culpable homicide.
In April, the 29-year-old had pleaded guilty to causing the death of 61-year-old cleaner Abdul Khalid Bin Othman, who was also a transvestite.
7 years for manslaughter

Notes from the World: Marla Bendini — when a son becomes daughter
It’s no wonder that Singapore-based, 24-year-old transgender performance artist, painter and activist Mara Bendini developed a show entitled "Conversations Between Father and Son."
As she explained, “I grew up with an elder brother and a younger sister. My dad was a pathological gambler and drug abuser and was hardly around. He spent much of his time in rehabilitation and prison. We looked forward to him coming home of course—we treasured whatever time we had with our father, knowing that it would not be long before he would succumb to his weaknesses and be forced to leave us again.”

Transgender icon pays tribute to 'a real gent'
A cabaret stalwart has paid tribute to a lifelong friend found dead on a central Hamilton street.
Trevor "Carmen" Rupe, a national transgender icon, spoke of her shock about the death of Donald Alfred Stewart, of Lower Hutt.
The 74-year-old was found with head injuries near public toilets early on Sunday morning.
Carmen, who became a fixture of Sydney's drag-queen scene, had remained friends with Mr Stewart since they attended Taumarunui Primary School together in the 1940s.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: transgender or victim of the media?
Everyone remembers Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s christening, right?
King Pitt and Queen Jolie assembled a royal ball, a celebration for all in the land. Celebrities came from ’round the globe, offering blessings and gifts — but just before one of the three good fairies (was it Nathan Lane?) could bestow his blessing, a dark cloud appeared. It was Jennifer Aniston, horrified that her invitation had been lost in the mail.
[Blog/Commentary] Let Shiloh be Shiloh: Who cares if Angelina Jolie's daughter wants to be a boy?

Not a girl, not quite a man yet: a transgender man’s journey
My name is Lian. I am 29 and I am probably considered a freak by some people’s standards. I was born a girl but have always felt (and looked) more like a boy, but not quite a man yet.
I am now taking steps to find out why I feel this way and how I can get my body to cooperate with my mind.

Conference aims to "TransForm" New Hampshire
The first annual TransForm New Hampshire conference will be held in Concord from Friday, July 23 until Sunday, July 25. Aiming to educate the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community -- as well as the general public -- about transgender identities within New Hampshire, the conference will feature workshops, performance, and films highlighting the transgender community.